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Nestle Waters North America

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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Sincerely, [redacted] I was unsatisfied with the offer I have a permanent scar on my leg The company sent me a refurbished water cooler and I got hurt if it happen to me it can happen to some one else I was not explained why it happen I ask for the reportand was told it was not report and then I was told the company didn't have to give it to me here is copy of my picture of how my leg got burned this is not how you sure treat a client that have been with the company since I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is very satisfactory to me Thank you so much for speaking with me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

The worth company ever to have any businessI have sign up for the service that it is a free deliveryOt was never clearly stated that it is a first order onlyWould highly recommend everyone take your business somewhereFor delivery the service provided not worth it Completely ) customer service and on top of that they would reschedule your delivery at the last moment if they want that not even properly inform you because it is required extra time to do so and as customer you not worth them to spend the time what the point you pay that fee no matter whatThink times before you get involved in any services with them

To whom it may concern:I spoke with [redacted] and we have agreed to keep account open with my assistance in ensuring the deliveries are timelyI have provided my contact information and free delivery of bottles on June 27th.Thank you,Jennifer J [redacted] Nestlé Waters North America

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It contains an errorMy last delivery was days LATE, not "on time." I did speak with Jennifer and she assures me that she will monitor my deliveries for the next few months to ensure quality service I appreciate Jennifer's follow through and hope the future service is on timeShe did provide me her phone number in case of problemsThank you. Sincerely, [redacted]

To whom it may concern,I have left a voicemail for [redacted] and offered a one time courtesy gift of $along with my direct contact informationI will be proactively monitoring this account to help ensure more consistent service going forward. Thank you,Jennifer J***Nestlé Waters North America

Ready Fresh Nestle has cancelled my water delivery at least times in a row When I called to cancel my account and remove my credit card and personal information, they stated that when they pick up the bottles they would remove the information but not until they picked up the bottles My bottles have been outside for days I have called on two occasions and they told me they don't know when the bottles would be picked upIn addition I was informed that I would be charged for the bottles if they were not returned I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

I signed up for monthly delivery serviceMy delivery was scheduled for Monday February 26, with a window of 9am to 5pmAt 8am I opened my front door, leaving only my storm door closedAll of my lights were on and it was obvious we were indeed homeWe do have door bells that do not work, however there is a large sign on the door to knock because the doorbells do not workWe waited and waited and at 11am my daughter discovered a tag on our screen door proclaiming the driver had missed us and to call to discuss my accountHow on earth does this happen? Between two adults and one teenager, we would have heard if someone knockedNot to mention we have animals that run to the door if someone knocksI called the number on the tag and the woman was very vague saying she can contact the branch manager to contact meAt this point, I was so frustrated so I told her to cancel my accountShe was very happy when I said this and thanked meHours later, I log onto my account to ver

I had their service and was on pleased with the way they handled their business I canceled my service about last month and was waiting for a credit I had to call back last week so they can give me my credit back they gave me my credit then charged my card again for the same amount and they did not close my account still shows that it's is open basically they're not closing my account they're charging my card when he shouldn't have to return all the equipment and get cannot get closure on this account and I'm concerned that they're going to charge my card again when I have no longer any business with them

We contacted the customer regarding his concern with our [redacted] *** [redacted] He provided us with manufacturing information and other important details We offered to have the product sent to our plant laboratory for testing and then contact him with results He agreed to submit two sealed cans We shipped him a retrieval kit with a pre-paid [redacted] shipping label As per our procedures, the plant has been given a detailed report on the experience, They are conducting any necessary preliminary investigations as they await his samples The results will be ready in about four weeks We will call the customer to discuss the findings with him and then mail them to him in writing,

For the past two months, I have had delivery issues with ReadyRefresh The company failed to deliver water on time in October [redacted] *as under a hurricane watch, but my delivery was scheduled two days before the hurricane was supposed to make landfall The company refused to send the water even after it became evident that the hurricane was not going to come close to our part of ** There were trucks in the area and they were not sympathetic or apologetic This month, the driver left a leaky bottle of water I live in a third floor condo and can't have water leaking through the floor to the unit below and I can't leave things on the walkways or I will be fined The driver was in the area and had left about minutes when I called customer service I have never encountered a more rude customer service rep They refused to send the driver to retrieve the water It is unacceptable practice from such a large company The rep was rude, insulting and dismissive I am terri

Extremely poor deliveryMy last delivery was scheduled on Feb Not only it didn't happen on that day, everyday they delayed that to the following day, without giving any noticeMultiple calls to customer service did not resolve the issue, they just told me that many people are having this issue and they do not know what is causing thatToday, Feb 21, I have not yet received my delivery!

To Whom it May Concern:We spoke with Mr [redacted] on December 21, in regards to his concerns We are sorry to hear of any misinformation that he may have been provided, and agreed to honor the initial agreed upon discounted rate that he received with his first delivery for the second delivery made on July as well Any late fees and cancellation fees have been removed, leaving the customer with a balance of $for these two deliveries Mr [redacted] feels that he has made a payment for the initial delivery, though our records do not indicate this payment He will research this further and contact me directly with more information and/or to make his final payment.We look forward to speaking with Mr [redacted] in order to fully resolve this issue, and appreciate the opportunity to address his concerns.Kate O [redacted] Customer Experience SpecialistReadyRefresh by Nestle/Nestle Waters North America

I called regarding the status of my refund yet to be receivedService was cancelled in July and empty gallon bottles x were returned on 8/6/As of 8/7/I have not received the $owed to meI called Ready Refresh and spoke to a rude customer service agent, David, who said he may take a month or more to get my refund and when I asked for his last name for my records he refused to supply this stating, "they are not allowed to provide this."

We were double billed for water delivery that we did not receiveOn 12/we were billed for 5gallon bottles of water and then on 12/were billed for another 5gallon water bottles We live in a single family house and have never needed gallons of water in a day period I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

To Whom it May Concern:We are sorry to learn of Mr [redacted] 's experience with our company. Our records indicate that the disputed charges stem from 5-gallon bottles that were not returned when the account was closed in October 2016. We attempted to reach Mr [redacted] in regards to charges that were disputed with his credit card company on multiple occasions, with no response. At this time, all charges have been removed from the account, leaving it completely closed with a zero balance. There will be no further charges to his credit card.We left a message at the phone number included with this complaint on 4/27/to advise of the resolution to this matter. In recent correspondence with our company, Mr [redacted] has requested not to be contacted, so no further attempts to be made. If there are any further concerns, we hope that Mr [redacted] will contact us at the contact information left in our message.Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for the opportunity to work directly with Mr [redacted] [redacted] ReadyRefresh by Nestle/Nestle Waters North America

I canceled my service in the beginning of May for a few reasonsI was double billed and triple billed,always got e-mails stating they could not deliver,would deliver the next week,etcThis water was for my daughter, trying to be a good MomShe graduated,moved home the begining of May,so I canceled the service; Today I was billed(double again).for a delivery to a canceled accountThey claim my daughter called them and asked for the delivery,but since she no longer lives tgere I doubt that it is trueEven if she did(she did not) ,the call was alledgedly made May 18, I canceled May 1st,she dosent know my password or my payment info

To Whom it May Concern: We attempted to reach [redacted] on 1/22/in regards to her concerns Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to speak as she disconnected the call after I indicated that I was calling from [redacted] by NestleOur records indicate that on 1/4/2016, [redacted] fully closed her account and discontinuted service with our company Her last delivery was made on 12/29/2015, which was prior to the closure We do not charge for our service until after deliveries are made, and as MsDoyle was enrolled in our recurring automatic billing option, we charged her credit card for this delivery on 1/19/2016, after her invoice closed on 1/16/ This billing practice is standard for all of our customers, and we have never charged [redacted] for a delivery prior to it being made.Regardless, we apologize for any confusion this situation may have caused and regret that she had an experience with one of our representatives that failed to meet her standards Feedback will be provided and addressed appropriately Additionally, as a courtesy, her final payment will be refunded to her credit card within 2-business daysPer her request, we have also emailed a confirmation of the account closure to [redacted] ***, as well as an explanation of the situation as we were unable to speak today If there are any further questions or concerns, we hope to have the opportunity to address themThank you, Kate O' [redacted] Customer Experience Specialist ReadyRefresh by Nestle/Nestle Waters North America

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