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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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I was charged about $170.00 and have not received product. No response to inquiries since December. They stole.
on Dec 4 and 11 I tried to order jeans. I did not receive order confirmation for Dec 4 but was charged over $100.00. I have reached out to their customer service email several times without response. On Dec 11 or ordered just a pair of jeans. I did get a confirmation number but have not yet received the order. I have reached out several times with no reply. I've also tried to call them but they don't answer and the email box is full. They took my money, did not send my anything and they won't reply to their customer service box.

Desired Outcome

I would like my money back.

Placed an order for jeans on 11/23/19. My credit card was charged for the purchases. As of 1/25/20 I still have not received order.Emails unanswered.
Placed an order for 2 pairs of jeans on 1/23/19. Order #***. My credit card was immediately charged $112.80. Several emails have been exchanged over the last 2 months....usually ending with "we are shipping now" and then giving me a tracking number that never is picked up for delivery. Currently my emails go unanswered. It has been over 2 months and I have never received my order that I have been charged for....when I asked to just have my credit card credited for the products I never received, I was told in an email that they don't do returns...They can give me store credit. At this point, I would hope to actually receive what I ordered or credit card refunded $112.80.

Desired Outcome

Delivery of my order or credit card refunded $112.80

Order and payment processed by Revice Denim on 12/15/19. Order has not been received. Revice Denim will not provide status of order, nor refund.
ORDER #***
Ex-Boyfriend / Harlow Wash jeans, size 26

I placed an order with Revice Denim on December 15, 2019. Revice Denim processed payment when my order was placed. Shipping confirmation for this order has never been received.

After numerous attempts to obtain status of order, Revice Denim replies with an automated message from *** (Revice Denim), ***. The message states, "I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and delay in receiving your order! We have a high demand for REVICE right now and we are experiencing a delay in shipments, but are working hard to get everything sent out as quickly as possible. Please allow 1-2 weeks, or sooner, as production finishes up this style. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive a confirmation via email! :)

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


I requested my order be cancelled and a full refund issued. The response from *** with Revice Denim stated that refunds cannot be issued. Only credits or exchanges are provided. I responded that if I could not cancel my order and be provided a full refund, to please let me know when to expect delivery of my order. No response has been provided.

Desired Outcome

The order to be cancelled and a full refund of $67.73 be provided.

Customer Response • Mar 02, 2020

Item has finally been received by Revice Denim.

jeans are way too small and I ordered the largest size. No one will respond to the emails I sent. I want a full refund.
As soon as I received the jeans that I had ordered from this company I could tell that they were SIZES too small. they are a 32 which is the largest size this company makes. Some 32's fit better than others but they ALWAYS fit me. I could not pull these jeans up past my hips. I even had a friend whom is a size smaller than me try them on and she too couldn't pull them past her lower hip. I immediately emailed the company and explained my problem, I even followed up with a second email with a picture of an exact same style jean that I already owned with theirs on top showing how much smaller theirs were. After no response I emailed this past Sunday on 1/26/2020 stating I would like a full refund and NOT a store credit since clearly I cannot fit into their jeans. As of yesterday still no response and no phone number is listed on their website so I simply returned the jeans to them via FedEx tracking #*** set to deliver 1/29/2020 by 10:30am PST. I used the address listed on their packing slip of ***. I just want my money back. I can't fit into their clothes and I am extremely upset that NO ONE has bothered to contact me.

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund asap.

I received an incorrect item and have tried getting in contact with the company for three weeks and have received nothing in return.
Order ***
Item name: Dream Fit/Blue Division
ordered on October 20,2019 received on December 20,2019. Filed a complaint December 20, 2019 and did not hear from them. Sent another email on January 11,2020 and still have not heard back.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund on my item as it takes the company two months to send out their items and I even got the incorrect item.

Refund/exchange never processed. I sent jeans back asking for exchange on 12/30. It is 1/26 and have not received exchange, nor communication
On 12/01/2019, I purchased a pair of jeans from Revice to give to my daughter for Christmas (order #***). They were too small so, on 12/25/2019, I contacted them via email to set up an exchange. They instructed me to mail back the pair with exchange details and as soon as it was processed (2-3 days after it arrived at their shop) they would contact me via email. I USPS mailed the jeans back (I have the receipt) on 12/30/2019. I have not heard a thing. No email. No exchange. No refund. No nothing. I have sent two follow-up emails. Silence. Please help.

Desired Outcome

I would like to be refunded the cost of the jeans: $58.80.

Returned jeans for exchange or refund Jan. 3rd.They sent me the wrong item and size doesn't fit. Sent emails, but no reponse. Voicemail box full.
I ordered jeans for Christmas gift on Nov. 9th. Email reply said I would recieve jeans by Dec. 13th. Did not receive. Sent email on Dec. 18th asking for delivery date and if it would not be here by Christmas to refund me.No response. On Dec. 23rd received wrong jeans. Returned jeans on Jan. 3rd for correct ordered jeans and different size, or refund. No response by email. Got their phone number off, but voicemailbox to full to take message. There has been no correspondence from Revice at all. Order #***. Return # ***.

Email confirmation of order below:

Thank you for your purchase!

Order #***
Thank you ***!

Please note: If you have placed an order for a pre-order item, please allow extra time for the order to be fulfilled.
Estimated shipping dates are listed in the product descriptions. Your package will ship as soon as the product arrives to our warehouse. Once your package ships you will receive an email with tracking information for you to follow it's journey. We offer returns and exchanges within a 30 day window. The 30 days begin the day your receive your items. We do NOT offer returns or exchanges on international orders.
Order updates

Past step:
November 9

Past step:
On its way
December 23

Past step:
Out for delivery
December 23

Current step:
December 23

Your shipment has been delivered
Your shipment has been delivered to the address you provided. If you haven't received it, or if you have any other problems, please contact us.

Re-order the same items
FedEx tracking number:
Order updates
You'll get shipping and delivery updates by email.

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Need help? Contact us
Refund policy

Cost summary
$ 56.40
$ 5.99
USD $ 62.39

Return confirmation copied from email below:

Return confirmation #***


Desired Outcome

I would like original order, size 29 or refund.

It has been two months since I ordered from this website and have not received my order.
I ordered three pairs of jeans on the 5th and 7th of December 2019. On December 17th, they confirmed it would take a maximum of 11 business days for the jeans to ship. They still have not arrived. I have sent 4 emails and got one reply to which they promised to send the jeans in maximum one week and a half. It has been two weeks since I received that email and nothing. I have tried contacting them through social media and they ignore my comments and others that mention missing orders.

Desired Outcome

I do not want store credit and at this point, I do not even need their products. I want a full refund transferred back to my account. I do not intend to order anything from this fraud website.

I placed an order on 12/21 and still have not received the item, even though I was charged for the item at time of order.
I placed an order (Order #***) on 12/21 and still have not received the item. I also tried to contact them via email, and the email address came back as not valid. I have reached out to them via their website, and have not heard back.

I paid via my credit union debit card and they have informed me that I will be able to dispute my charge, but I would really like to receive the product ordered, as it is a gift.

Desired Outcome

I want to receive the product ordered

Customer Response • Feb 14, 2020

I finally revived my product yesterday. Thank you

I placed an order for a pair of jeans on 12/6/19 and have not received the jeans or any update regarding the status of the order.
I placed an order (order number 107047) for a pair of jeans on 12/6/19. I have been given no information regarding the status of the order. I've reached out to the customer service asking for an update four times and was only responded to one time, stating that the order is being processed. I responded asking for a refund but again, no one responded. I don't believe the order will actually come the store has stolen $65 from me.

Desired Outcome

Either the jeans I ordered or a full refund.

Ordered jeans 11-19. Have not received jeans and the company will not respond to my inquiries. I was charged in full upon ordering
I ordered jeans in November 2019 as my daughter asked for them for Christmas. I never got an order number or acknowledgement , the only correspondence I ever got was an email dated 12-12-19 that my order was in the final stages and I would get further information when shipped. There is no customer service number , just a form you can submit which has never been answered. They continue to list on their Instagram page so I am continually asking for the status both my commenting and direct message. No response. I would like my money back at this point.

Desired Outcome

Refund because merchandise never received.

Multiple attempts to contact customer service to obtain the mailing address for an exchange resulting in non-response by Revice staff.
Purchased 6 pairs of jeans for a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the incorrect size was ordered. Multiple attempts were made via email to obtain the return mailing address. The most recent email, sent on 01/10/20. Revice responded the same day providing instruction to request an exchange through their website. I have completed this step three times since 12/27/19. No response was received. I then sent another email to *** on 01/11/20 requesting the mailing address and an invoice to cover an additional sales tax and delivery charges to mail the exchanged jeans directly to my daughter. As of 01/18/20 I have not received a response from *** or their Returns Center.

Also I attempted to contact Revice by telephone (***) twice weekly from 12/27/19-01/17/20; however, the voicemail remains full.

Order *** created on 10/11/19 $383.60
Exchange size 26 for size 24
Dream Fit XOXO
Ex-Boyfriend Player One
Uptown Stardust Exchange
Uptown Hello Lover Old Stone-wash Exchange
Ex-Boyfriend Tommy wash
Exchange size 26 for size 23
The Westside Exchange

Desired Outcome

When my order was originally placed it took over two months to receive all six pairs of jeans. My desired resolution would be an accurate description of the production time for any jeans, detailed instructions to include the return mailing address clearly displayed on the website, more than one outlet to reach Customer Service, and timely response to all customer inquires.

On 12/4/19 I purchased a pair of jeans and a top. I contacted Revice denim for a refund. The top was poorly sewn and I never received the jeans.
To whom it may concern:


On 12/4/19, I purchased a pair of True Romance / Valentine Wash Jeans and True Romance Denim Top. I received the denim top and discovered that it was child sized. The True Romance Denim Top is not sized to fit an adult as falsely advertised on the Device Denim website. The top contained loose threads on the ties and unfinished armhole seams. I NEVER received the True Romance Jeans. I contacted Revice regarding a full refund for the defective top and a full refund for the jeans that I never received. Revice representative, "***" provided the following response:

"Hi ***!

I truly apologize but we are not able to issue cancellations/ refunds, as stated on our website. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience, but we do just have to abide by the policy. I would only be able to process store credit or exchange.

I understand if you are not happy with the style or fit and you are welcome to return it! Please use our RETURNS CENTER at the bottom of our website to request an exchange/store credit. Once the return is accepted and approved, you'll receive a confirmation via email.

Once accepted, please make sure your order number, name, and shipping address are included inside the return! Customers are responsible for the cost of returns.

If you're making an exchange, don't forget to include the exchange style/size you wish to receive! Otherwise, you will be issued a store credit.

Once we receive the return, please allow 1-2 weeks for our Returns Department to process the exchange/store credit! You will receive another confirmation email once processed.

If you are getting an exchange, please be aware that ALL items are made to order and it can take a few weeks for the orders to be fulfilled. Please check our website for the estimated ship date in the item's description.

Please, email me back the return tracking number from the carrier you used to send the package back to us, so I can speed the process for you!

For more information, please see link here:


Please assist me with securing a full refund for the defective True Romance denim top whose sizing was falsely advertised on the Revice Denim website and a full refund for the True Romance/Valentine jeans which I NEVER received.

Thank you for your time and attention towards this matter.

Faithfully yours,

Fraud victim

Desired Outcome

May I please received a full refund in the amount of $106.91 which was paid for serviced that have not been rendered.

One star is too much but there's no option for -10.
Same sad story as everyone else here. Ordered two pairs of jeans on 12.16. One arrived in early Jan 2020 and the other is in the wind. The last correspondence I received was on 12/30. The usual bull.. ."your order is almost ready... last finishing touches,... shipping soon.." blah blah. Straight up lies.
I'm going to follow the advice of others here and talk to my bank.
Then I am going to find as many review sites as I can online and give these guys 0 stars. Good luck people.

I never take the time to write reviews, but I will for this company because I think they deserve it. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. It has been almost 3 months since I ordered from them and I have still received nothing. Since the jeans are "handmade" or whatever I expected them to take a little longer but not three months long. This company is a scam and I'm not sure why/how they are still up and running. I have emailed the customer service team a million times and heard nothing back. Save your time and money and don't purchase things from this terrible brand.

Dealing with Revice Denim has been a nightmare. I ordered one pair of jeans back on December 2nd (57 days ago!) and I still have not received my order. They did send me the wrong pair of jeans (wrong size and wrong style) which I returned and sent them a picture of which they requested. They have never sent me the correct ones. I have asked for a full refund or for my jeans to be shipped immediately but I am now getting no replies to my emails. There is no phone number to call and they do not respond to my emails. They claim they will respond to you in 72 hours but that is a total lie. They claim most orders ship in 2-4 days but it is clear that this is a lie too. Do not ever order from this company. It is a time sucker to have to try and deal with them or resolve a problem. I give this company zero stars!

I have never left a review but this company is a complete scam. They continuously tell me that they are "carefully handcrafting" the pair of jeans. I ordered a pair for my girlfriend the first week of December and have received the same exact email three times. What are they carefully handcrafting? All I picked was a size. I hope their website is taken down to prevent further purchases. Do not buy from this company.

Never received order
Ordered expensive jeans for my daughter as Christmas gift on 12/13. Received email on 12/17 indicating they are working on order, received anohter email 12/23 indicating order is almost ready. As of today, 1/13, I have emailed them on 1/06 and tried to call but their phone message center is full and I cannot leave a message, however I did leave a SMS. I have not received a message regarding my concerns, nor have I received a ship date. My order number is #***
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Desired Outcome

Please send refund for my order of 73.60

Item order and paid for but never received. Emails and inquiries never answered.

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. Wish I could give 0 stars. I ordered one pair of jeans on December 20, 2019. I got one email on 12/24/19 saying that my order is "almost ready" and that it would take max of January 15,2020 to get here. I sent an email a week ago asking about where my shipment is and yet no response still. I should've listened to all the people that posted their same issues online. I'm just hoping at this point the jeans come before the end of February (over two months for them to get it shipped) before it gets too hot to even wear them? And I hope I even get the right jeans which also seems to be a problem with this company.

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