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Revice Denim

Calabasas, Calabasas, California, United States, 91302

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I wish I had looked at before ordering jeans, but I never thought I'd need to do that for a relatively small, and local company. A friend of mine had such a cute pair of jeans on one day so I had to know who made them. I waited months to make a purchase, as they are not cheap. I ordered a pair of Venus Flares, Orbit White during their Memorial Day Sale. I received an email immediately, thanking me for purchase. No follow up email was sent with shipping info. I received jeans on June 4th. They were very cute and seemed well made, however, there were two small rust stains on white jeans! Since the 26 was also skin tight, I decided to complain about stains and also get a size up. I couldn't find a telephone number anywhere to call support! I had to leave email and got an automated reply immediately and a real person (I think) the next day. I sent pictures of the stains and discussed that I wanted a larger size anyways. This is where it goes down hill. They sent a shipping label to sent in return. After I did that, I heard nothing. I gave them time, then sent another email on July 11th asking what the deal was, since I still had not received a pair of replacement jeans. I was told on July 12th, that they had just processed the return order that day! Over a month had gone by. I was told a tracking number would be sent out shortly. Then I heard NOTHING again. I emailed again on July 25th to check on status. I was told "sorry for the delay" (it had been 2 months by this time since I first ordered jeans) and that a new pair would go out the following week. I asked to have them expedite shipping and they conveniently didn't address the request in email. On July 26th, I checked in again on shipping and was just then told that they were waiting for a batch of Venus Flares to be finished and now they should be finished in a week and a half. Then... nothing! I didn't receive my new jeans until AUGUST 20th! Okay, thank you sweet baby ***. They fit great, looked great... but wait. I tried pulling up and realized two belt loops were missing. I looked them over and their label/logo patch on back is not there either. Another, more defective pair after waiting over 3 months. I have pics and email out to them again, but they want me to send back bad pair before they say they are going to send me another pair. Their emails always end with "XO" which at this point I find super condescending and gross. I am waiting to see if they actually step up and just send me a good pair quickly without me going through the trouble of sending back another faulty pair. Absolute worst customer service and I am a VERY patient person... too patient.

Revice isn't sending me the jeans I ordered and paid for and their customer service is of no help.
I ordered Jeans from revice on July 19, 2019. After two weeks I emailed asking when my jeans would be at my house as I had never gotten a shipment email. After talking back and fourth through email for about a week they told me that my jeans would still be a couple more weeks. I had received no previous warning that these jeans were on pre-sale and they had actually said they were in stock on the website. I waited the couple of weeks and emailed them and they said they still were not ready and asked if I would like to change my jean type to one in stock so I could get them as soon as they ship and I did that thinking they would ship a day or two after ordering them. I kept asking when they would ship and I got automated responses from their email address saying sometimes their orders take longer than expected in production but if the product is already in stock why would it need to go through production? I have still been trying to reach out and speak to them and they won't give me a date on when the pants will be shipped. It's been over a month and I have received no confirmation that I am actually going to receive any jeans from this company.

Desired Outcome

I want my jeans to be shipped to me as soon as possible and revice to stop treating their customers like this.

I paid *** for a pair of jeans a month ago and I have contacted the several times, which I was lied to 2-3 times with the responses. No phone number available to call anyone, not replies to the contact service, because there is no such thing of "customer service" any where on their site. They claim they make the jeans by hand, and even if there is any truth to that my jeans would have been shipped and sent. They post items that they don't even have in stock of just plain, they don't exist. I am very disappointed for dealing with such a seemingly freudulent ,fake scam.
I don't think that anything will chaange a thing by me reporting this to your company, obviously with the 100's of complaints and they are still in business, why has no one stopped them from continuing this theft. This is supposed to be a business in the United States, NOT China, I could/would expect that from another country, but this is America, and you continue to allow countless people to be ripped off by these crooks. WOULD YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING, PLEASE. I have never been so frustrated from the dealing with these is for a simple order of a pair of jeans.This company needs to be shut down and arrested from all the theft and deception. The only thing that was prompt regarding this order, was them taking my money. You can't even get a refund from these theives, you have to except a "stor credit", when ever you don't want it, if you ever received them at all according to ALL of the complaints that were brought to your attention........and nothing has been done, still in business.........................WOW!!

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Send me what I paid for, a pair of jean's, *** XXXXX. I the only option which I don't want is a "store credit" so I'll have to wait 2-4 month's to get that too, not happening. I will NEVER do business with these people ever again, HORRIBLE!!!

Customer Response • Sep 19, 2019

I finally got my order

Don't buy from here. I ordered a pair of jeans on July 22nd. On August 1st, they sent an email that said "Your order is almost ready!" saying it had 13 days max until it was gonna get sent to the warehouse and they would send me an email when it was shipped. As of August 16, there was still no shipping email so I made a request and asked when it would be shipped. The person Ani responded saying the particular batch of the jeans I ordered from are STILL BEING MADE???????? but "they should be done within the next week and a half or less. :)" (taken directly from the email)

I emailed them back questioning why it was taking so long when they were supposed to be done days ago, but I think they'll just give me the run around again. Don't waste your money or your time, I don't know how they're still in business.

I ordered a pair of shorts for my daughter that didn't fit. We requested an exchange. That happened in June and no product has appeared.
I ordered a pair of shorts on June 9, 2019. They didn't fit and were poor quality. As the company does not accept returns, we requested an exchange. That was on July 1st. It is now August 16th and no word from the company. I have had at least 15 email exchanges with the company. Often there is no reply or they say the product "is on its way." I would just like a refund of the *** originally spent.

Desired Outcome

Just a refund of

If I could give zero stars I would. I have nothing good to say, customer service was nice but not helpful whatsoever. I spent almost 200$ on their jeans and haven't received my full order, I placed my order June 12th.... do not order from this company, you will not be happy doing so. They are selling products they don't even have made in the first place. They are basically selling an image to you for $50+. I assume I will never get my money back nor my jeans. Sad excuse for a business.

TERRIBLE! I ordered my jeans exactly 2 months ago and have yet to receive any information on them.

SCAM!!! This company is a joke! I ordered a pair of jeans on June 11. They were supposed to ship by July 4th. Never did, and after contacting them 3 times and them telling me each time that it would be 1-2 weeks at most, they still have yet to ship my order. They will not issue a refund despite them going against their own policy of maximum 8 week pre-order items. Horrible customer service and horrible company!

I ordered the Tommy jeans on July 20th, 2019 and I got them on August 5, 2019. I got them on sale for $50 with a coupon code. They finally come after a FULL 2 WEEKS. I didn't even realize they were on "pre-order" until I got my order confirmation. I get them AND THEY'RE TOO SMALL. I got a size 25 and they're too tight on the thighs and ***. I tried to put in a return request and it says it's going to be reviewed in 2-3 days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I can't even get a full refund and will have to pay for shipping if I want to send them back. The jeans are $61.60 now.. I rarely leave reviews so this just shows how upset I am.

TERRIBLE. I ordered my jeans over a month ago and I have reached out to Revice Denim on FIVE separate occasions. I ordered the True Love / Checkmate jeans and I have been told to wait 1-2 weeks every single time I reach out to them. How long will they tell me to wait 1-2 weeks for? 4 months, 4 years? Who knows. They have been known to do this and this is honestly disgusting employment practices and they should change the way their business is run.

Do NOT buy from this company. Their sizes are SO off and none of their items fit the same. They also don't offer refunds if you don't like their jeans, you will only get in-store credit. I had to buy and exchange multiple pairs of jeans 3 times before I finally got the right sizes on multiple pairs of jeans and NONE of the jeans I bought are the same size... that's how off their sizing is. Also, each time you exchange for a different size, YOU have to pay to ship it back! so expensive. Do NOT waste your money trying to find the right sizes on these jeans and not being able to get a refund.

Hello, I placed an order on June 13, 2019 and contacted customer service well over 10 times regarding my order and when I expectwill I receive item.
I placed the order on June 13, 2019 and to this date I still have not received my order. Also, the is paid in full.

Desired Outcome

Tefund or my item I ordered shipped to me ASAP

I give ZERO stars. I've ordered from multiple of Lexie's companies(one of the owners) I actually knew her in high school and she was a huge bully. Aside from that I loved the clothes she made. I've ordered jeans and sweatshirts and NEVER received them. The money was taken out of my account and I never got a penny back. No customer service ever replied to me, in fact I reached out to her personally through Instagram and was blocked instantly with no reply. This business is a scam. How dare you steal money from people and call yourself a business? No wonder you can't leave reviews on their website, they would be shut down. Do not order from this company, you'll never receive your order.

These people are PIECES OF ***. You will never get your product delivered or your money back. I have been told that my jeans will come in a week for three months straight now. Check online -people have started a petition to sue them! THEY ARE LIARS, CHEATERS, AND SCAMMERS. LOW LIFE LOSERS WITH NO LIFE WHO DELETE INSTAGRAM COMMENTS OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING AND HIRE FAKE "INFLUENCERS" TO MODEL THEIR BRAND. PIECES OF *** WHO INSTEAD OF GETTING A REAL JOB THEY CHEAT AND SCAM PEOPLE THAT WORK THEIR *** OFF FOR THEIR MONEY. Sm of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay so I ordered jeans in literally May or VERYYY early June and they ended up being on preorder which I did not see originally. HOWEVER, I didn't need them until literally July 27th so like NO problem, right? WRONG, apparently. They came in a couple of weeks ago, which was maybe a little bit earlier than expected so that was good. UNTIL I TRIED THEM ON. Holy FLIPPING ***. The smallest jeans I've ever put on my body. I'm usually a 25/26 and I ordered a 26 thinking that would work. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The jeans were high waisted and zipped all the way from the back to front and the zipper would not MOVE once it hit the hip area. But strange enough, the waist was a closer fit in size. No jeans have EVER fit me like that. The jeans are CUTE, do not get me wrong, but when I say I ordered 3 sizes UP from my comfortable size and I'm still PRAYING they fit WHEN (???) they come in, I'm not joking. Which brings me to the issue with the return process. I had to pay $20 flipping dollars to return these jeans which happened WEEKS ago. After emailing, I was told they had received my return but needed to process it. They also said I would be sent an email soon when they send my jeans in the HOPEFULLY correct size. A week passed, radio silence. I emailed them about it and WHAT DO YOU KNOW I get an email the next day saying they had received my return and it would take 4-6 business days before they would ship my new pair of jeans. SO BASICALLY I WILL NOT RECEIVE MY $70 JEANS ON TIME WHEN I ORDERED 2 MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Yes, I am upset and will likely not order from here again, despite their cute collection. It is a SHAME that this whole operation takes SO long to work.

Company claimed they shipped item (2 months late) and it did not arrive. Blamed me for problem, refuses to refund or send new item.
Initial order was placed 5/23. Received no communication until July when they claimed my order was shipped. 8 days later it allegedly arrived at my house. When it did not arrive, I contacted the postal service as well as everyone on my street to see if they had seen it. No one had seen it. When I contacted the company, after I told them everything I had already done, they suggested I do everything I had just told them I had done. They also suggested it was my fault the package did not arrive. The company refuses to send a refund or new product. I have contacted them via email, Facebook, and Instagram. Messages to Facebook and Instagram have been viewed with no response. Emails send me the same suggestions each time.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a new product or a refund. Preferably a refund.

I ordered a pair of jeans from them and never recieved them. upon contacting them at least ten times I finally gave up because they stopped returning my emails of course I never received my refund either

It took three months for me to receive my jeans that do not even fit. Their sizing is way off, which people warned me about so I ordered a size down and they are still too big for me. Additionally I ordered a shirt which was never even sent. At this point, I do not even want to exchange my jeans as it will probably take them another 3 months to get to me and that is just ridiculous in my opinion. Their customer service was friendly but incredibly unhelpful. Seriously, do not order from them its not worth waiting for or how much they cost.

it has been over a month since I placed my order, and have yet to receive anything. about 3 weeks ago I got an email saying that my package would ship in approximately 14 business days (which is also just an absurd amount of time). it has been well over 14 business days and still nothing. PLUS, they only give refunds via store credit. ridiculous.

I have never bought jeans or any type of pants online-so after reading these reviews, I was very skeptical. However, I LOVE these jeans! I ordered them in May, and received them early July. Ordering these jeans definitely requires patience because it does take a long time to receive them, but however it was totally worth it. For sizing I read that I should order two sizes up because the jeans run small. So after googling the proper way to measure waste size and after measuring that I was a 28 inch waist, I ordered a 30 inch waist size for the Venus flares. They fit perfectly! If I had gone any smaller they would definitely be too small. Altogether a positive experience.

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