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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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The clothes are not what they advertised online. Very cheaply done. Website won't allow me to send a complaint email to customer service.
This is a total scam. I ordered two jeans that came with a free top. They promised 2-4 day shipping. A little under 2 weeks later only one of the jeans came and did not even remotely resemble the images shown on their website/ social media. I tried contacting them to tell them about what had happened and the customer support email wouldn't send. I typed it out, it sent to me a "prove your not a robot page" and then the page went blank. I wrote and rewrote the email multiple times all resulting in the same blank page. I have no way of contacting them, I'm missing 2 items ordered, the one item I did receive was falsely advertised, and I'm out $130.

Desired Outcome

I want to return the jeans I received and I want a full refund for the other clothes I have not gotten. I feel like I was scammed and should not have to pay the shipping fee because Revice Denim is a fraud and falsely advertises their line of clothing.

received order on 12/23. submitted a request to exchange for size on 12/25/19. That was the first of three attempts to contact this company. No respon
We purchased jeans. We would like to exchange for size. We have made 3 attempts to contact for assistance. We have received no response.

Desired Outcome

Exchange the jeans for one size larger (we have a size 30)

Haven't received my order or shipping confirmation, customer service doesn't respond, charging me still for the order that hasn't responded.
My order #*** was placed on December 13, 2019. I haven't received shipping confirmation and when I tried to contact the company they do not respond. I am still being charged for the order that was placed. I had payed through an installment plan of four installments, however still being currently charged but have not received the package or items. The order total was 110.88. I emailed them about cancellation and refund, but they did not respond to the email. I believe the company is a scam as well because they take the money and don't deliver your package.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a full refund from the company as I no longer desire receiving the package due to the lack of customer service and untimely manner.

Order never received. Company does not return phone calls or emails.
ordered for 2 pair of jeans. Never received an invoice Order number XXXXXX on December 13, 2019 for 123.48 *** card. No attempt to ship or state status of order.

Desired Outcome

Merchandise or refund asap

I ordered on black friday of 2019 and it was confirmed on 12/5/19 .I have reached out to the company have havent received any word back from them.
I placed my order on black friday 11/29/19 and it was confirmed on 12/5/19. I got a follow up email from them on 12/9/19 saying that they are still working on the order and it should take at most 11 business days. I didnt hear anything from them so I contacted their customer serivce on 12/22/19. I also reached out to them on instgram on 1/5/20. I had made my purchase through QuadPay and I reached out to them to see if they could refund the money (haven't heard back from them). the order number was #

Desired Outcome

I wish to have my items delivered. If they are not able to deliver these items i would like my money back.

I've been waiting for a single pair of flare jeans for over 5 weeks now and the order status says they are still processing and haven't even shipped. The style I ordered wasn't even a preorder. Unacceptable. I was expecting 2-3 weeks max shipping but this is ridiculous and their customer service team has not responded to my concerned emails. I hope they get their act together or just shut down and open a niche in the market for a better quality trendy vintage denim company. I also recently read somewhere that their jeans aren't made in the USA but actually are imported from China but I don't know how true that is. I feel ripped off and I wasted $70.

no response from company regarding refund in over a week.
On December 21, 2019. I placed order XXXXXX for a pair of jeans. Per their website a cancellation and refund can be processed if notified within 24 hours. I requested A cancellation the same day at 11:40am, due to the incorrect size being ordered. As of December 31st I have Reached out on social media and email regarding my cancellation and have not received a response from the company. On December 25th I receive an email that my order will be completing disregarding my two requests to cancel my order. There is no way to contact this company via phone.

Desired Outcome

I would simply like a refund as requested.

I ordered a pair of jeans from this company in November 2019. It is now the end of January 2020, and I have not received my items, nor am I receiving any replies from their customer service team. Scammy.

Absolute Garbage. ZERO customer communication and updates, might as well of donated $200 to them. All these reviews are very accurate when they say it takes two months. That is not an exaggeration, it literally takes months. I ordered jeans around the end of November of 2019, I received them days before Xmas, and they were too small so I exchanged them, it is now days from February 2020 and still no jeans OR UPDATES. The worst part is I have no idea what is going on!!!! I've sent 3 emails and only have gotten 1 reply which just said "this process takes a while."

Order a pair of jeans December 11. I realized I order the wrong size and wanted to return so I emailed. Only got back to me once. Still haven't received the jeans or any update and it's January 20th. We have emailed so many times since them. My mom and I are super *** and I spent my own hard working minimum wage money on them (im 17 with a minimum wage job so spending my money is kinda a big deal lol) never buy from them!!!

Absolute disaster. I ordered the first pair of jeans in 2018 and loved them! However, when I tried to order new jeans in 2019 one pair was the wrong size, the other ripped almost instantly, and both took two months. Since their return policy states that only one jean per order can be returned (no refund by the way), I hopefully ordered another pair since the first pair had done me well. This was the worst time. The jeans NEVER CAME. This was over 2 months ago. The shipping says it sent a label to
Fed ex dec 26th, but when corresponding with the company, the company said that they had never shipped. The case is closed on the site and no one will contact me about them. 60 dollars down the drain. Total mess of customer service. I don't know what happened to this company, but do not order anything from them.

I never once in my 24 years of living have published a review. However - something needs to be done about this scam that has burdened us all. DO NOT, AND I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM REVICE JEANS.

1. You will NEVER see your jeans or anything you ordered
2. Customer service will actually ruin your day

I ordered my jeans November 9th, 2019. It is now January 16th, 2020 and still no jeans. However you want to know something funny? I did receive a "free" tee-shirt from them today in the mail, which why? But the free tee shirt had STAINS all over it!!! I feel like I have officially been punked. I wish I could upload a picture to show you all. DO NOT buy from this scam of a business.Please see below the excuses I have received from customer service when asking where my jeans are.

Customer service chain:
Ani Sevian (Revice Denim)
Nov 26, 15:01 PST

Hi ***!

I apologize about that, it does look like the package is not en route as it should be, because it should have gotten to you by now. I will get in touch with the carrier and see if we can locate the package or reship it if need be. I apologize for the inconvenience!


Raeanna (Revice Denim)
Dec 16, 16:21 PST

Hi ***!

I am truly so sorry for the continued delay, but production is working hard to get the finishing details correct on this style and we are pushing them to make sure we get these shipped out definitely within the next week!


Raeanna (Revice Denim)
Dec 23, 11:12 PST

Hi ***!

I totally understand your frustration and I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused, that was definitely not our intention. Unfortunately when producing locally in small batches issues can arise and cause delays. I can assure you that your order will be getting shipped out as soon as possible. I would also be happy to add any tank or tee from our site to your order at no extra cost. Please advise.


I as well ordered 1 pair of jeans for my daughter on November 26th for her birthday December 12th. Ok I thought maybe for Christmas...then I started reading reviews :O Not here I am after about 6-7 emails and no status updates for tracking!!! All they keep saying basically is "we are working on your order..remember they are custom made (bull st) and we will be shipping out as soon as the details are finished". Then a couple of weeks ago I got a response saying when they came out of wash dept. the sizing was wrong!!!! Really????? Never again will I order from them!!! I just hope they fit and no exchange is needed because I hear that doesnt run smoothly either....very dis appointed and ***!!! Rating would actually be a 0

Have not received ordered products or any response to my complaints for a month.
I placed an order a month ago, on 11/28. The item was expected to ship within 3-5 days. Since then, I have not heard anything from the company except for my purchase confirmation. I have reached out to the company over several platforms and sent several emails inquiring about my order, but have heard nothing. At this point I just want my money back.

Desired Outcome

I just want my order or my money back.

I ordered a product from this company back in July and I have still yet to receive it or hear back from the company on when I will get it.
On July 25th I placed an order with revice for two pairs of jeans. The first pair came, which took about three months to receive. While on the website it did not inform me before purchasing that it was a preorder so that it would take a while which would be fine if I would've known. But this was no where until people started complaining did they add it to their website. Secondly the second pair of jeans have still not arrived and it has been well over five months now. And I have heard absolutely nothing. And I no longer even need the jeans for the reason I purchased them anymore. But again the return policy is for 24 hours after you place your order. Even though the pants take months to get to you. I spent $120.96 on both sets of jeans and the first of the two wasn't even close to the size it said to be which again is fine I know sizing is different everywhere but again I can't return them. My order number is #***. I want this company to no longer fool anyone else like I was because I now have seen all the terrible reviews online. It is honestly a scam. And unfair. I would love if possible to get a refund from this terrible company. Or for them at least to not do this to any one else.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund in full for $120.96 for both sets of jeans. I still have the first pair which I am willing to return they have never been worn and tags are still on them. If not possible I would like a refund for the pair of jeans I have yet to receive. I do not need them nor do I want them I would just love my money and time back.

2 months later still have not received my order. no one answers emails/calls either. awful customer service.

I placed an order almost two months ago and paid for my order at this time. They refuse to give me the products I paid for.
I've emailed them several times to obtain shipping confirmation to which they reply with a vague and standard response. They refuse to send me my product that I paid for over a month and a half ago. They won't process a refund or provide the products I ordered. I consider this a form of fraud and theft.

Desired Outcome

Since they will not provide me with the product that I paid for I am requesting a full refund.

Absolutely a scam. Shipping itself is a huge problem. Most orders take over a month to fulfill. Then you finally get the product and it doesn't fit! So now the option is to exchange the size and wait yet ANOTHER month to get the new size OR get store credit to try to buy another pair of pants that probably won't fit and will take a month to get to you. On top of all of this bs you have to pay for the return shipping yourself. To top it all off their customer service is complete trash. I highly highly recommend no one buy from them EVER. Save yourself the stress it's a waste of time for average looking pants you can get at forever 21.

We ordered two pairs on Dec 1 and received one of them on January 3rd. Still waiting for the other pair. Was a Holiday gift as well. Very frustrating that there is NO phone number on the website. But I called the number on the site and the mailbox is full. It would be a bit less frustrating if they commuted with their customers. Just be honest!!!

If you plan on ordering from this company, do not plan on having your jeans for at least 2 months. There is no communication regarding your order. False advertisement regarding when your jeans will ship.

We have emailed 3 times in the past 6 weeks and nothing. Checked the status on the website states processing- for 2 months?

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