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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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I ordered some jeans from this company about a year and a half ago and it took SIX MONTHS to be delivered. I can't believe I thought it was a fluke. I ordered another pair December 2019 and it is now almost March 2020 and still. no. jeans. I got a notification early January that my order shipped- when I went to check, it said "cancelled by sender." This company is a complete joke

I purchased a pair of jeans from Revice on 11/23 and never received the items. ORDER: #***. I have contacted Customer Service over 10 times.
ORDER: #***
TOTAL: $53.51 USD

Desired Outcome

My Credit Card refunded

ordered 2 pairs of jeans, one pair was a pre-ordered item. On their cite, pre order was to take 2 weeks, it has been 3 and the company won't respond.
I ordered two pairs of jeans three weeks ago, only one of the jeans was a pre order item, which the website said would take a maximum of 2 weeks to ship. It has been three weeks and revice won't give me any real status update on my order. They have sent two general emails that do not reference my order number or give any actual details about the status of my specific shipment. They also won't change the estimated time it takes to make and ship their items on their website so I am one of hundreds of people falling for this scam of a company. I just want my jeans. My order # is *** and I have tried to contact revice a total of 5 times now about the status of my order, I have gotten no response and my jeans have still not shipped.

Desired Outcome

I would just like an accurate response as to when my jeans will arrive, a confirmation that I will still be receiving both pairs I ordered, and ideally I would like my jeans.

Made a purchase with Revice on 11/10/2019. I received my order sometime within the first two weeks of December and have yet to receive my exchanges.
I purchased from Revice Denim - Order #***, which cost me $111.60 for two jeans on November 10th, 2019. The Yin Yang Crops/Tokyo Wash in Size 25 and Dream Fit/XOXO in Size 26. I received my order within the first two weeks of December and neither of the jeans fit. I put in an exchange form to switch the sizing to the Yin Yangs to a Size 26 and the Dream Fit to a Size 25 (SIMPLE ENOUGH!) and received a return confirmation on December 11th, 2019. I sent back both jeans out of pocket on December 17th and based on tracking information the jeans were received by Revice HQ or Warehouse on December 23, 2019. It is now February 7th, 2020 and I have YET to receive a notification/email that my exchange was processed or that they will be sending the exchange my way. I reached out through their customer service email on January 12th, 2020 - no response. I also reached out through Instagram on January 25th, 2020 and then again on January 31st, 2020 - no response for either occasion. I WANT MY JEANS OR MY MONEY BACK!

Desired Outcome

Exchange or a full refund.

I ordered a pair of jeans from Revice's online website and never received my ordered or any kind of shipment number.
I ordered one pair of jeans from Revice's website (Order number #***) in the beginning of January, as it reached more than 2 weeks I started to get worried so I tired to call them and email them and received NO response. I even downloaded the app Arrive to track my package and it states when the order was confirmed but nothing about where it's located at the moment. As they charged me $71.21 for the pants and want a full refund or for the company to fulfill the delivery.

Desired Outcome

The resolution that I'm seeking is to first investigate whether my package is going to follow through on the order, and if not I want a full refund for what I paid for and never received!

two months to receive. was for Christmas. Don't want now. Only exchange or store credit. Want money refunded to charge card
I ordered jeans on December 9th for a Christmas gift. I received them today, February 5th. I don't want them anymore. For refunds they only give you two options, in store credit or product exchange. I want my money back via credit to my charge card. I don't want anything else from them ever. The product was number ***- Dream Fit/ Blue Division size 27. Total was $62.06.

I appreciate your help with this. Again, I want a full refund credited to my charge card

Thank you

Desired Outcome

Full refund

DO NOT order from this brand! Their website will quote you 1-2 weeks ship time.. After over a month, my jeans were delivered without any shipping notification. When they didn't fit, I sent them back for exchange. That was on 12/31.. On 1/21 I emailed asking for an ETA on the exchange and all I got back was that they were being processed for exchange.. I continued to follow up for an ETA and they went completely silent UNTIL I wrote for about the 6th time, threatening to leave a bad review on They finally wrote back and told me they could offer me a store credit to place a new order if I wanted because the exchange could still take another 3-8 WEEKS!!!!! So I should place a new order, for that to take another 1-2 months to deliver, if it even delivers or I am potentially waiting up to 3 months for an exchange?! I told them that this was insane and neither option was acceptable to me at this point and so I wanted my money back. They said sorry we don't do refunds.. I now officially disputed the charge with my bank and am hoping they'll help. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! They are constantly posting saying they are having sales, deleting any negative comments on their Instagram account yet they cannot keep up with their orders what so ever.

returned for exchange of jeans and after 90 days and 5 requests have not got any return or exchange
I originally ordered the jeans on November 2nd.
They didn't fit and I requested a return/exchange on 11/16/19.
I had requested a return and got an email confirmation (Return confirmation #***). I sent back the jeans with a note (per your instructions) on what to exchange for. your website says they are not received. I sent the tracking number #*** and they have been received on 11/29/19. See tracking: Track your package, Data provided by USPS, Tracking number *** Delivered November 29, 12:18 PM Los Angeles, CA.
12/10/19 received email from Revice that they were going to be sent out.
On 12/17/19 received another email from Revice saying allow 4-6 business days to process and yet again exchange approved-AGAIN.
Also on 12/17/19 email from *** at Revice: "Your exchange has been processed under order number *** and we will get that shipped out as soon as possible for you. "
12/31/19: Followed up by email again and got a auto email saying it was being reviewed.
01/30/20: Now 90 DAYS later still nothing. Requested if can't fulfill the order refund my full payment including tax and shipping and cost of returning the jeans . Still no reply

Desired Outcome

Refund of full price, tax, shipping and cost of shipping charges to return or full exchange with expedited shipping paid by Revice

Jeans were ordered on 12/2/19 & Revice charged my credit card that day. It is 2/3/20 and I have not received my order despite several emails to the co
*** for True Love/Checkmate Jeans was ordered on 12/2/19 for $62.39 and my *** credit card was charged that day. I have submitted several inquiries to the co about my order and get excuses or no response. It is now 2/3/20 and still have not received my order.

Desired Outcome

Refund of my money! Since I have not received my order in 2 months, I am afraid to trust the product. I don't trust the company!

Customer Response • Mar 02, 2020

I did finally receive the merchandise after more than 2 months and telling them I would demand a refund if the order was not received by the end of the week of Feb 19! However, I will never order from this company again! Thank you!

I've been waiting for four months for my order to be filled. I have contacted the support team countless times, they're so unhelpful and the situation is infuriating. I want my money back. The quality of the jeans is terrible (I've received one of my three items) and the service is worse. This has been the literal worst shopping experience of my life

I found Revice while on Pinterest and decided to order a pair of jeans 2/4/20. After ordering I realized I hadn't done any reviews on the company and panicked after seeing so many bad reviews. I thought about cancelling my order but then saw that I couldn't so I figured I'd just see how it would play out. Revice sent me 2 emails with updates on my order and also sent my shipping confirmation. I just received my jeans today 2/13/20 and I love them! I'm sorry so many people have had a bad experience, but I didn't have any issues.

It's a scam! They took my money and I never got the jeans. I have been trying to get a refund since November 24. STAY AWAY

ZERO STARS. ZERO. But it won't take zero.

I ordered jeans as a Christmas Gift on November 8th, 2019. Today is February 11th, 2020. No Jeans. I continue to get the run around. Only 3 of my 6 emails have gotten a response. Always the same BS excuse about jeans being made to order and they'll be sent as soon as possible.
It doesn't take this long to get a custom made wedding dress.
Do NOT order from this company. I'm out $70.00. Thank GOD the jeans that I ordered but will never get were half price at the time!!

Kate G

I bought 2 pairs of jeans from Revice Denim in December, it is now February and my order hasn't even shipped. I contacted the company 6 times to inquire about my order and they never responded. I filed a dispute with my credit card company, shortly after they emailed me back saying 'sorry your order is taking awhile, it will ship soon' I requested to speak with a manager or supervisor because I didn't want them to even ship my products at this point. They said 'we won't do returns only exchanges,' so I asked to speak with someone higher up again because they ignored that part of my email. They ignored me AGAIN and havent responded to that email, or 2 other emails I have sent in response to it. My credit card company gave my money back to me and the dispute was granted permanently in favor of me. Revice Denim just emailed me and stated that my order is partially shipping because one of the pair of pants is taking long so they are going to ship them later. SERIOUSLY? It's been 2 months and this is the customer service I am getting. I am glad the dispute went in my favor and there's nothing they can do to get that money back. Don't order from this company, I doubt my pants are even going to be shipped, that was the 3rd 'they're almost ready!!' order i've received so I doubt they're actually on their way here. And if they are, i'm returning them as soon as they get here, I don't care if they turn out to be good quality, these pants are way too expensive to not have received a product in 2 months.

This is a scam.....ordered two pairs of jeans on December 8th and received only one pair two months later. I have contacted this company twice, with no response. Going to file complaint with bank. Please do not give this company your business!! There are plenty of places to buy jeans.

Terrible! Took 7 weeks to get item ordered and it did not fit still waiting (over a month) for return info as there was no packing slip return information in the package. Over a dozen emails and no response! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I only gave 1 star because it would not let me give ZERO

Revice continously post new jeans on there page but they don't fulfill orders that was made since January 1st 2020. I've sent 5 emails and still no response and no jeans..
RIP OFF company 70 bucks wasted..

Trying to exchange a size, no response to my emails, no way to co tact them and no exchanged Jeans. Feel like I've been ripped off and not happy!

I returned a pair of jeans for an exchange in size 2 months ago. They have not sent me the new pair, or refunded my money. There has been little to no communication from them so I don't know where I stand. My emails go unanswered. If jeans were on backorder, they should say. Poor customer service

ordered $112 worth of product from Revice Denim and never received my jeans. I have tried to contact the business with an email, no answer. No phone #
Order number given to me through email is ***. Was told delivery would take 6-8 weeks. When order never arrived I looked for a phone number to call. There is no phone number listed. I have emailed multiple times and there has been no response. My account was charged $112.89 on November 18, 2019.

Desired Outcome

A full refund of $112.89

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