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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I do not have an issue with the initial Buy-out my issue is with the additional monthly fee I was charged and to say it is policy does not mean they aren't able to refund that fee to meMy god what and where are your customer service skills? I have never seen or had any issues with any company not wanting to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer - so what this means is even though the buy out shows "0" Balance and the system added an extra to its BuyOut I really did not have a buyout as indicatedAnd I am aware of the contract.Well I am still requesting that I am refunded the additional - Sincerely, [redacted]

When I joined I told the representative that I would be moving in months, and I was assured that after months I could easily quit my membership, and stop the recurring draft onlineNOT SO, I'm now toldI must either return to the gym to fill out a form (it's miles away) or send them a certified letter! stating my REASON for quitting! I would never have joined had I not been told that I could quit onlineThere's NO CREDIBLE REASON that they will not let me do this by phone - I'm told "that's our policy." I suppose it's also "policy" to mislead folks when they are signing up!

We have read and reviewed the complaint made my Mr [redacted] regarding his membership with Planet FitnessUpon reviewing Mr [redacted] 's account, the membership that was active was cancelled effective 4/18/This will ensure no further payments are processed for this membership.We hope this resolves Mr [redacted] 's issue

I called planet fitness on July 17, I spoke to a girl in whom name I do not recall, and told her I needed to cancel my membershipShe told me that I was already going to be charged this month, and I said that was OK, but she said she could not cancel over the phoneI told her I was out of town on emergency, was there any other way for me to cancelShe told me as long as I came in before August 17, 2016, that I would be fine on canceling my membershipI went into planet fitness on August 16, 2016, and spoke to [redacted] the managerI told him I needed to cancel my membership, he told me that I needed to be there by the 10th of the month was there any other way for me to cancelShe told me as long as I came in before August 17, 2016, that I would be fine on canceling my membershipI went into planet fitness on August 16, 2016, and spoke to [redacted] the managerI told him I needed to cancel my membership, he told me that I needed to be there by the 10th of the month I told him th

Member joined ONLINE on 12/19/ A copy of the contract was sent and received to her email addressThe agremenet signed was for 1$ to join and 10$ a month with an annual fee of 39$ billed on 2/1/The members dues for the last two months as well as the annual fee were declined The member has paid no dues or annual fee to the gym as her account came up insufficient fundsTo be clearThe member has paid nothing She now requests the club manager be fired and be paid for the dues back that she never paid And also her membership be canceled The memberhsip was canceled today when this person came inI will also waive the balance of 89$ she has if she is satisfied We however can’t fire the manager that had nothing to do with the memberhsip she signed up for or for balancing her checkbookIf not satisfied we will send the balance to collections on March

We have reviewed Mr***’s complaint and looked into this issueOur records show that this location is not part of our franchise groupIt is our hope that Mr [redacted] gets his issue resolved

From: [redacted] Sent: Thursday, July 14, 12:PMTo: drteam Subject: CASE [redacted] Unfortunately transfers are controlled by the websiteWe usually do not process transfers in the clubsIf a member wants to transfer they go to the website, log in with their user account information and select the club they wish to transfer toPlease note: A membership can't be transferred if the member has not been active for at least days or if there is an issue on the accountAs a one time courtesy, and due to the long distance, we can process a manual transfer for this memberWe would be more than happy to discuss this further with the consumer if she wishes to proceed with the transfer Thank you, Naomi [redacted] Regional Manager Planet Fitness Houston

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/10/31) */ Thank you for forwarding the recent complaint from our Michigan City location, we have been in business for over years and take any complaint very seriousWe apologize to the member for any confusion around joining our clubWe completed a detailed investigation on this complaint and offer the following response [redacted] joined online October 1, His first visit to the club was October 11, during that visit it was identified that [redacted] was a minor and as such required an adult parent or guardian to co-sign the agreementWe made him aware of thisHe returned again on the 12th and we informed him againOn October 14th the member attempted to pre-pay the [redacted] monthly membership fee due to the pending parent or guardian signature the fee was not recognized in our systemAs such he was charged a late fee as well as prompting his overdraft feesSince the member is a minor we have no legal and binding agreement and as such we agree to his request and have contacted him to make arrangements for a full refund of the [redacted] We also have cancelled the member and no longer wish to offer him membership at Planet Fitness Thank you Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (2000, 7, 2016/10/31) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) I ACCEPT THIS OFFER AND THE REFUND THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE METHE REFUND WILL BR6ING MY BANK ACCOUNT TO A POSITIVE BALLANCE

To Whom It May Concern: This communication is in response to a complaint under case ID # [redacted] The two memberships in question belong to [redacted] ’s husband, [redacted] (# [redacted] and son [redacted] (# [redacted] In the complaint [redacted] does not mention a specific cancellation date but states that both memberships in question were cancelled nearly two years ago putting the cancellation date around September However, [redacted] used his membership on a regular basis up through March 8, which undermines the cancellation date stated in the complaint by nearly six monthsMoreover, [redacted] ’s account has multiple notes on it expressing the fact that [redacted] was aware his membership was not cancelled and had a past due balance several months after the stated cancellation dateOn 12/2/2015, [redacted] was informed by a staff member of Planet Fitness’s cancellation policyOn 1/8/2016, [redacted] was informed of the past due balance on his account by managementOn 2/12/2016, a voicemail was left for [redacted] informing him a second time about the past due balance on his account According to the Planet Fitness membership agreements signed by [redacted] and [redacted] , cancellation of a Planet Fitness membership requires written notification from the member to ensure that both Planet Fitness and the member have documentation of the completed cancellationWe had no cancellation documentation on file for either account in question and no documentation has been produced by [redacted] or [redacted] [redacted] had a past due balance of $on his accountOn 9/2/2016, [redacted] came in to address his membership [redacted] informed me that it was possible he never came in to cancel his or his son’s membership so he wanted to get everything resolved at that timeAs a courtesy I waived $of his past due balance, he paid $and we both signed off on the cancellation document to close out his accountNext we pulled up his son [redacted] ’s account to cancel it as well [redacted] ’s account has a past due balance of $which [redacted] was unable to pay without consulting his wifeI never heard back from [redacted] or [redacted] and as a result, [redacted] ’s membership is still active and will continue being billed until it is cancelledThe two memberships in question had different past due balances because the accounts were set up using different forms of payment Sincerely, Benjamin M [redacted] – General Manager Planet Fitness – Lafayette, IN

I will definitely cancel her membership and use her letter as written notice

I am rejecting this response because:? I was told by rep when signing up my payments are due on the 17th of each monthI made my March payment on the 17th and then was charged a late fee on April 13thI just paid my April 17th payment, called planet fitness and was told that payments are collected "collected near the 10th of the month and after that it goes though a different department," and that I "will be charged another late fee and we can't do anything about it." The contract says that payments are due on the 17th, if I had known they want it days in advanced, I would adjusted the date to pay them accordingly.I want to be reimbursed the late fee for March even though I paid on the correct date, (which they took out in April 13th) as well as the late fee they will take out again for my April 17th paymentAfter those two reimbursements are sent to my card, I would like to close my account so that my April payment is the last one and I will not accrue any more feesI'd also like in writing that account is closed and I won't receive any more fees after my April payment

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2017/12/04) */ Thank you for forwarding this as we take any complaint very seriouslyI would like to apologize to the member for any confusionWe have completed our investigation and offer the following response: The member joined on 4-14-2014, I have attached a copy of the membership agreement for your reviewThe membership the member selected required automatic billing and the account we had on file was closedPer the agreement it is the responsibility of the member to keep this billing account current It is against all billing practices for us to accept payment over the phoneAll the member has to do is go into the club, pay any past due balance and update the billing account going forwardThe member can also submit to us a secondary billing account as a precaution Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2017/12/05) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I have paid in person and acted accordingly to the situationI am not happy with the service I was given and will attend the Elkhart planet fitness

Subject: ID: [redacted] To Whom it May ConcernThe Planet Fitness Watertown location received a complaint letter from the BetterBusiness BureauThe complaint letter was dated Monday, January 25, and wasgiven the ID of [redacted] .After careful review of [redacted] 'a complaint we have come to the followingsolution [redacted] 's membership with Planet Fitness Watertown has been canceledeffective today February 9, We have followed this cancellation up with anemail confirmation of the cancel as well as the general manager placing acourtesy phone call to [redacted] Based on our records [redacted] is owed a refund ofAttached to this letter you will find the approved refund proposal tohonor that refundShe will receive her refund check within four weeks.If you have any further questions regarding this members case please feel free tocontact me at j [redacted] SincerelyJason K***Planet Fitness

[redacted] ***, I am surprised by the response you sent to the I thought we responded quickly and completed 100% of your initial request.Desired Settlement: To cancel the contract and stop billing me So just to confirm: We agreed to meet your original desired settlement in its entirety And your response was to reject it as you know would also like a check refund that was never listed? Again, I am sorry for this confusion, but this could have been avoided if you were to reference the original agreement you received when you joined Where it covers that it would have been best to cancel in person at the club, but after moving you could have sent a certified letter to the club with proof of address which would have still waived the buyout fee as you live more than miles from a Planet Fitness All of these member protections are in your agreement You never sent even one email to the Planet Fitness club or anyone at PF before I just want to be clear on your new conditions were because you could not solve it with us as you said, however if we never get a contact email or letter from you it is responsibly unfair to say that If you had ever contacted us by email this exact issue would have been avoided We will fulfill your original desire exactly as you wish We can not reasonably fulfill your additional request I am sure the would agree that if a business does exactly ad requested, and then the individual would like additional things, that it is highly strange.Thank you and have a great week !!

I want to start by apologizing for any confusion and inconvenience regarding this balance on your account as reading and understanding the payment history and records through the app or online can be confusingWhat you are looking at in those attachments from the app is your "club account"How this works is that when they is a payment that goes unpaid the system adds that amount to the "club account" where it can then be paid in person, online or by the appThe way the system works is that when a past due balance is add by the system to the "club account" a ticket is created and time/date stampedAs you can see in the document I have attached they are various columns that give more detail to that amount, the items column will show what the past due is for if its a ticket created by the system (annual, late fee or monthly dues) or it will show club account payment if its a payment made by the member via one of the ways I mentioned above.? As you can see in the document attached on 10/12/the system posted into the "club account" the past due amount of $for the annual fee from 10/1/You can see this is not a payment from the member but a ticket created by the system because it does not say club account payment under the items column as well as the area under the amount applied remains blank since no payment was made.You can then see on the next line their is a transaction on 11/21/that was a payment of by the memberThis is evident as under the items column it shows "club account payment" as well as has the amount of the $under the amount applied column and under the payment types column it shows it was paid with a visaSince you can not pay monthly payments ahead of time at Planet Fitness that $was applied to the $past due from the annual fee on 10/1/reducing the outstanding balance to $( the difference of $owed and the $paid).? On the lines after that you can see a monthly payment for 12/17/did not go through and was added to the "club account" on 1/12/Then a late fee was added for that 12/17/past due payment on 1/2/and since it went unpaid it was added to the "club account" on 1/12/Lastly you see the monthly payment for 4/17/did not go through and was added to the "club account" on 4/27/bringing the total balance to $73.89.? As this document shows the only amount actually paid by the member was the $on 11/21/and the rest are not receipt of payment but posting dates from the system adding that balance to the "club account"? Again I apologize as I understand this can be difficult to understand if you are not familiar with the system, that's why I always encourage the member to come in and we can go through this in person to make sure there is no miscommunicationWe also encourage the member to bring in their bank statements as they will clearly show what payment were made and which were not, we do understand these are personal and some may not want to which we respect that is why we only encourage it as it makes the process smoother if they wish to do so? Finally as for the membership still being billed after the month termThe way our memberships work is the month term means that if a member that is under a month term chooses to cancel their membership before those months are up they have to pay a $buyout fee to process the cancellationAfter the months are up the membership does continue to bill on a month to month basis until the member cancels the membership in accordance with our membership agreement, but they will not have to pay the $buyout fee as their are out of the month commitmentI have attached a copy of this members signed membership agreement that outlines these details of the month term as well as the cancellation policy.? ? Again I hope that this clarified things better, and if you still do want to cancel your membership out as per our membership agreement you would just need to go in person to the club you signed up at and fill out a cancellation form or send it a letter to that location stating that you would like your membership cancelled.Thank you,PF Management? ?

[redacted] , a members father called and tried to cancel over the phone, and also requested a refund for the annual feeI told him we don’t process cancellations over the phoneThe way we process cancellations are either in person or via certified mail, and to avoid the annual fee he would’ve needed the membership cancelled by the 25th of the previous monthThe members annual fee date is on 2-1-18, and her membership is month to month membershipOn the fourth line of our agreements it states " Your Annual Membership fee will be billed to your account below on or around the 1st beginning on 02/01/for $plus applicable taxes and will continue to be billed on or around the anniversary of that date each year thereafter until you cancel in accordance with the terms of the agreement."

I'm not sure how else to resolve thisI, [redacted] the regional manager, personally have reached out using the contact information provided in the initial complaintPlease forward a copy of the documents needed to cancel the membership and we will cancel the membership once we receive itI've copied the message I forwarded to Mr***' email address on Wednesday, March at 4:10pmI also called the number listed, [redacted] Hello [redacted] , I hope this email finds you wellI have recently been notified by of your late girlfriends membership issueI do apologize for the delay in getting a response to youWe can look into getting this sorted out, I'll just need you to send a certificate of death to the club, along with a cancellation letter stating that is currently your card on fileOnce I have these documents I move this along for you Thanks, [redacted] Regional Manager|Planet Fitness Vermont [redacted] Again, once we have the documentation will cancel the accountThank you,

Our records show the previous two memberships were with our Dublin, OH location before it closedWe have never received any payments for either accountI have attached both membership agreements as well as billing history for the two memberships Our records show one visa credit card payment on Feb21st, It actually shows that two payments were even waived in our system for her for a total of $I have reattached the document showing when the payment was taken and the waived feesThe $annual fee was not withdrawn from her account (proof reattached)Since the fee was not taken out, we will not be refunding it

To whom this may concern,Mr [redacted] was called on Monday, October 19, regarding his Planet Fitness membershipHe was given the particulars required to cancel.During the conversation, it was apparent he called his Planet Fitness club in Rio Rancho, NM for directionHe stated the front desk staff was friendly and gave him the correct information on how to properly process his cancellation; however, his credit card company recommended a complaint be filed.We are so sorry for any and all inconvenience it caused Mr [redacted] In the same conversation, he verbalized he would go in to process his cancellation at our Rio Rancho location, but as of today he still is an active member.Miguel C [redacted] Regional ManagerEHOLDINGS GROUPLang Ave NE, Suite 216Albuquerque, NM [redacted] ***

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/02/12) */ This Consumer has tried in the past to bring in two guests and I told her she cannot, as per policyMembers cannot bring in multiple guestsShe told me that if one of the guests is not working out (her son) then he can sit at the table and that was told to her by corporateI told her that even if corporate told her this we are a franchise and we have policies that differ from what they might have statedI also stated that for any location corporate or franchise you can only bring in one guest and this is in the agreement that she signedInsurance does not cover non members sitting in the lobby areaIt was stated to her in the past that her son can come as her guest because he is and if he does not want to work out he can sit at the tableShe was told that she can only bring the one guest per her agreement and if she wanted that guest to be her son than that is fine She told me that the father was coming to pick up the son and I told her that he could wait for him to arrive, the father was not coming until I told her that her son could not sit at the table while she worked outNever once did I say that she would have to leave She never talked to me about the other childrenShe didn't say anything more to me after I told her that in her agreement it states that she can only bring in one guest and when she asked about our ownerShe did not ask for me to spell out the owner's name; she asked for his name, I gave it to her and that was it She came back into the facility and my other staff person that was working cancelled her, I was not involved in that at allShe was in a commitment and did not pay her buy out fee at time of cancellation, this was waived as a courtesy to the consumer Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2016/02/12) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) This response in not from the franchisee, but the manager of the location(Unless you or spouse are said owners) Never have I tried to bring guest into locationThe previous incident my son had worked out at Brooklyn park location previously; When I came in with him again, I was told he has to be years oldAlso, no fee was presented at the time of my cancellation Please spell out first and last name of said owner Thank You Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2016/02/16) */ Hello Mrs [redacted] , I am the Regional Manager for the Brooklyn Park and Bloomington, MN locationsI apologize for your frustrations about bringing in two guests at a time (At least for this one visit)The reason we cannot have anyone else besides the guest of the primary member stay in the lobby is that they are not covered by our insurance if anything were to happen within the buildingThe primary member, and registered guest are covered because they are documented individuals who are exercising in the facilityI strongly apologize if you feel that you were spoken to in a rude manner, and this is an issue we will address with the Club Manager and the rest of the staff as wellWe would love to have you back in the gym working out as we are making great renovations to our facility and equipment that we feel you would enjoy and bring even more value to your membership here at Planet Fitness Brooklyn Park! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at [redacted] [email protected] Thank you and hope to see you in the gym soon! Best, Alex

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