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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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I placed an order for jeans March 26, 2020. It is now May 17, 2020 and I have not heard anything about the status of my order. I was, however debited for the order. I have reached out to customer service 3x via email and have gotten no response. My concern isn't even that it's so delayed it's that I have heard nothing and it seems like I'll never get my order or any sort of explanation. I have never left a negative review for a brand before but I have never experienced anything like this. I spent $70 and have no product to show for it and no way of cancelling it or getting help from the brand. Do NOT order with them.

Such a rip off! I place an order for a pair of jeans a month ago and I still haven't received them. I've emailed them numerous times and I have yet to hear back from them. I comment on their Instagram and they seem to block all their negative comments and only keep their good ones.

was told item would take 3-4 days to process and ship.
it has now been over 2 motnhs with no product and or tracking number.

This "company" is a joke. If you look on the at there ratings and cases they are awful with the same issue (no product after months).
I am confused on how they are still selling products and why the is allowing this.

I made a purchase on 3-25-20 to revice totalling $56.60.
I was told it takes 3-4 days to process and then your products are sent out, there was no further posts about delayed times or anything.
it wasnt until AFTER purchasing I got an email that said on 3-28 stating they are working on my piece and I should have it soon.
at this point I wasnt worried as I was willing to wait up to 2 weeks even though it shouldnt take that long.

On 4-3-20 I recived a email from them saying" your revice order is almost ready" claiming it was in the third step of prouduction and should ship no longer than the 16th of april.
I contacted out letting them know I was going to file a claim and that they need to make it right and the only resposne I got was

' we are delayed you should grt a comformation in 1-2 weeks"
today is the 2nd week after that email, still nothing.
I am baffled by there service and the way they handle things.

If they want to ship things 2 months after purchasr they need to state that on there site not 3-4 days.

Iwant a full refund from this company.

Desired Outcome

full refund credited to me.

Never respond to any emails/DMS. Awful! Never buying from them again and don't even think I'm ever getting my package.

I purchased 2 pair of jeans I received 1 pair and a free t-shirt but was charged for both pair of jeans

I ordered my jeans on 4/11 it is now 5/14 and haven't heard a thing from them. I have sent countless emails and they never responded. The only thing they quite literally care about is their collaborations and sponsorships with celebrities or social influencers. Not the actual customers who purchase items from them.

I ordered 1 pair of jeans in March. They charged me for 2 items and never shipped anything. Customer service does not respond to my inquiries- (but I still receive loads of marketing emails!) Terrible experience! Do not waste your time and money! They should be shut down completely.

I ordered the venus flare on Wednesday and got them Friday so it it only took 3 days for me and I live in New Hampshire. I didn't get a shipping notification or anything else tho. I was shocked to receive them so fast after reading all the terrible reviews. I guess it's just luck for the shipping. As for the jeans themselves they were a little long (i'm 5'4) and I didn't size up or down. They are also good quality and got a cute free shirt with it as well. I ordered another pair so hopefully i'm lucky again.

I placed an order in late Januaryâ??, but never receivedâ?? shipping notification or delivery of the product. Revice has not responded to multiple attempts at contact with customer service.

Where do I even begin. I ordered a $70 pair of jeans on December 15 and did not receive them until late February. I then had to exchange them (since they don't do refunds) for 2 sizes larger since their sizes are completely different then traditional sizes. The new pants then got shipped to an address I am no longer at (due to the pandemic) without a shipping email or anything. I had no idea they were even coming. I asked them if I could change the address once they got sent back by FedEx and they said yes. I provided the new address and have not heard from them since. I confirmed with FedEx that they were sent back and they had received them. The company has not answered any emails of mine and no word on if I am receiving the new pants. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. They will steal your money.

This is the first time I have EVER taken the time to file a negative customer review.
Normally I move on and never shop with that certain company again, but this very popular and well known company scammed me. I ordered a pair of jeans back in February and on April 2nd I received a notification that these were delivered, however my package was never delivered of course. I live in a very friendly and safe apartment building and spoke with all my neighbors to see if they had receieved my package by accident or if they saw anything being delievered to my door but no one saw or received anything either. I also spoke with my leasing office and they also did not received anything but posted a flyer on their information boards throughout our complex asking if anyone received an incorrect package. I contacted local post offices to see if they were maybe holding on to my package but many said my tracking number did not even exist and yes I ordered my jeans directly from the Revice Denim website. I have tried conacting them and they have never responded or even tried contacting me back. Like many I wish I would have read their reviews before hand, save your +$75!

I sent an item for exchange on 1/2/2020. I have not received any notification of the item being received or processed and now I want a refund.
On November 11, 2019 I purchased a pair of Ex-Boyfriend / Harlow Wash jeans. (Order #***). They were a Christmas gift that did not fit. I sent in a return request that was accepted and I sent back for an exchange of a larger size on January 2, 2020. (Return Confirmation #***). After that I had not heard anything from Revice for a month. I emailed to check on the status of the return on February 4th. They confirmed that the item had been received and was being processed. Since then, I have waited an additional 7 weeks and I have not heard anything or received my exchange from Revice. At this point I am extremely disappointed with the customer service of Revice as I don't receive updates on the exchange and unless I reach out. Additionally it has been 3 months and I have not received my exchange since I shipped it back. At this point I am tired of waiting and hoping for a package to arrive so I no longer want an exchange, I would like to be refunded for my purchase. I have expressed this to Revice and they are not willing to refund me because of "company policy". I think this is ridiculous as they are now holding my exchange and my refund. I no longer want revice to have my business and I would like to help resolve this.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of the purchase price of $58.91.

Order #XXXXXX Order Dec 1, 2019. Only partial order received finally Feb 13. Still no response from REVICE. Message: website, phone, facebook, instagr
December 1, 2019 Order #XXXXXX X pair jeans. Just before Christmas got an email saying order was in final stages of embroidery so I expected them before the new year.

When they didn't come I called them only to have a constant full voicemail. I sent multiple messages via their website only with no response.

I finally late January filed a dispute with my Visa bank who reversed the charge.

Only then did I get an email a week later saying order was going to be shipped. I had previously told them I was disputing charge and order should be CANCELLED.

The jeans missing from the order are the Mon Amour Crops / Sugar Wash 26.

They have produced a FEDEX receipt to the VISA company showing I revieved package so VISA is now charging me FULL AMOUNT.


Mon Amour Crops / Sugar Wash 26.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a refund for non-delivered item in the amount of: $56.40 Mon Amour Crops / Sugar Wash 26 -4.60 Credit for discount (8PNOW) $51.80 Total REFUND

Wish I read these reviews first. Placed an order on 1/14/2020 for the True Love / Checkmate style, its a half grey half white cigarette pant- site claimed to order a size up so I did! I'm normally a size 8/28 so I ordered a 30 because a 31/32 is ALWAYS falling off me. (Tbc)
Received an auto generated update on the jeans, was pleasantly surprised after a week I was being told in 7 days they should be done and shipped!


I received very little help when emailing, I emailed them SEVEN WEEKS after the update and asked for a shipping notification. I was told it's a preorder and we're behind on orders- still I'm a reasonable human and they seemed like a small business so I was like 'okay chill, cool! I'll wait a bit longer. No problem whatsoever.'

We have problems, big ones.
Package didn't arrive until a couple days ago (today is March 30th, 2020). I NEVER got a shipping notification or an update they'd shipped.

The jeans are beautiful, admittedly. But these jeans are so tiny. It advised to size up one size- I don't even know of my SIZE EIGHT WAIST will fit in a 32 at this point! Their return policy is GARBAGE for how much you pay for these jeans. Honestly, I'll end up selling them myself, and making my own pair. It's not hard to thrift grey jeans and bleach half of them white. Should have done that in the first place.

I have bought three things from Revice in the course of about 2 years and each pair took over four months to arrive. They have this 30% off sale on their website almost 24/7, making you think you're getting a good deal on their products, but it's really just a way to lure you in. Their jeans are expensive as ***, but worth it when you ACTUALLY receive them, lol. The quality of the products are top notch, but the fact that it takes four months to receive something is kind of ridiculous... Also from personal experience, returning/exchanging takes over two months, SO FAR.. For example, I bought a pair of jeans in the beginning of September 2019 and received them in January of 2020. I had to end up exchanging that pair because their sizes unfortunately do not stay consistent whatsoever (but when you get lucky with the right size, they fit great). They make you pay for shipping to return/exchange which is $11 for me (I live in Redondo Beach, CA, so not far from LA where Revice is based), and they do not allow refunds - only store credit, to THEN buy another pair of jeans that will take another four months to be delivered. Every single email I have ever received from them is always the same copy and paste message, even if my email was not concerning something such as the status of my order, status of my return, basic inquiries like that. So I then submitted that exchange request and shipped my order back in mid January, emailed them my exchange order number, and tracking info for my package, and they emailed back saying it would take 1-2 weeks, ONE TO TWO weeks, for them to start processing my exchange. It is now the end of March and I have still not received that confirmation. As of now, this exchange process is over two months, so it'll probably turn into another over four month delivery. So not surprising.
Overall, the three stars for this review comes straight from their products, and not from their brand as a whole. I really love their jeans, they are all extremely cute, trendy, and high quality, but the turnaround time is absolutely ridiculous along with horrible customer service that is completely impersonal. If you want some super cute jeans, definitely consider them, but only if you have about six months to wait for them.

Let me start off by saying that I work in the fashion industry and my specialty is premium denim. I had not heard of this brand but I wanted to give them a try since they claim that their denim is from the Italian mill "Candiani Denim" which many premium denim brands use.
I know that the denim process is long and requires a lot of steps- from dry finish, to wet finish, to embroidery. Knowing all this, I was willing to wait 2 weeks for the "pre-order" style. Two weeks passed *** I still was patiently waiting.
Around when they were supposed to have sent my jeans, they sent an email saying "As of right now, your denim is in the 3rd step of our production process: embroidery. Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread. This process can take anywhere from 3-4 business days depending on the intricacy of the style. After your denim leaves embroidery, it'll go to our washhouse (3-7 business days), finishings (24-48 hours), and then our warehouse." This would be fine except for one thing: the style I ordered had NO EMBROIDERY on it. Why would it need to go through the "embroidery" process if there is no embroidery on the style?
Still, rather naively, I waited. TWO MONTHS LATER and I still did not receive a shipping confirmation email (but I had gotten about 20 marketing emails from them in the meantime). I had to file a complaint with my bank in order to get my money back because it was VERY apparent that this company had NO intention of shipping my items.
This brand may very well be legitimate and may just not have capacity to fulfill so many orders. If that is the case, they should say so and not try to hide behind the guise that they are still working on it. I'm sure that people would be a lot more forgiving if they were upfront and honest.

never received my exchange
I ordered a pair of jeans from them that are 60.00 and when I ordered them I accidentally clicked the wrong size and emailed them about it and they never fixed it, then I received the jeans and shipped them back out for an exchange immediately and this happened in the beginning of feburary, well I have emailed them NUMEROUS times and have only heard that they received my exchange and this happened two weeks ago and agian still haven't heard anything. their customer service is awful

Desired Outcome

i would like either a refund or my jeans i ordered over a month ago

I ordered two pairs of jeans back in December without reading any of these reviews. Once my order was placed, I began freaking out, thinking I would never receive my jeans and the money would be wasted. To reassure myself, I would just email the team every now and then, checking on my order. Several girls responded to me and each were kind and explained to me that it does take long because each pair of jeans is handmade. Sure enough, I received my jeans after maybe 4-5 weeks and they are PERFECT. One is a bit too small but I plan on exchanging for smaller size. The second pair fits fabulous and they're super comfy. I was so satisfied with REVICE. I definitely plan on ordering some more styles from them again! PS, I live all the way in Miami, so I REALLY didn't think I'd get the jeans once I read girls that lived local to REVICE still hadn't received them.

Exchange problem/lack of contact.
I went to do an exchange for an item that I bought for Christmas. sent it in and it arrived on 1/16, emailed them 2/13 and still no response about item. I went on their social media account to post a comment about how they haven't gotten any of my items back and they then went and blocked me. These items were not cheap at all and they were meant for my fiancé.

Desired Outcome

I need my exchange as requested before or at least my money back in return from the lack of customer service.

They don't respond to you're emails and I've been waiting months for my jeans. They also lied about the progress of them and lied about shipping them.
I ordered these jeans 1/6/2020 it is now 2/25/2020 and I still have not heard about an update on my jeans order number #XXXXXX. I have emailed them at least 50 times and they won't respond to 3/4 of them. They told me my package was sent out but had to return to sender which I already knew was a lie but I asked for my tracking number from when that happened and have not heard from them in weeks. It's very upsetting because I already know when and if they deliver they won't fit, everyone has returned their jeans back to them. They are so un professional that they cc'd me on an email with another angry customer who has had the same problem.

Desired Outcome

I really do not want these jeans anymore unless I do get them in a timely manner and they change the sizing because I know that they haven't been accurate on sizing. I would prefer for a refund I do not want to go through this again.

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