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Quality One Wireless

7651 Southland Blvd., Orlando, Florida, United States, 32809

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Sold me a defective phone. Called for assistance and CS girl lectured me & hung up. Called back 17 times so far with no success.
Purchased a phone on 7/7/20 and paid for expedited 1 to 3 day shipping. Phone wasn't even shipped until 7/11/20, four days later. Received on 7/13/20, a week later. Called Assurance Wireless to activate my phone. Spent the entire afternoon trying to do so without success. They determined that the new phone was defective (probably because it has another carrier's name all over it) and told me that they would be sending me a new phone via expedited shipping and I would have it in 2 or 3 days. Three days later, I had my phone! It was late and I was tired so I decided to wait until morning to activate it. This morning, I opened the box and it was NOT the $139 *** A10e that I had paid for. I called my provider and was told that is because they use a different company for sales and I have to contact them. At this point, I've been without a usable phone for 11 days and I'm not very happy. I called the number they gave me for quality one. The girl who took my call did not identify herself. I started to explain my issue when she decided to lecture me that it wouldn't have happened if I had followed "proper procedure." What?!? How am I even supposed to know what their proper procedure is??? I interrupted her and told her not to lecture me. She said goodbye and hung up on me! Now I'm really angry! I called back and got a helpful young man named Andres. I let him know right up front that I'm very angry and why, told him I understand that it's not his fault, and to please be patient with me. I also told him that I want to speak with a supervisor once my issue is handled because I wanted them to be aware of the employee's behavior on my original call. He tried to activate the phone first, and we were disconnected. I called back and each time I did, they would disconnect my call or send it to Elizabeth, the supervisor's, voicemail. Because Elizabeth does not answer her phone. Ever. I spent almost 2 hours and 19 phone calls trying to get assistance because my unusable phone does not allow me to answer calls! On the 16th call, a girl named Sarah answered. When I gave her my order #, she said, "oh, you're for a supervisor only." As I was asking her not to transfer to the supervisor's email, she transferred me. It's like this is a game to them. Because I am upset, they won't take my call. I did, at that point, leave a message for Elizabeth telling her how livid I am, that I will keep calling until I speak to someone, and that I just want a refund because I will never purchase another phone from them. On the 19th call, Andres answered. He told me that when he was unable to activate the phone and we got disconnected, he sent an RMA form to me via email. I told him that I had not received it and he said that it will show up within 24 hours. Now I see that the has 125 complaints of very similar issues, but because after people complained, the company refunded their money, they have an A+ rating. That makes no sense to me! Clearly, if there are 125 complaints of similar issues, that is the way this company does business! It's very shady and they shouldn't get a pass just because they gave refunds. Poor business practices are poor business practices. It's also very clear to me that the company doesn't care if I file a complaint because when they refund my money, they will retain their A+ rating and, despite 125 complaints, they have not changed the way that they do business. I will also be filing a complaint with my carrier, who I will be leaving for a different cell phone service provider since quality one is the only company that their customers are able to purchase cell phones from.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund in the full amount, to include the $9.99 that I paid for expedited shipping, which I did not receive. I do not expect to be charged a "re-stocking fee," or any other silliness. Anything less than the full amount I paid is unacceptable! Quality one is completely responsible for the problem and it should not cost me a penny.

Quality One Wireless Response • Jul 20, 2020

We apologize for the issues the customer is experiencing. Per the customers conversation with our representative on 07/17/20, Assurance Wireless advised her that they would send her a free phone. That free phone is not affiliated with our company. Our representative then assisted the customer submitting an RMA claim that was since authorized by upper management. Also, per our website, all orders take up to 72 hours to process (excluding weekends), regardless of the shipping method. The customers order was shipped and received within our processing and shipping terms. Due to the device issues, we will send the customer a prepaid label to send the device back under their RMA for a refund.

On June 26th I ordered a telephone online. They charged my debit card twice for the phone.
I contacted a representative on June 27th names Andre's. He said to email a copy of my bank statement to a Supervisor named Mr. S. I did that and Mr S told me that it was my bank's fault. As of today I have not received a credit and Mr. S will no longer return my emails

Desired Outcome

I want a refund because I was charged twice for one phone

Quality One Wireless Response • Jul 08, 2020

I have looked further in to the customers order and see they have two orders, one attempted order that was not finished using Affirm as their payment method on 06/21/20, and another order that was successfully placed on 06/25/20 using a credit or debit card. The customer was only charged for the order used to pay with the credit card and our system only charged the customer once. If there are any other charges on the customers account, it was not from our webstore and they would need to contact their credit card company to rectify that issue.

Customer Response • Jul 08, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I was charged twice on the same day. I'm attaching the proof. I finally received a refund from them on July 7, 2020. How strange that I would finally get a refund the day after I threatened to contact the

Mr. ordered phone that went to another address. Address was updated timely, but still went to wrong address.

Mr. is 82 yrs. and one of the underprivileged who benefits from the state Lifeline benefits of free phone, however, his phone malfunctioned and was told the phone was no longer under warranty and that he needed to purchase a phone. So he did.

On June 11, Mr. who is 82 years old ordered phone from 20 minutes later, your customer service department was contacted about the address discrepancy. Customer Rep first stated he could not find the order number, then said they don't update addresses after the order is put in, then told me that the post office will update the address, and then told me that I could not cancel the order and then sent me to speak to a manager. The manager spent 15 to 20 minutes on the phone apologizing because his system is uploading and all he did was put in an order number. He said he was not in the states and working from home and then told me they could Not update the address. Neither of the representative informed me what to do but they made it clear that they could Not do it. I went back to the website June 11 and June 12 and I sent something over through the online support on shop.safelink wireless website, and to this day, I have not received any correspondence regarding this issue in my inbox or my spam. It took about a week to figure out what to do. So I went back online and changed the address and contacted another customer service who was able to help me and provide exceptional services. The address was update and confirmation receipt says 6/17 at 8:26 am (Note the day and time).

The phone was still sent to the wrong address. So I called your customer service on June 22 around 8am ,who told me that the address was updated too late and looked at the tracking number and made it very clear that it was nothing she could do. Now when I call, I am sent directly to Voidbox and asked to leave a message. The tracking number clearly states on June 12 at 119pm USPS Created shipping label And Awaiting the Item. USPS did not receive that item until June 17 1205pm which is After the address was updated. It is very clear that customer service, the manager, the online support and the customer rep I spoke to was not trying to help. This should have been resolved on my initial contact. We are requesting a refund $59.00 and/or phone.

June 17, 2020, 12:05 pm
Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility

June 12, 2020, 1:19 pm
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item


Date: 06-11-2020 12:01 PM
Order id: ***
Order status: Complete
3) Payment method:
Credit Card (X-Payments: Credit Card)
Delivery method:
USPS 1st Class Mail
Track package:

Desired Outcome

We are requesting a refund $59.00..

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 25, 2020

We greatly apologize for the issues the customer experienced. We did attempt to update the shipping address before shipment, but at that time, the order had already been shipped. Due to the customers issues, we will go ahead and refund the order at this time.

I ordered a phone an they were quick to take my money took more then a week to ship an I cant use the phone an no one has any answers for me
I have been calling over the last 2 weeks an still not getting any answers they are not even trying to help me at all

Desired Outcome

I want to u use the phone or i want my money back but they arent doing any thing

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 25, 2020

We greatly apologize for the issues the customer is experiencing with their device. One of our representatives will reach out to the customer to attempt to complete the activation process and if they are unsuccessful, we will further provide the customer with help on returning the device for a refund.

touch screen doesnt work and need to return. They want me to pay for shipping when they didn't sell me a good phone that didn't even last 2 weeks.
Bought phone from Safelink. Not knowing it came from another provider. Safelink will not help me except sends me to a site to process a refund from Q1 so set it all up and now they want me to pay for return shipping on a phone that does not work not even 2 weeks. Also I cant speak to any one direct. All reviews say they take for ever to refund or deal with. They took my $70 and gave me a crap phone. I want my money back or a paid shipping label to send phone back or both. order #***
On 5/24/2020. Paid *** $69.00

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund and new working phone sent. And I dont want to pay to send a phone back.

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 18, 2020

We greatly apologize for the customers issues. A prepaid label has been emailed to the customer to return the device under their RMA for a full refund, per our RMA instructions.

I've been waiting for a phone that I ordered on the assurance wireless website... NEVER CAME. Needless to say I've been SCAMMED NEED REFUND NOW!
I've ordered my phone thru assurance wireless.... Purchased a pre-owned iPhone 7 costing $249.00+tax came out to $278 I have been waiting for serval days and nothing. I even purchased the $9.99 additional charge for priority shipping. I've looked up the tracking number that I had received via email and it's giving me the same generic response which is that my lable has been printed out and they are just waiting on the phone so they can send it. Now call me crazy but if there are hundreds if not more complete strangers with the same exact story something is not right. I demand a full refund and more than that this place shouldn't be allowed to operate the whole thing is a lot of people knowingly taking money from unsuspecting victims. How am I supposed to feel safe with that company having my bank card information. Please find out what is going on with my money.

Desired Outcome

Plain and simple I want a refund.

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 18, 2020

We greatly apologize for the delay in the customers order. We did experience slight delays for some of our orders but at this time, per the USPS tracking on the customers order, their order was successfully delivered on 06/15/20.

Customer Response • Jun 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Yes the phone was delivered, but it was not the one I was led to believe that I paid for. Now as to what they plan on doing about it I would like to know. I'm grateful for the response from the company from which I ordered my phone, but just not happy with the phone itself.

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 24, 2020

The customer needs to contact our customer support at 407-856-2666 to state the issues and submit an RMA claim regarding any issues.

Hi my name is *** I had ordered a phone through your company I had a problem with the phone so I sent it back I want to know if I'm going to have another one sent to me or I'm going to get a refund for my money so I would appreciate it if you can return my email

Desired Outcome

I would like a phone or a refund for my money

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 09, 2020

The customers replacement was shipped on 6/9/2020 using USPS First Class:

Phone Ordered 5/25/2020, said will ship in 72 hours. Still has not shipped 6/3/2020
Bought a phone on 5/25/2020 for $529. They took my money instantly and sent an email stating it would ship in 72 hours. They also had a USPS tracking number that said a label was created. Not shipped, created.

5/29/2020 I email asking why it has not shipped. Steve S says it will ship 6/2/2020.

6/2/2020 I email and ask why it has not shipped. Steve S lies and says it shipped. USPS tracking still shows it was not shipped. I tell him I want a refund, he says I need to RMA it to get a refund. I ask, how can you RMA a phone that never ships.

6/3/2020. Still not shipped per USPS.

Avoid this company.

Desired Outcome

Was a gift for my daughter's birthday. That has passed. I'd like to see Steve S collecting unemployment. Just want the phone...

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 09, 2020

We greatly apologize for the issues the customers experienced. As of 06/05/20, the order was delivered.

Customer Response • Jun 11, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Ok I ordered a phone April 27 th and never got it it says it was delivered my issuebi absolutely cannot get a hold of them I'm not throwing away 114
Like I said I bought a phone from them did not get it but USPS says they delivered tried several days to get a hold of them nothing I paid 114 dollars for the phone I need my money back.but cannot reach them

Desired Outcome

My money back I'm disabled

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 09, 2020

We apologize for the issues the customer experienced. The customer would need to contact USPS to file a lost/stolen claim regarding their order. Once USPS finalized their claim, they would need to forward that documentation to us so upper management can review regarding a refund or replacement.

No package and terrible customer service
I ordered a phone on may 23 of 2020, and opted to pay for the 1-3 day shipping. Not only have I not received.t phone, but their customer service refuses to answer any phone calls or return any emails. AND usps tracking says they haven't even received the package to label it for delivery. They also won't respond to smart pay, which means I can't cancel it even if I want to without them first canceling my package. This is ridiculous. I regret choosing them .

Desired Outcome

I want the phone I paid for. Or I want my money back, it's that simple. Not even sure if it's worth staying with this company, change my mind ?

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 09, 2020

We greatly apologize for the delay the customer experienced. Due to COVID-19, we did experience some delays but will go ahead and refund the shipping fee due to the delay.

I ordered on weekday and order never was given to USPS and I paid expedited shipping and should be refunded,and at some point a refund for negligence.
5/29 and item never given to USPS and sat for 18 hrs now weekend is coming and paid expedited shipping and I will end up contacting bank to dispute charge and order as the shipper refuses contact. covid 19 or not should not prevent hand-off to USPS. I see MANY here with same issue and being disabled, I need my replacement shipped not sitting. Most lame business practices.
NO one need be stressed and pay emotionally for a businesses negligence.

Desired Outcome

seek delivery and USPS PICKUP and refund of expedited ship charge.

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 02, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing delays in deliveries and shipments and greatly apologize for the delay. Due to the charge-back opened with the customers credit card company, the order was cancelled and refunded in full. Again, we apologize for the delay.

Customer Response • Jun 01, 2020

please remove complaint as its been resolved.

on the 23rd April I ordered a new phone for my daughter who is in an abused women shelter To date the phone has not been delivered
on the 04/23/20 I order a replacement phone for my daughter who is an abused woman living in a shelter To date the phone has not been delivered
I have sent in total 17 emails regarding this matter, most of them to Steve S at [email protected] be fair to him after the 6th email he did respond
The official order attached below gives the shipping address. Please do not publish her name as he husband can find out where she is living and it might result in her death.
the first delivery attempt was not successful as according to the tracking details the address on the parcel was incomplete
the second delivery was delivered to the wrong place It was sent to building 1 of the complex-which is not on the order or the address I gave Steve-and the phone has disappeared.I want a refund or the phone delivered into my daughter hand

Desired Outcome

I would prefer that they deliver the phone to my daughter in her hand or they can refund me and i will buy another phone for her from a different supplier

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 02, 2020

We greatly apologize for the customers issued. Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing some delays. As of 05/30/20, the customers order was refunded in full.

I got a charge on my banking account that I did not pay for that amount. I'd like to resolve this and get my money back!!!
Banking account has been hacked

Desired Outcome

I'd like my money back

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 02, 2020

We would need further details regarding the customers issue. If they purchased a phone or plan online recently, what the bank statement states. They can also contact us at 407-856-2695.

I ordered two phone costing 1500 on May 18. Still have not received my order yet and have been told for the past couple of says that it was sent out
*** order number. Purchased on May 18

Desired Outcome

I want my phones

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 02, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing delays in deliveries and shipments. We have shipped the customers order and as of 06/01/20, the order was successfully delivered via USPS. We greatly apologize for the delay and appreciate the customers patience during this time.

I still have noy recieved my product. assurance wireless said its not thier issue was told this company took my money6

Desired Outcome

either refund or ship my product

Quality One Wireless Response • May 26, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing delays in our orders but are working diligently to get orders shipped out, while also taking extra precautions to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy. We are expecting to ship the customers order out by the end of this week with the tracking information assigned to their order.

Not filling and shipping orders in time stated.
Placed my order on May 10th. Says 24/72 hours to fulfill and ship orders. Emailed Friday the 15th still not shipped. Got a email back around 5pm with updated shipping. USPS has still not recieved package. Emailed May 19th and was told product had left the warehouse. Emailed today may 21st, no response. Product was paid for 11 days ago. Should have been shipped Monday. Just send my product.

Desired Outcome


Quality One Wireless Response • May 26, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing delays in our orders but are working diligently to get orders shipped, while taking extra precautions to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy. We are expecting to ship the customers order bu the end of this week with the tracking assigned to their order.

Customer Response • May 27, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I was lied to on several occasions, and sent the wrong phone.

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 09, 2020

Our technical department was able to get the phone to work on Assurance Wireless. At this time, there should not be any issues with the device.

Received the phone it is brand new..paid 649.00 for it. But the phone is defective will not get service..even the carrier said it had to be the phone,
I contacted Quality one where the receipt came from (was ordered through Page Plus Store)but came through Quality One Wireless..have had only one result with someone answering the phone..said they would have supervisor to call me one has called or e-mailed..not even from page plus no results there at all..
Order # ***
Ordered on 5-5-2020
delivered on 5-11-2020
have been trying to get some results since 2 days after recieving...and they did get their money it shows on my bank statement...all I want now is my money back and I will send the phone back..I was going to do and exchange but not now..I just want a refund..can you please help me in anyway possible
TY so very much

Desired Outcome

I just a refund!

Quality One Wireless Response • May 22, 2020

We greatly apologize for the customers issues they experienced with their device. We will go ahead and send the customer a prepaid label to send the device back in to our facility.

I purchased a phone to get delivered and they never even shipped it according to the tracking number.

I got a phone through Assurance Wireless, a government program for low income families. I ordered an iPhone 7 ($250) on May 1st from Quality One Wireless, and received the email with a tracking number on May 6th. Since then the USPS website shows that a tracking number and label were created and that's all, it doesn't even show that they (USPS) have received it yet. I have called the number on the quality one wireless website multiple times ( *** ) and after waiting to be connected I only got a voice-mail. I have left multiple messages and have never spoken with anyone. I have sent an email to the whoever gets the green question mark link on the website. I have sent multiple emails to the [email protected] I have received responses to the emails and they have all stated that USPS will update their tracking information at their next scan but the tracking information always remains the same. I have asked for a refund and was told to fill out a RMA form but in order to complete this process I would have to be in possession of the phone. I have even called the USPS and they have stated that they have no record of the package yet. Quality One Wireless has absolutely no costumer service, they take your money, give you no product and refuse to communicate This sounds kind of shady, which is a shame that knowing this is for low income families we get forced to go through shifty companies in order be able to afford cell phones and then we get taken advantaged of.

Desired Outcome

I would like Quality One Wireless to deliver the product that, according them should have only taken 24 - 72 hours to process before being shipped. I had finally saved up enough money to purchase a nice phone and am still waiting, and really I just need a phone at this point as mine only works about 1/3 of the time. I am tired of the run around that I have been getting.

Quality One Wireless Response • May 22, 2020

We greatly apologize for the delay in the customers order. Due to COVID_19, we are experiencing severe delays in receiving devices in to our facility. We are making sure to get orders out as quick as possible, while also keeping our employees and customers safe.

Customer Response • May 22, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There was no mention as to when the order will actually be delivered or why there has been nothing posted on the website stating that delays are expected or that there is absolutely no one answering any of the forms provided under their "contact us" options. My purchase was to be processed 24-72 hours after ordering and it has been over 3 weeks. I would just like my phone to be delivered. I NEED a working phone!

Quality One Wireless Response • Jun 09, 2020

As of 05/28/20, the order was successfully received.

It's been 15 days since I placed my order for my phone and I still don't know when I will be getting it.
I placed the order for an iPhone 8 Plus on April 27,2020 and received the tracking number on May 1, 2020. We are halfway through the month of May and I have no idea when my phone will arrive. I have emailed their customer service and they have told me they will ship my item but when I check the tracking number it still says pre-shipment. I paid a lot of money and would like to know when I will be getting my phone

Desired Outcome

I would like to get a date when I should be expecting my phone to arrive.

Quality One Wireless Response • May 22, 2020

We greatly apologize for the delay in the customers order. Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays, while also taking extra precautions to keep our employees and customers safe. Per the customers tracking information, the order was delivered on 05/15/20.

Customer Response • May 25, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I received the phone

Q1W(Quality One Wireless) Sold Potentially forged/Stolen Phone, that cannot be used for carrier network that was advertised for
((I can attach Email but it does contain some foul language)

I purchased a *** Galaxy A6 thru Q1W with thier *** Wireless webiste they claim to be partnered with (***) which i've finally received confirmation by *** they are *NOTaffiliated what so ever,.

after receiving it a week past expected Date due to Covid19, the Device cannot be used or activated with *** and is Locked to only ***. this is a Deceptive practice, and their email contact is telling me to use an IMEI thats not on the device hinting this phone is either been cloned (so that texts/calls can be monitored) Stolen (forged IMEI), or is Fake Device.

Email support claims that only use the simcard supplied, only do as they suggest not the carrier, that only the simcard needs to be activated despite all prepaid carriers activate a sim and tie it to the device

Desired Outcome

(Harrison F is the one to bought me the phone, im seeking a refund going Back to Harrison)

Quality One Wireless Response • May 22, 2020

We are an authorized third party distributor for*** Wireless and have been for many years. We greatly apologize for the issues the customer experienced. A prepaid label will be emailed to the email on file with the order, to return the order for a refund.

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