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I have not had a planet fitness account in years, come to find out someone had my information and set me up for a account I was billed the monthly fee in sept, I advised I didn't do this accountThey advised me to come in and to cancel the account I never set up so I did, then I get hit today with the annual fee I called back and arguged with them and they still will not give me a refund I talked to bank and because its my checking I would have to stop payment which is another I am so upset I have no money and this isn't my account I hve not been in there in years and they even confirmed I have not been in there so how can they take my money and not even offer my refund They are doing shady business and I am not okay with this at all I need my money I work hard for

Attached is a copy of [redacted] 's agreementShe signed up online for the white card (no commitment) membership on 12/2/The first page of the agreement, the 5th bullet down, it explains how the cancellation process works and states that we would need a written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or preferably via certified mailOur records show no indication that she cancelled her membershipManagement did go ahead and cancel the membership so that no future payments will be deducted from the accountUnfortunately we can not issue a refund due to the cancellation policy that was signed off on by the member Thank you, Victoria L

We do not change our stance on this matter.Attached are copies of the front and back of agreement [redacted] Demura signed our agreement on September 24, agreeing to our terms and conditionsWhen [redacted] originally called, we did not cancel because, per agreement, a member can cancel in person or by mail, preferably certifiedOn September 28, 2015, MrDemura was cancelled over the phone by a manger as an exception to help accommodate, in which we did not have to do and could have kept the membership active.As stated on front of agreement to cancel the membershipTo Cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or postmarked via certified mail to club address listed aboveStated on back of agreement in the last sentence of Section Facilities & Services:If your home club is permanently closed, moved, or sold, Planet Fitness reserves the right to assign and transfer your membership to another club within miles of your home club in accordance with the buyer's rights under state law.Section Dues, Fees, Charges, & Taxes Section APayment Authorization: You have full control over the payment authorization and can stop it anytime by notifying Planet Fitness as set forth on the front page of this agreement or by notifying your bank, or credit card company to stopYou are responsible for notifying your bank of any error that appears on your bank or credit card statement in a timely mannerYou must notify Planet Fitness within days of monthly dues were not stopped when you told Planet Fitness, you must have written proof or Planet Fitness will not reimburse you for any deductions which you claim should not have been deducted.Section Section A part Cancellation Rights (Buyer's Rights)Planet Fitness will refund you the pro rata cost of any unused services, within days after requested therefore, if Planet Fitness relocates your home club more than miles from its present location, or the services by Planet Fitness are materially impaired

To whom it may concern:Planet Fitness Galesburg IL offers the following in regards to case ID # 12656024.On 9/17/ [redacted] and [redacted] signed up online for gym membershipsSubmitted online for these memberships were the individuals address, dates of birth, checking accounting number and credit card numbersThe members also listed their valid email addresses where the members agreements were delivered to on 9/17/ [redacted] and Tracey were charged a total of cents each to joinThe monthly dues for these memberships for September, October, November, December, and January were all declined and did not go through at allBoth memberships now have balances on them for the declines.The members when they phoned the club were advised by the club manager that in order to cancel the memberships they had to come in to fill out a form or mail letter per the cancel policy o their agreementsBoth members failed to do so.As a courtesy Planet Fitness will waive the over balances on the memberships and also cancel both membershipsIf the members agree this is a reasonable and satisfactory resolution they will need to reply back that this is in fact agreeableif it is not agreeable the memberships will need to have the balances paid as well as the memberships canceled per the contract.Respectfully, [redacted] [email protected] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I will accept the check as a refundI did reply to your complaint - I do not understand your message that the complaint is closed without payment ? Did I misinterpret something ? Will I be receiving a refund or not ? What's the deal here ? Please advise if I will be receiving a check? I paid with electronic funds, so I requested electronic funds in return The payment transaction took a day to clear Planet Fitness did not have to wait 4-weeks for me to pay for my membership, but I have to wait 4-weeks for my refund ? One way street - That is my pointKindly issue a refund or I will take my matter to a higher authority Please call to discuss Thanks, [redacted] ###-###-#### Regards, [redacted]

In regards to the complaint filed, Planet Fitness offers the following:On 12-the complaintant did sign his wife up for a prepaid membershipOn January 18th the complaintant came into the club and said his wife had Silver Sneakers and he asked if he could cancel the prepaid and get a Silver Sneakers membershipI personally checked with Silver Sneakers on what the written policy is in our contractThe policy states that the member must fulfill the term of their contract and then can sign up for Silver SneakersThe administrator also said in an email to me that we can offer if we choose to allow the member to transfer the membership to another person or also allow the person to freeze the pre-paid and use it once the Silver Sneakers was no longer availableThe administrator said these two options were solely at our discretionAll three of these options were offered to the complaintant and his wife along with also allowing the complaintant to add the remaining months onto his account and he refusedThe complaintants wife then was erroneously allowed to convert the pre paid to a 10$ a month membership for the last two months This was corrected and the two 10$ charges electronically refunded to the accountIt is possible the 20$ however has not yet hit the account as it takes 7-business daysAfter reading the complaintants allegation that his request was within business days I went back to check all emails and paperwork on this matter as I am certain if the cancel was done within days the refund would have been granted the same day as the request The paperwork from the request and emails are all dated 1-18-I am more than happy to have the complaintant stop at the gym and get a copy of the dated proposal along with the emails that went back and forth showing the first request was 1-18-, days after the joinI also reviewed our cameras on the date the complaintant states he came in to request a refund and see no interaction at all with an employee including NateAs stated above The email chain we can provide shows the first request was 1-18- I am sure this is just an honest misunderstanding of the date Nate the manager also has an email we are willing to share from the Silver Sneakers administrator clarifying the policy and quoting the section that explains their policy Planet Fitness will be willing to do any of the options listed above but does not refund a prepay unless the cancel is done within business days and in this case it was business days not I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I do not agree to pay $for a membership that I have not used and requested to be closed over a year agoThey also continue to charge me $per month for this membership I want it closed and backdated to January when I Notified the gym of my cancellationI will pay any charges up until that month Regards, [redacted] ***

Abusive treatment from customer service rep Elysa, her nasty behavior stopped me from buying membership, until I spoke with Mgr JohnI joined Elysa has a nasty determiner she was nasty when I went to sign up I ended up asking for the manager John he apologized for her bad behavior and signed me up a couple months later Elysa started yelling at me she told me I was not using the equipment properly yet she said nothing to anyone else in the room yelling at me in front of several people of which left the room I left and tried coming back in a couple more times and felt uncomfortable being in thereI asked for john to call me He never didI finally got him on the phone and told him what happened he said he would take care of it and apologized for her bad behavior I asked to speak with the regional manager and he never got in touch with me I went in to speak with john and he told me she got mad because I got in her way I told him I was not in any ones way

In the members agreement it states that in order to avoid billing for the annual fee the member must cancel before the 25th of the previous monthThe agreement also clearly states that “the annual fee is fully earned when received and ins non-refundable.” The member was told upfront as all members are, and also had it clearly stated in her agreementShe was also billed the year before for the same fee and there was no issue thenThis member canceled after the annual fee was already drafted, so she does not qualify for any type of a refundWe take pride in our ability to do business in a very ethical, honest, and members first fashionEvery member is treated fairly, and if a mistake had taken place and a refund were warranted then we would have absolutely no issue refunding that memberIn this case that is not what we are dealing withThis members dispute is due to here simply wanting the money back and has nothing to do with Planet fitness making an error in her billing, or Planet fitness doing anything outside of what the agreement she signed statesThere will be no refund issued in this case as there is no reason for a refundAll billing was correctThank you! have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted]

Company continues to auto-draft from banking account after account is closed I had joined their membership years agoOne location closed forcing me to transfer to anotherI then moved out of the area and transferred again the membershipOver the next year 1/I never used the membership again but was still getting billed monthlyI decided to go in and cancel per their agreementWhen I walked into the local location that I had transferred it to, They told me that my membership was cancelled months prior and showed no billingI told them that I was still being billed monthlyThey told me to contact the original location and askI did and they told me that my membership was transferred to another state miles away but showed it was cancelledNo resolution thereI then called my bank to stop payment from this accountI did receive a refund for the last monthsThe following month I get another monthly chargeI called my bank back to report fraudulent activity from thi

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Hello, sans-serif;">My name is [redacted] and I am the representative of Planet Fitness Costa MesaI just wanted to follow up with you in regards to a member that had concern with our facilityToni Lynn Chaco had reached out to you guys about our business, we were definitely quick to fix thisI had contacted [redacted] through phone call letting her know we would give her two free months to amend the fact we didn't open on time and were hard to get in contactWe do apologize for the inconvenience this had caused for everyoneAnd we are glad we were able to amend thisThank you! If you have any further questions my personal number is [redacted] ***

ATTN: Revdex.comComplaint ID [redacted] Planet Fitness apologizes for Mrs [redacted] experience at the Whitehall Planet Fitness in Columbus, OhioUnfortunately the cancellation request of the membership was not processed correctly on February 23, After speaking to Mrs [redacted] and acknowledging the mistake that took place, the management team at Whitehall submitted for a refund in the amount of $41.93, the Planet Fitness chargeThe refund request was submitted on March 2, It was then approved by the billing company on March 6, After the approval process, the refund credits back into the members billing account on file within 7-business daysPlanet Fitness took responsibility for their charge, $The bank will need to be contacted by the member, Mrs [redacted] to discuss the reversal regarding any overdraft fees that may have applied If there are any additional questions, please reach out to the Whitehall location Thank you, Planet Fitness

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 10, 2016/04/11) */ The matter was closed on 3-21-when the member acknowledged that she had a membership agreement with the club that was valid, and the terms and conditions had been agreed uponThe business offered to waive its rights to the agreement and void the contract

Mr [redacted] signed up for the 10NR which is our month to month membership and costs 10.75/monthIt does not come with guest privilegesMr [redacted] was hostile when he came into the West Broad location and was told he did not have guest privilegesHe was in violation of his membership agreement with his use of profanity and raising his voice with the staff members, who were only trying to explain to him that he had the month to month membershipOur black card membership costs 21.55/month and he was only paying 10.75/month since signing up in January of The membership agreement states that he was a 10NR member and the membership has been cancelled due to violating rules and regulations of his membership agreement Thank you, Victoria Lloyd Club Manager

Good afternoon, I have reviewed the account for the both membersIt appears that the husbands account is being drafted on the same day as the wife's account but the card is either being declined for NAF or various reasonsDue to security reasons, I am only allowed to see the last four of the card number and it appears that both accounts have the same last four numbers My suggestion would be to have the club double check the entire account number on the husbands account when you are in the facility nextI apologize that I can not check that for you, it is just a security feature in place to keep that information private We apologize for any inconvenience this might have causedIf you have any question, please feel free to reach out to us directly and we will be happy to assist you Thank you, Christine [redacted]

We looked into this issue and found that there is indeed a cancellation form on file for Mr [redacted] that says he was supposed to be cancelled as of 4/17/The cancellation was never completed in the systemWe are in error and owe the member a refundHe came in on August 7th and was cancelled immediately when he brought it to our attentionWe are happy to refund Mr [redacted] for what he is owed in our error and apologize for any inconvenienceWe attempted to contact Mr [redacted] twice with no response, we have mailed Mr [redacted] a check for $(months Black Card Membership ($21.32) and Black Card annual fees ($41.48) charged after membership was to be cancelled on 4/24/13) Thank you, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

To whom it may concern: Here at Planet Fitness, the first thing we do when signing up prospective members is go over our monthly dues and the Annual Membership feeWe do this by underlining/circling fees, dates, and minimum terms if they applyThen, when signing the member up on the computer, the very first thing the member signs is acknowledgement of the Annual FeeWe do not have a $fee Attached is the member's signed agreement and invoice history Thank you, [redacted]

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