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RAD Construction Inc.

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Good Afternoon,New Jersey E-Z Pass spoke with the customer, [redacted] on 1/12/2016.  The customer agreed to pay the tolls due on each of the violations ($30.10) and New Jersey E-Z Pass agrees to waive the administration fees ($175.00) once the toll payments are settled.  The customer is...

aware of the address discrepancy and will work to correct it.New Jersey E-Z Pass considers the matter resolved and believe the customer does as well.  [redacted]-Customer/Client Relations Analyst

We are in receipt of complaint [redacted] for [redacted]. We have taken the liberty of forwarding Mr. [redacted]’s dispute to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. They approved the credit of $12.50. The credit was applied to Mr. [redacted]’s account on 8/18/16.  We would like to apologize for...

the inconvenience that this caused.  Also, if Mr. [redacted] has any other questions or concerns please have him contact [redacted] or [redacted].

Thanks and they took action and fee I paid. Issues resolved.

We are in receipt of complaint [redacted] for James [redacted].   NJ E-ZPass charges a $1.00 a monthly membership fee which is explained in our terms and condition that are posted on our website at [redacted]  Per our research Mr. [redacted] had his account set up to receive statement...

by mail sent to [redacted] and all correspondence letters sent via email to [redacted]  On 3/19/16 we emailed Mr. [redacted] to inform him that his automatic replenishment was not approved by the credit card issuer. Approximately 2 weeks later his credit card was automatically removed from the account. This converted his account to “cash”, therefore, a $10.00 per tag deposit is taken from the current balance and kept as a deposit to be returned when the tag(s) is either returned or a credit card is added back to the account. A statement to the address listed was sent on 5/16/2016 showing the latest activity on Mr. [redacted] account. On 6/8/16 we sent another email advising Mr. [redacted] of the following:“Our records indicate the prepaid balance on your New Jersey E-ZPass account has fallen below zero for at least the last 60 consecutive days. This is a violation of your New Jersey E-ZPass agreement which requires that you maintain a sufficient prepaid balance on your account. You can restore your account to the appropriate level by making a payment on our web site at [redacted] or calling our automated 24/7 Voice Response System at ###-###-####.The Voice Response System also provides you with the option of speaking to a Customer Service Representative directly during regular business hours. If the account is not replenished within 10 business days of the date of this letter your New Jersey E-ZPass privileges will be revoked and YOUR ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE REINSTATED. Your account will be charged an account revocation fee of $25 plus any applicable log tag fee(s). Continued use of your New Jersey E-ZPass tag will result in toll evasion violations and administrative fees. FAILURE TO ACT ON THIS NOTICE WILL RESULT IN FURTHER COLLECTION PROCEDURES”. We did not receive a call from Mr. [redacted] so his account was closed and placed in collections. The current amount owed is $20.34 however; if Mr. [redacted] returns the 3 devices on his account we will credit $9.00 per device totaling $27.00. This will leave a credit balance of $6.66 which we will refund to Mr. [redacted]. The devices can be mailed to [redacted] Also, if Mr. [redacted] wishes to open another New Jersey E-ZPass account please have him contact Bertram [redacted] at ###-###-####.

We are in receipt of complaint [redacted] for [redacted].  We show no record of the devices being returned and tried to track the package but unfortunately [redacted] is requiring additional information which we could not provide.  On 9/10/15 we contacted [redacted] to discuss this matter...

with him but he was unavailable so we left our contact information for him to return our call at his earliest convenience.

We are in receipt of complaint 100695992 for Jody Archimene. There were two tolls that posted to the customer’s account from [redacted] Turnpike for transaction date 5/20/2015 and 6/4/2015. New Jersey E-ZPass only post toll transactions received from the agencies. Each agency has different rules...

and guidelines to dispute toll transactions. If Jody Archimene wishes to dispute the charges from [redacted] Turnpike they ([redacted] Turnpike) request that customers fill out a form called 33-11B form. The form can be downloaded at:[redacted] Turnpike advises customers to fill out this form and include all requested documentation. Then the form should be forwarded to the PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center at Pa 17111. To avoid delays in the processing of your request, please complete the form in its entirety before returning it. Forms received without all required information cannot be processed.We would like to apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.  No further action is needed.

Per our research, all of the violation notices that were mailed was sent to [redacted], NY 11373 per data received from DMV. All letters are sent via the United States Postal Service. Also, messages are given in the lane advising to either call service center or toll unpaid. These...

messages are to give notice to the customers to check their account.  Since the violations were not taken care of in timely manner and therefore it escalated to collections. Ms. [redacted] is not entitled to a refund based on the information and no further actions are required.

We are receipt of complaint [redacted] for [redacted].  Per our research a payment was made in the amount of $41.00. The amount included $16.00 in membership fees that was charged along with a $25.00 fee from the collection company. We do not see any toll history on the account so we will...

refund membership fees totaling $16.00. We will also submit a request to the collection company to refund their charge of $25.00 to Mrs. [redacted]. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I just spoke to [redacted] and he KNOWS NOTHING about resolving my complaint at all.

We are in receipt of complaint [redacted] for [redacted]. Per research of the account we sent a refund check in amount of $20.69 which covered the remaining balance on the customer’s account and another refund check was sent on 4/13/2018 in the amount of $2.60. That amount included the $1.00...

service fee for February and the $1.60 for toll that was paid while the device was in transit. We would like to apologize for the delay and the inconvience that this matter has caused. No further action is needed for this matter.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

We are in receipt of complaint [redacted] for [redacted]. Per our conversation with Mrs. [redacted] we advised her that we credited her account for 7 months of service fees and that her account is closed. As of 7/16/2015 a refund in the amount of $30.94 was refunded back to her credit card on...

file. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused. No further action is needed in this matter.


got a message on October 14th stating that my account had been cancelled. This is all what I wanted since last December, so I consider the case closed, I am satisfied with the outcome. I want to take the chance to state that I really don't understand why this took 10 months, 1 letter and 3 phone calls. During the first phone call, I chose the Spanish option and I could barely understand the representative on the phone (I am a professional interpreter and I speak perfectly both languages), his Spanish was sub par. The second representative (English) was very rude and uninterested . The third was very professional and attentive but sadly, the problem did not get solved. 

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Address: 1980 Delmont St, Walla Walla, Washington, United States, 99362-3626


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