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The member in the original complaint is [redacted] I reached out to [redacted] via phone a few weeks ago, and we played phone tagI was, however, able to catch up with [redacted] today, and we came up with a resolution that will work for both parties involvedWe suggested that the dues for August be added to the annual fee that was charged in May for a total of $which equals the required buyout fee per our membership agreementWe will wait to cancel the agreement until August 18th or 19th once we can see the invoice for August has been paidWe will then complete a cancellation document and email it to [redacted] , and he will be canceled in good standing so he can rejoin another Planet Fitness in the futureI will also waive all outstanding invoicesAny questions, please feel free to contact meThank you, Beth S [redacted]

Unfortunately, unless the membership is prepaid, there is no ending periodThere is however a commitment with two of our three monthly memberships for twelve months When a membership is within the first twelve moths, provided it has a commitment, the membership is $to cancelAfter twelve months that membership becomes free to cancel at any timeThere is no need to sign a contract every twelve months as the commitment has expiredIn many cases people mistake these instructions during sign up as meaning that the membership ends after monthsExplaining these details to new members is a big part of training, however most of the time people are so excited to sign up they are hardly paying attention at that pointThis is why during the enrollment these details are laid out in separate paragraphs, gone over by an employee, and signed off on by the member We are always trying to do better in helping the members to understand, when they are enrolling, all of these detailsUnfortunately we sign up so many on a daily bases, every now and then people misunderstand, and while that confusion can lead to upset, we do our best help our members in these casesWe do require that a member either comes in to cancel their membership to the location they signed up at, or they can send us a letter via certified mailThe reason for the mail being certified is so that the member has a tracking number as well as proof of the letter being sent encase it is not receivedIf that ever happens we allays refund any transactions that occurred after the date that the letter was purchased Our cancellation process is designed to avoid any mistakesIf a member cancels in person they will receive proof of that cancellation signed by a staff member, or if a certified letter was sent we are required to sign for it when the mail man gives it to usThis gives the member proof that a cancellation was done every timeThat is how we do our best to make sure that when a cancellation is done the members can hold us accountable if they are billed againWhile it has only happened twice in the nine years I have worked here, we issued a refund and corrected the problem both times thanks to the documentation that the members hadI hope this explanation is makes since, but I also understand how it can feel to be upset about a misunderstanding, and would gladly answer any calls regarding this incidentMy number is 907.519.6943, thank you!

I went into the center in May, and asked my membership be canceled I was told they do not prorate so it would be done June 18th On August 18th I noticed I was charged again and mailed a letter again asking my membership be canceled My membership is STILL not canceled

Hello,Thanks for reaching out to meMs [redacted] actually joined the gym through the website on 7/11/Ms [redacted] confirmed that the information on her agreement is correctI have attached a copy of her agreementIf Ms [redacted] would like her membership to be cancelled, there is no cost, but she will need to come down to her home location or send them a letter through certified mailWe do not refund for nonusePlease let me know if you have any questions

We have looked into this account and do not have a letter, or cancellation on file for [redacted] ***Attached is [redacted] ***' agreement with our cancellation policy is highlightedNormally, the Black Card Membership does have a $buyout fee if cancelled within the first months [redacted] ***' agreement shows a month term, even though signing up on June 29, Therefore, we would not charge the buyout fee."To cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or postmarked via certified mail to the club address listed above."At this time, we have cancelled the membership but will not be giving a refund I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:AGAIN: I sent the brand new boots back in their original condition with tags and packaging via Certified mail by United States Post Office The Post Office said they delivered it to the address that Cosplay gave me I followed up with Cosplay and they DID NOT tell me they had not received the package Cosplay is JUST NOW CLAIMING THEY CAN'T FIND THE PACKAGE!! After years!! And having to get involved!!! What horrible service!!!! If Cosplay wanted to ensure they received the package via their own courier, they should have sent a mailing label because, as I showed them in the pictures, the boots were defective.COSPLAY HAS WASTED MY MONEY, MY TIME, and caused me A LOT of frustration.COSPLAY SHOULD REFUND ALL MY COSTS AND MUCH MORE! Why should I have to lose money because Cosplay lost the boots? In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] ***

? I am rejecting this response because: they are correct, they OWES us nothing, WE OWE Them and if it changed to a monthly billing then where has the monthly invoice statements beenWe always paid by the year not monthAnd as of today we have called the response center and asked for the company to contact us and they have not.? ? We have moved on to another company

She has never been a member of our gym Must be another Planet Fitness location

According to their cancellation policy on #it was notified to the manager in person several times that the gym is more than miles away from residenceThis notification was given to the manager since the beginning of the membership and it will wave the $fee the have set up for early cancellation, but the manager didn't do the electronic cancellation and since then I was set on keeping the membership on me while saying always the manager "give it a try" to let the time pass byMeanwhile he also attempted to set more single memberships on my guest to which it was declinedOn April 12, I went again to the gym in person and from not attending already the gym at allTheir attendance records can show that I was using already the facility and on April 12, also the purpose was to get the electronic cancellation copy, but the manager continue refusing to provide it as until today's date as the copy of the contractPhone call was never made as the statement they just made as a reply, since it was in person as camaras can prove and from the one it was finally given to me from manager a paper form cancellation that I signed and turned to the manager who refused to sign itPlease provide the opportunity to show this physical cancellation form that I signed and that in your system here wasn't able to get downloadIn this month I just got charged again in despite of the cancellation this place just had added an additional $and cents for now another month which is add to the amount that is getting requested as a refund Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Sincerely, [redacted]

To Whom It May Concern:We received a letter from the for [redacted] ***Mr [redacted] has stated he has tried to cancel out his membership at the Hermitage Planet Fitness by sending a letterWe have not received a cancellation letter from this memberThe membership agreement states, that in order to cancel a membership you must cancel at the location in person and/or by sending a certified letterWe have? no record of Mr [redacted] doing either.? We would be happy to provide MrFry with a copy of his membership agreementAt this time we have cancelled [redacted] at the Hermitage locationIf you have any further questions feel free to contact me via email at? [redacted] ? or by phone at the number listed belowHave a great day.? Thank you,? Danielle B***

Attached is a copy of the agreement that was electronically signed by [redacted] ***Highlighted on page one shows our cancellation policy that requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered in person or preferably by certified mailIt also states that if you have a commitment and wish to end the membership early, a $buyout fee is required with cancellation

I have not been to this company in over a month in a halfI have changed my billing info on my online profileThis is a no contract servicesSo I have not been going they should not still be charging meI mailed in a letter to cancelThey went in a erased my billing info I had on file because they couldn't get paymentThey then went to a card that I use a while back and charge meThat card was NOT on file and they had no rights to use itI didn't give them permission it was NOT on fileThey are acting like they have nothing to do with billing and will not give me my money back that they TOOK from me

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I feel that I need to reimbursed, I was told it didn't matter what date I canceled I was not getting my money back, so when I got in town I went and canceled my contractI contacted them on the 1st of JuneBut because I day late I would not get it back? that is poor business Regards, [redacted] ***

Thank you for informing us about this members experienceOur company has a strict policy that all memberships must be current in order to use the facilityThis member is a remote member and would need to bring their account current with their home gym, (not [redacted] ), before accessing the facilitiesOur agreement clearly states that the members accounts must remain current in order to use the facilitiesOurstaff does not deserve to be cursed at or mistreated in anywayWe train our staff members to give clear and concise information on what the next step is so we can help everyonePlanet Fitness does not allow our gym take payments for another facility in the United StatesWe apologize that this members gym in [redacted] did not help them or gave informationAll this member needed to do was bring their account current and then they could proceed to use the facility Thank You

As can be seen in the supporting documents, Ms [redacted] was in contact with our location on separate instances We keep very specific notes on these calls as our management staff must keep in constant contact across shift changes etc Ms [redacted] was calling in reference to her daughters ( [redacted] ) account, which was originally started at a different franchise location in the same city ( [redacted] Planet Fitness) Her daughter allegedly stole her billing information and signed up Her daughter then transferred the membership to our Franchise Location here at Warwick Ave This transfer brought the billing to our location without any agreement data Her billing just gets transferred to our club as opposed to the other franchisee Ms [redacted] contacted us on 2/17/when she first realized her daughter ( [redacted] ) had "stolen" her billing info Granted she had been getting billed by not only our club but the [redacted] location for at least the past months By policy, Planet Fitness will not refund due to stolen information This situation requires the proper steps taken for fraudulent activity We told her this on 2/17/as noted in the supporting documents We told her [redacted] (her daughter) had been using the clubs also noted in supporting documents At that time Ms [redacted] told us she would have [redacted] come in and cancel the next day (PF Policy cancellation requires documentation, we will gladly cancel the account just send in [redacted] or send a certified letter) [redacted] never came in and no certified letter was ever received Thus on 3/17/the next billing dateWe received another call from Ms [redacted] screaming at our staff for the same reason At this point she was asked to stop screaming at us and to have her daughter come and cancel the membership She was irate and the manager asked her to call back when she would like to discuss the situation in a more cooperative manner We did not hear back with a cancellation or otherwise until we received this notice from the We have complied with Ms [redacted] and also broke our own policies and cancelled the membership to avoid having to deal with her screaming and swearing at usThis is a good case of someone not applying proper parenting and holding their daughter accountable for her actions We have followed PF policies to the letter, even broke policy in her favor to solve the issue and avoid our staff (also humans) from having to deal with her swearing and screaming at them on the phone We will not be issuing a refund as the account was used by the daughter And a resolution per our policies were issued to Ms [redacted] and she did not come in to cancel the membership

Dan HPlanet Fitness ResponseID: [redacted] Towards late August we received a letter from [redacted] stating that she wished to have her membership cancelledClub manager Mac called [redacted] and made her aware of the SI balance that was associated with her account, Mac was willing to waive all applicable service fees that were associated with ***'s account if she was willing to pay for her past monthly dues associated with her account [redacted] would have beenresponsible for paying the monthly dues before we processed the cancellationIt is standard Planet Fitness procedure to collect on past due months before we allow customers to cancel out their accounts.Ms [redacted] call was returned on 7/17/15; we were unable to leave a voice mail for her and then proceeded to call her back on 7/and 7/On 7/17/Regional Manager Dan H went ahead and waived ***'s $balance and cancelled out her membership per ***'s request [redacted] will not receive any further charges to her account and in the future if [redacted] chooses to sign up with us in the future we would behappy to waive any applicable stafees or pro-rates associated with joining the club

The regional manager and this member have been in communication about the situation that has taken placeAfter discussing the situation in detail and the reasons that lead to the cancellation, we have agreed to honor your request of refunding your May membership fees I hope that this outcome is satisfactory and that if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Regional Manager directly as he will be more than happy to assist you Thank you, Christine T***

I have reviewed the information in Mrs*** complaint Planet Fitness does not take any complaint lightly I have communicated with the staff at the Franklin, WI location in order to better understand the situation I have also reached out to Mrs*** at the number she provided and left a voicemail We at Planet Fitness value Mrand Mrs*** as we do all of our members, and we understand that issues will billing can be frustrating or confusing We have already waived Mr*** entire balance of $as Mrs*** had requested I hope that this resolves the situation and that Mrand Mrs*** continue to enjoy their time at our Franklin, WI location Have a great day! [redacted] Planet Fitness

To Whom it May Concern, [redacted] signed up with Planet Fitness on 12/3/and his membership is a month commitment After his months are up, his contract then goes month to month as stated in his contract In order to cancel his membership, he would need to cancel on or before the 10th of the month to avoid the 17th monthly draft and on or before the 25th of January to avoid his annual fee We have yet to see an attempt to cancel or have a cancellation on file for Mr [redacted] Attached you will See the Membership agreement stating the verbiage above Please let us know if you have any questions Thanks! [redacted] COO- Planet Fitness Austin, DFW

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me [redacted] 6:PM (hours ago)tomeHello and thank you so much for taking time and consideration of my complaintI was contacted by a Planet fitness staff to let me know they waived my membership fees and cancelled my membership in good standing.Thank you,Dorothy Copeland

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