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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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LETS CANCEL THEM! They surely can't be scamming people large amounts of money and getting away with it! I also wasted almost $200 AUD on one pair of jeans. Never sent me an order confirmation code, never emailed me back, never msged me back on Instagram and get this, I've commented many times on their recent posts telling them to reply to me but no comments of mine have been publicly posted. Yeah their stuff is cute, but it doesn't mean anything if it never gets to you!!! Very interested in taking this to law so I hope there's a way.

I have sent several messages to the help center about my exchange. I have not received any messages back. I returned the pair of jeans about a month ago and hall they have been unresponsive since. I have never had worse service. I've been trying to give an exchange but since they haven't been answering for a month now I would like a refund for my jeans. They also don't listen a phone number or email so there really isn't another way to reach them.
Product_Or_Service: Jeans

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like a refund from the lack of responses and poor customer service I've been receiving. I've been waiting a month.

Terrible customer service. I ordered a pair of jeans 2 months ago and still have not received them and they will not respond to my email requests

HORRIBLE Customer Service. Out money like everyone else, but the fact that you cant even get in touch with anyone? Call the number? its a recording during business hours with no call back, try to leave a message? and mailbox is full, try to email through website? no response. Actually thought of driving up to LA from Orange County but that's a lot. Im in any kind of action suit against these clowns.

DO NOT ORDER FROM REVICE!!! They allow you to purchase jeans and then never send them!! What I have noticed is that influencers or celebrities wear them so people then think its real but in reality they are giving out the jeans we paid for to people that have a platform to say "OMG go buys theses jeans" and so we do and get screwed!! Iv waiting a 1.5 months, 15 emails and 3 DMs later with NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE. You cant call their phone because the VM is full, I wonder why????? They are scammers! I reported them to the FTC. AS you all should too so this doesn't happen to others!!

I had ordered the frontrunner jeans in a size 24 -00 on the 1st of may and I have not received my jeans AT ALL. I have emailed and gotten no response.
order *** frontrunner denim jeans size 24 - 00. ordered may 1st 2020. received a confirmation email but never received an email on when my jeans would be delivered to me. I have messaged them constantly through instagram because they do not respond to the email they give you if you need help with any orders etc. they post on instagram consistently yet ignore everyone's messages based on their orders. they are taking everyone's money and not sending out any orders. this company is a huge hoax. it's a fraud and needs to be shut down or investigated on why their customer service is absolutely horrible. I was expecting my jeans this upcoming week but have been ignored every single time I inquire about my order. please help me, help everyone in need of their orders that are missing or else our money has been given away to the thieves of "revice denim".

Desired Outcome

i would like for my jeans to be shipped to me ASAP. i have never gone through something like this before when it comes to ordering jeans let alone any kinds of clothing from companies. i'd greatly appreciate it!

Same thing is happening to me. I placed my order on May 1st and was charged but still not
Jeans 27 days later. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.
I am so irritated. I have messaged their customer service 3 times, no reply.

I'm seeing a lot of others having this problem. Very fishy. So annoyed.

Like all other reviews, I'm out $130 and still have not received my purchase. I purchased two pairs of jeans from Revice on March 18 and didn't receive them until April 30- both pairs of which ended up being COMICALLY too small and nowhere near accurate sizing. I then had to apply for an exchange and use my own money to ship them back. I got an email on May 4th that they received my return, but still have yet to get my new sizes let alone any updates on the status of my exchange. No amount of emailing customer service, calling, and messaging on Instagram has worked.

TERRIBLE customer service. I am so disappointed because I was excited to find a company that sold reasonable priced jeans like the ones they sell. I placed an order of 4 items. The first shipment contained 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts. They sent me the wrong size in the shorts (I did double check the size I ordered) and the jeans were too small. I sent both back to exchange them and the cheapest shipping option was $20!! Since I was still waiting on another shipment from them, I reached out to them to see if I could go ahead and switch the size of the jeans since I knew they would most likely be too small and I'd have to go through the exchange process again. I reached out FIVE times via voicemail, their website, and email. It clearly states to give them up to 72 hours to respond. Well I never received a response or call back from them. I am still waiting on my exchange and the second shipment. I'll most likely have to go through the exchange process again and it is extremely frustrating. The jeans are extremely cute, so I am hoping that the price, extra shipping costs, and waiting will be worth it.

No point in sharing the details...but yes, I too, am out $150! Order placed in early Dec 2019 and February 2020. I am interested in a starting a class action lawsuit. I have no experience doing this...just a frustrated customer and SHOCKED at how many people have also been scammed.

Anyone interested in joining me on this journey, please post here and I will research how we can ban together.

I ordered shorts over a month ago and haven't heard from them in a month. Not to mention their shorts are $60+ IF YOU'RE LUCKY. It is one thing for the shorts to take months and months to get to you but another when their stuff doesn't reply. The website says 72 hours for a response and I have sent 3 and have never received a response from one. DO NOT WASTE UR TIME HERE! If you want cute jeans/jean shorts go to Levis, they have great deals and get to you in less than a week! :)

Never recieved my item ordered on March 18th 2020. I have contacted them multiple times and they haven't returned my money or sent my order.
Order number XXXXXX, placed on march 18th 2020 for a pair of jean costing *** On March 28th I received an email saying that my order was almost ready to ship. However it has been almost two months and I have not received the order or my money back. I have messaged them multiple times and I get the same response that I will soon get a shipping confirmation email. I have waited long enough and I just want my money back. They keep sending me marketing emails and they keep posting on Instagram and tik tok but don't response to emails or actually fulfill their orders.

Desired Outcome

I want my money back at least since they never sent my order after two months.

I have repeatedly tried to contact them after requesting an exchange and have not received any information in over a month.
I bought my "Ex-Boyfriend/Player-One Wash" jeans on February 12th. I paid *** and my order number was #XXXXXX. In the description it recommended sizing up a size. I do just so ordering a size 26. When I received them on March 4th they were still too small for me. I submitted a return request on the 12th of March, and was given Return *** They received my return on March 26. The email said it takes 4-6 business days for this process to happen. Weeks passed and on April 12th I requested an update. Two days later on April 14th I was told by *** "Your exchange is currently in line to be processed, but I have confirmed that it has been received and you will get an email with the tracking once the new pair goes out." After three weeks passed with no further information, I requested another update from their help desk and expressed that I needed to change my shipping address because I have since moved! On 3 separate occasions I have messaged their help desk over the course of the past two weeks and patiently waited the "72 hour" response time from their help desk page. Each request was ignored. It has been a full month to the day that I have heard ANYTHING about my order. I would also like to mention that they are constantly pushing out promotional emails. They also filter their instagram comment section. I have resorted to social media(because they are very active posting about 3 times a day). I have commented my concerns and my comments are instantly deleted. It is only positive comments that remain posted under their posts. This is false advertising and extremely misleading. Their constant use of email promotions and Instagram posts would lead viewers to believe they are active and well received which is clearly far from the truth. Thank you.

Desired Outcome

I would love to recieve my exchange pair of jeans. I still want them because they were the perfect style I had been seeking. This is absolutely absurd. I just want the jeans in the right size!! And to change my shipping address!! I will never be shopping here again and if I am unable to receive my order I would LOVE my money back so I can buy a pair of jeans from a reliable company that sells a great product and has good customer service! Again thank you.

This company has terrible customer service. I ordered an item as a gift on 4/25. To date I have not received any updates regarding a shipping or delivery date. I have sent repeated emails and a message via instagram. Interesting that they promptly charged my credit card on the date ordered but no communication or product received from them. This site is popular with young adult girls and I fear they are taking advantage of this age group.

The worst customer service and return policy I have ever experienced. Not only does shipping take MONTHS, but nobody responds to customer service emails and there is no number to call. After months of waiting for my order to arrive, THE WRONG ITEMS are delivered and there is no one to correct it. SHIPPING IS NOT FREE aka you still lose money when you return and a return is STORE CREDIT ONLY??? IF THEY EVEN DO RETURN??? Because they have a tendency to not return at all and you have to go through your credit card to dispute the charge. A horrifically unprofessional and disorganized business. Not worth the headache.

I'm out $144 and have no jeans. I have not heard back from any of their customer service reps. I have left Instagram messages and emails several times. Their customer service is non existent. It's very hot or miss on if you will receive your jeans. I got one pair and had to pay to send them back. My other pair never arrived. They said they don't refund but I called my bank and was able to dispute the charge as I am not able to get a hold of Revice and do not have the merchandise I paid for. This company is basically a scam because of how horrible it is. I would advise anyone who has not received their order to call their bank and get their money back as well. There is no such thing as a no refund policy.

The company cancelled my order on April 24th and I've yet to receive any update on my order nor any response to my complaints.
My order was placed on April 13th with the order number #XXXXXX. I payed *** USD with a credit/debit card, specifically a Visa card. My order included the Matchmaker / Love at First Sight - 27 jeans, 90's Cutoffs / *** - 27 shorts, and a Revice Free Tee. I was updated by the shipping carrier that the company canceled my order and Fedex was given instructions to void the order. I've emailed the company 3 times and I have not received any updates on my order. I also receive an email that 1/3 items in my order is complete but I have not received it. I would like to file a complaint on the company since I believe it is a scam. If my order is not fulfilled in a timely order, as promised, a refund is preferred. I would also like the company to issue a full refund because their company only offers store credit.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the company to fulfill my order in a timely fashion, as the company advertises. However, since I now believe this company is a scam I would prefer a complete refund on my order.

I bought an item from this company months ago and it has still not been received after 4 complaints.
I ordered a pair of $60 jeans style: Yin Yang Crops / Vintage Vegas Ã? 1 with the tracking *** on February 11th and still have not received them after almost 3 months. I purchased the jeans with a visa gift card.I have reached out to the company on 4 different occasions asking why I have not received my item and every time the company replies to me they say that I will receive tracking information within the week. They never send me the tracking info or the item.

Desired Outcome

I would like for the company to deliver me my item as soon as possible and refund me for the unprofessional customer service and lies they told me about when my product was going to be delivered.

I wish I could give zero stars. I like many others feel completely scammed by this company. I ordered jeans over a month ago. I have emailed them four times, messaged them on Instagram, and even tried messaging them on LinkedIn to try to get a status update on my order. No one has responded to me on any channel. The last thing I heard was 23 days ago saying that they're at the last step and should be shipping out within the next few business days. That clearly never happened. On top of them not delivering what I ordered, I've never been ghosted by a company before. I feel sick that they can do this to people and nothing has been done about it.

Mutes negative comments on Instagram so that buyers cannot see the realities of what they are getting into before they take your money. Also refuses to respond to any and all customer service inquiries on phone, email, Instagram, dm.

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