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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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I purchased a pair of jeans 9/3, and asked to exchange that item my process was accepted I mailed back the jeans 10/12. I have yet so receive my order
I purchased a pair of jeans on September 03, 2019 the total cost of my purchase was $75.11. I was unsatisfied with my purchase and requested to exchange my pair of jeans on October 08, 2019. The request was approved and so I mailed my jeans, along with the correct size, and style of the pants I wanted on October 12, 2019.
I did not hear back from Revice until I reached out to them asking them about my exchange status. On November 4th (two weeks after I sent out the pants) Revice responded to my email, saying they received my jeans, and asked what I wanted to exchange them for. I sent them the style and size, and they said they would notify me when they were going to mail out my request.
It is now November 12, and I have still not received any further notice about my exchange order. I emailed them once again today (November 12) and now they responded saying "I truly apologize but we are not able to issue cancellations/ refunds, as stated on our website. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience, but we do just have to abide by the policy. I would only be able to process store credit or exchange."

This reply is confusing, according to them they had already processed my refund. I need support in speaking to someone that is in charge and actually knows what is going on. I keep getting different responses.

The person I have been corresponding with is ***, and that person has not been consistent at all.

Desired Outcome

I have been waiting over 30 business days for my exchange and I want my order to be expedited so it can arrive as soon as possible.

I guess I am lucky? Mine came in literally in two weeks. I ordered a jeans on October 27, and received it on November 12. The jeans came in high quality, although a little bit too big for me especially on the legs part (not the waist). I recommend sizing down from your regular size. So at first, I ordered the jeans (THE WEBSITE SEEMS LEGIT AS WELL) without looking for any review, so once I read the reviews (after I bought it) I was pretty skeptical and had low expectations of the product actually coming. I actually emailed to cancel my purchase, but they did not allow it (they replied fast). So in my mind, I thought I was scammed. I WAS SO SAD because it is an expensive jeans and I really want to wear it on my Thanksgiving trip. But hey, it came. Also, Revice did not communicate shipping times or progress, it just somehow arrived at my door. But I didn't really mind that. ANYWAY, I LOVE THE JEANS. It was high-quality jeans and definitely worth the price! Revice is definitely not a scam company. I think it's just a small company dealing with large demand.

It's been three months since I've placed my order and Revice keeps telling me my *** purchase is "on the way".
Returned my original order (#XXXXX; 07/18) as one of the pair was defective and the other arrived well after the first pair. My return was processed and received a GC per their return policy with no regard to my complaint of a defective item *** on 8/12 and the exchange was made on 08/17 (#XXXXX). I have had correspondence with their customer service department with generous gaps between each complaint and have been promised shipment on several occasions. It's been three months and I my order is STILL INCOMPLETE. This is the absolute WORST customer service I've EVER received. I'm irate.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund for the entire purchase as the cheap shirts were no consolation for the amount of time and effort I've had to put in to defend myself against this poorly operated company. I won't accept store credit for reasons that I hope are obvious at this point and will not accept the fulfillment of the order as I refuse to wear your brand. I will exhaust all efforts until financial reconciliation is reached and restitution is satisfied.

In short, REVICE Denim is a scam. After months of not receiving my order, or any response to my inquiries, I finally filed a transaction dispute with PayPal. After this I finally had my order shipped to me. Once I received my order, I inspected the jeans to find that the website description was completely inaccurate stating the jeans were 100% cotton online while the garment tag stated they were 97% cotton and 3% elastic.
The store policy's on the REVICE website state that each order will be shipped with a return label, my order did not come with one, so I again contacted customer service to obtain a return shipping label due to the false advertising, only to again never receive a response. This is a dishonest establishment that should not be allowed to operate any longer and due to the number of complaints I can not believe they are still in business.

I ordered two pairs of jean shorts in early September and received them about a month later in early October. Revice did not communicate shipping times or progress well, and at the time I would probably not have ordered the shorts if I knew they would take a month to arrive. I received an email about two weeks after my order saying my jeans were in the final step of the manufacturing process (hand embroidery) and would be shipped soon. Two weeks after that they showed up at my door (no tracking was given). The jean shorts were incredibly high quality and well made. I was blown away by how nice they were - they are the best pair of jeans I have ever owned, even better than Levi's. Overall, the company needs to improve their communication but I stand by their product.

Paid for jeans 4 months ago that were never mailed with no refund.
I ordered jeans 4 months ago and they refuse to send them or refund my money. I have contacted them countless times and they only apologize for delay but refuse a refund. They only say I can receive an exchange and I do not want an exchange as this is theft! They have stolen my money without fulfilling their end of the deal and this is terrible business practice.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund for the denim I purchased.

This is a terrible company to deal with, would not recommend them to anyone. They shipped jeans but did not and will not confirm shipment, making it impossible to return/exchange. They are terrible communicating with. Never again. Would give 0 stars if possible.

Bought 3 items on 9/19. Items state on webpage 1-2 weeks to ship. Items did not ship for a month. Received horrible quality items. Costs $$$ to return
I purchased 2 pairs of pants on 9/19 and just received them today. One of the pairs I purchased was on preorder for 1-2 weeks. I was aware of this prior to purchasing. I received 2 emails while the pants were being made updating me on the production process. After 3 weeks I had not heard anything and reached out to see if they had been shipped, yet. After waiting for 2 days they finally replied to me saying that they were still in production. That was the last I heard from them 2 weeks ago and then on Monday my delivery manager courtesy of *** informed me I had a package coming in. *** never sent me a shipping confirmation or reached out letting me know they were done etc. After waiting for over a month the pants finally arrived. I got a free shirt, which was nice (pic included) but I wouldn't say it's anything fantastic. You can barely see that it says Revice on it, not a huge deal, like I said the shirt was free but it would be nice if you could tell the brand since that's like the whole point of it. The Venus Crops (star *** pants) fit great, looked great, all around very happy with those pants. The stitching seems nice and I can tell they will last a while. However when I went to try them on, the size tag that is supposed to be attached to the pants by sowing... fell off.. and it appears that it was cut off based on the extra fabric that was still attached to the pants. The same goes for the other jeans, the size tag just cut in half.. very odd. The Yin Yang crops (dual toned pants) are absolutely a huge disappointment. These were the preorder pants I had been waiting on for a whole month. These were the pants that had to be "made to order" and the fit is horrible. Both pants are in the same side and these look and feel like 2 sizes bigger than the other pants. The thing that upsets me the most about the Dual toned pants is each pant leg is a different length!!!!! I paid *** for 1 pair of jeans and the pant legs aren't even close to the same length. It's a noticeable inch and a half difference. The zipper is also so cheap & would definitely break off if tugged too hard. The worst part about this experience car is that to exchange the pants you have to pay for return postage there AND BACK! I've already paid *** for the pants that were sent to me in poor condition! It's not even worth it to ask for a refund, let alone other reviews I have seen saying it is a huge ordeal to return or exchange items. You buy them not knowing if they will fit only to be robbed by having to pay to get the correct fit and on top of that if they sent you pants that have 2 different length legs you have to pay to have the mistake corrected!!

Desired Outcome

I want a pair of the yin yang crops I purchased in a 25 that have the correct length pant legs. I shouldn't have to pay postage there and back to have a mistake corrected that could have easily been fixed by checking the pants in a quality control check... like every business should have. Also please revise your customer service department and line production. You have so many people marketing for you on Instagram so why can't you have the same effort put into the part of the production that ACTUALLY MATTERS!

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!! I ordered jeans, they were the wrong size (this was at least 4 months ago) I sent for an exchange 2 months ago, still no jeans.... turns out they shipped them to a completely different state!!! Not even sure how they got this address, customer service is 0 help and nobody will respond, now I'm out 80.00 and NO JEANS. AWFUL customer service and takes 2 months to even get the jeans.....

I did not receive everything I ordered. When I reached out to the company they were not helpful and stopped responding.
I ordered a pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts and it took over a month to receive my package. When it arrived, only the shorts were inside. This business has no phone number to contact, so I emailed them. They responded saying that the jeans were delayed. No one notified me of this and the jeans are listed as delivered on the tracking site. I responded to their email expressing my dissatisfaction and asking how I track my other item now that the site says it was delivered but they never responded.

Desired Outcome

I emailed them requesting to receive my item in the next two weeks on 10/8 and if I do not receive it I am going to cancel my payment.

There whole website is false advertisement claiming if you order was not on pre order that it was take a maximum of 10 days I have now been waiting for almost a month and still have not received my order or even a shipment date. when I contacted customer service they told my every pair is hand made and that's why is takes a while but if the company new that they should have put it on the website. they also told me that one of the sizing were off and that caused another delay. this company has been messing up left and right yet the customer is the one who is dealing with the consequences.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE! I am honestly not even convinced that this site isn't just a scam and that they take your money and never intend to give you what you ordered. I ordered jeans MONTHS ago and still haven't seen them, I have sent emails to customer service and always get promises that the jeans will come in and random updates that are contradictory to what I hear from customer service (your jeans are being "embroidered" or "there was an issue in sizing after the washing process" months after the jeans were apparently completed and waiting in the warehouse). Do not throw away your money by buying from this site the chances of you ever seeing your order is slim to none. Their customer service is awful and I honestly have no idea how they're still in business taking people's money.

refund policy states store credit only if you are returning. They were out of stock of an item and only gave me store credit
I ordered two items online on 9/19/19. After a few weeks passed *** there was no notification of shipment. I reached out via email 10/2/19 to check status and received a response that one of the items was not being made anymore. She stated she can give me a refund with a little extra because there was an issue and I wasn't notified.

I receive an email stating that I have store credit so I emailed back stating I wanted a refund back to my card. The rep also mentioned she would give a little extra but I was given store credit of the exact amount of what wasn't in stock $ *** USD.

I feel I should be refunded my money back (not store credit) because they didnt have the item I wanted. Their policy states: We accept returns within 30 days of delivery for store credit only. We only accept ONE return/per item/ per customer.

The items must be in new condition, with tags attached, and in original packaging. Customers will be responsible for return shipping costs. Once we receive your return, a code will be issued via email, along with instructions. This code may be used towards the purchase of any available items.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of *** to my account not store credit.

This business is a SCAM. The first time I ordered from Revice, I ordered a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts. The jeans came in about two months, but the shorts didn't come for a solid 6 months. I had completely forgotten about them until they arrived at my front door. I made my second order from them over a month ago on September 4th, 2019. I received an email that they shipped about 2 1/2 weeks ago. No jeans. So, I emailed them yesterday and received a response asking for another 1-2 weeks to "finish up my style". I ordered my style over a month ago. If it takes them over a month to produce a pair of jeans, and in some customers' cases more than that, why aren't they advertising that? I then decided to read reviews on Twitter, Instagram, and I found countless tweets complaining about shipping, but their Instagram page conveniently had no comments complaining about service. I find it very hard to believe that no one is commenting with questions about their integrity. The whole business just seems extremely shady. The website does not specify anywhere that all jeans are made to order, which is crucially misleading. This business is an absolute scam and continues to rip off their customers by charging them for overpriced, cheap denim that may never come. Do not buy from them.

AWFUL I SPENT $193 for three jeans in JANUARY 2019!!! I returned to to them for an exchange.... it is OCTOBER 2019.... 10 months later and I have NOT BEEN REFUNDED.... and they have not sent the jeans
I have been emailing them for months, wasting my time trying to contact them. THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE (an email account) has responded with automated messages. THEY HAVE ESSENTIALLY STOLEN MY MONEY- AWFUL COMPANY. AWFUL SERVICE.... no one buy from them.

Not the way you treat someone... I can't even call to ask for my money back. Pretty sure they just have an email so they get away with this FRAUD!!!!

I wish 0 stars can be left. No where on the site does it state all jeans are made to order. But once you reach out after weeks of no shipping, that is the excuse they give. When you ask for the order to be cancelled , they state that you can only receive store credit (or exchange) for an item that was never received. The customer service is horrible. Many many many customers had to wait months for their items, or never receive them at all. I wish I would have thoroughly checked the IG comments and reviews before purchasing. I was just so excited to find cool jeans as I will be out of town and wanted to wear pants. Now I wasted all this money and am unable to purchase new good quality denim from another brand. I hope the takes these countless complaints serious. This company should be shut down until they learn how to properly run a business. This is not okay and all.

Ordered product and 2 weeks later still have not received confirmation it's even been shipped when it states it takes 3-5 to ship.
Placed an order for jeans on 9/14. Since I have tried to contact the company only to receive automatic responses. There is no phone number or any other method to contact the company only via email and only to get a auto response back. The order I placed still has still not been shipped and you cannot cancel the order even 2 weeks after and it still being "processed". The biggest issue I have with this company is the fact you cannot contact anyone to understand what is going on with the order you've placed.

Desired Outcome

I would like someone to contact me and give me an actual timeframe of when my order would be sent and received. I ordered this item for an event that is tomorrow and will not have them in time.

Customer Response • Oct 15, 2019

They told me there was a mistake in their sizing with the company. They told me they could not cancel or refund my order even though it doesn't even sound like it's been placed. It's now been over a month.

I ordered a single pair of shorts on July 29. The shipping website claimed that my shorts had shipped on August 27th with no further updates after that. It is now September 23rd, and I have yet to receive my shorts. I am severely disappointed in the long wait for a pair of shorts I was hoping to have for events at the end of the summer. I have reached out to them three times asking where my package is and have been met with empty promises that it will get to me eventually. THIS COMPANY IS A LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN

I ordered from this company on 7/20/19 and as of 9/10/19, my order has not even shipped. Company has not stated when I can expect order, if at all.
On July 20th, 2019 I placed my order (#XXXXX) which consisted of the side chick/blue horizon *** 90's baby/joey wash *** Malibu cutoffs/zuma wash *** and uptown/stardust jeans *** I received the side chick/blue horizon jean shorts that I ordered approximately three weeks later; however, two months later the rest of my order has yet to ship. After speaking to ***, back and forth for a month there have been no details regarding when I can actually expect my order, no offers to cancel the order, refund, receive a discount on future orders, etc. In total I paid this company *** including tax. I paid them with a Discover credit card and filed a partial dispute for the total charge since I have not received my order and do not know if I ever will.

Desired Outcome

I would like my money back for the 3/4 of my order I did not receive.

I wish I could give it zero stars. Sadly, the sizing is all wrong and the team refuses to give refunds even when it's an error on their part. I ordered a size 27. They looked quite small when o received them. I measured them myself and turns our they are measuring as a size 24. I reached out to the team to receive a refund-as this error is fully theirs- But was refused a refund. Thoroughly disappointed. Their prices are quite high and the quality of service is terrible. Do not purchase from them!

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