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Computer parts were damaged by UPSUPS came to pick up package (didn't sign receipt) and lost package insured for $3kOnly offering $1k
In May we shipped a package from Illinois to Florida using Bestway as the shipperMy boyfriends Mom dropped it off for us to be shipped and paid for the package to be insured for $3,The computer itself was originally worth around $2,The package arrived damage so we filed a claim with UPS, just expecting to get a bit for any replacements or damagesInstead, we find out they lost the entire packageIt is now September and UPS only wants to pay $UPS has only been in contact with Bestway who in return continues to call my boyfriends motherWe've only been in contact with them a few times in regards to the receipts and them losing the package entirelyWe also got in contact by phone with someone who sent us pictures of some of the items we MAY have possibly lostWe saw item, the power supply, out of all the parts lostSome how t

In response to the complaint dated 11/17/#10310796.Work on this project began as indicated in the contract Due to unforeseen complications, the electrician was not able complete the work as promised After waiting for a part that had to be ordered, the electrician returned to
complete the installation After speaking with the customer today, December 4th, customer has assured me that the project is complete At O’LYN Roofing, we appreciate customer feedback, and will use this opportunity to examine our processes in order to provide a more positive customer experience in the future

I put a package containing a book in a UPS Drop Box located at *** *** in Astoria, NY on 8/**/using a prepaid shippling label provided by *** I checked to see if *** received the book on 9/**/and after learning that it had not been received I went to the UPS website but the only information it gives is that a shipping label had been createdI contacted UPS directly and spoke with a supervisor, Joy, who told me that she would be contacting the local UPS office to find out what happened to the package and said that I would be receiving a return call (no call was ever received)I have since left two messages for her on the supervisor's line she gave me (###-###-####) but no return call was forthcomingFinally, I spoke with another supervisor, Laura, on 10/**/and I was informed that since I don't have a receipt they cannot conduct an investigationI asked her why they have dropboxes if this is the caseI informed her that I have a photo of the label that I took

Store clerk became increasingly irate when he told me I would not be permitted to ship from his store listing myself as the addresseeI questioned the legality and lack of transparency of this policy and explained that I was required by law to list myself on the addressing and hazardous goods formI asked if I could carry it out using internet self shipping and he (reluctantly) said yesStore employee made comment and started becoming hostile towards me demanding that I run out of his store or be put in jail for treaspassingI left because he was making inappropriate comments and gestures which I interpreted as a physical threatWhen I was at the street corner he came running out and took my photo while yelling that I should read his blog because I'd be sorry I came to his store this time, my complaint, ID *** regarding UPS Store has been resolved
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Sincerely,*** ***

To: Western WA
Re.: ID #***
December is always the busiest month that is why I have notbeen able to address this concern
First of all, let me explain how this work.• The UPS Store is NOT UPS - we are small independentbusiness so we have sets of protocol in how we are runningour
businessWe, The UPS Store, ship packages via UPS,USPS and other carrierWe also offer more services thanthe UPS itself such as, Mailboxes, Notary, Fax, Pack andShip Guarantee, ETCWhen the Store ship your packagesvia UPS using the UPS store account and processed at theStore then YES, we can give you a shipping receipt showing the address from and to - the Content of your package andReplacement Value of the item just in case the package getdamage or lost during transitWhen the package is Lost orDamage then WE as the Shipper, the Owner of the UPSaccount # being used is the Only Person can process damageclaim to UPSEach and every UPS package will have its ownTracking# where you can track your package ONCE UPSscan that package by going to Google.comIn the past yrs the Amount of Drop Off packages increased tremendously(we have over DROP OFF or Prepaid packages a day) soUPS no longer Required for UPS Driver to Scan thosepackages.• This incident IS Not an USUAL the facts that people areRefusing to listenAs I mentioned before ONLY theOWNER of the account# can file any Damage Claim orRequesting Tracer if the package never show up or not intracking systemOur staffs remember exactly whathappened to this particular incidentWe were busy and ourUPS driver was cleaning up our store for outgoing packages.Mr*** came in and told us that he would like to dropoff his package and get a receiptOur staffs were helpingother people so we told him to wait and we will scan in his package and print out the copy of his tracking#He wasmad the FACT that WE can not give him GUARANTEEreceipt for his PrePaid PackageHe went ahead and gives itto our UPS Driver and even then he was not Happy the factthat our Driver Refused to scan his packageThat hasnothing to do with usUPS has their protocol and The UPSStore also has protocolWe had mentioned that as long ashe has those Tracking # which he does since he printed his Prepaid LabelHe should be able to track his package aftermidnight that dayReceipt IS NOT a real receipt sincethere is no transaction and should something Happened tohis package during transit, there is NOTHING we or he cando since the UPS account# is NOT belong to us or his.We have been in this business for over yrs and I know howto run this businessOur focus has been always truly ourclients and from the time we started this business we alwaysgive our honest opinions, no surprises and if those honestly isperceived as we are being dishonest or fraud or any thosenegative ideas there is nothing we can do
Thank you.J***

Hello - I recently placed a complaint about The UPS Store - *** ** *** *** *** * ** *** ** ***,
I would like to retract my complaint as it was submitted on April 14, The complaint was partially based on what I think was incorrect information given to us by another UPS location concerning the shipping cost for our package It appears that this business did not overcharge us for the shipping to Kent, OH as originally thought I do however maintain that the difference in tracing numbers was particularly worrisome and created further doubt about the transaction In no way do I want to create question about this business if there is any doubt what so ever I was basing our complain on what we thought was correct information
Please notify the UPS store that you received this e-mail*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** this time, I have not been contacted by The UPS Store regarding complaint ID ***.Sincerely,*** *** this time, I have not been contacted by *** Store/ Spotless services regarding complaint ID ***.Sincerely,*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
The reason for raising this complaint is due to fundamentally unreliable information being provided by the business and associated processes I have logged phone calls totaling over hours with ups store ***, ups central customer service, and ups store corporate since 2/**/ I was regularly checking it to make sure everything was being processed appropriately and all requirements had been fulfilled Over that time period, I had been assured on several occasions and by several representatives that the claims had all requirements fulfilled and were 'just waiting to be sent out' On 3/*/17, I was informed that despite this, some additional paperwork was required Documentation which I had already provided the relevant parties on several occasions, sufficient insofar as explained to me, with receipt confirmed and approved I believe this to constitute excessive delays, which has the result of 1) depriving me of rightful restitution, and 2) incurring extra costs on my behalf due to interest charges on credit (since that was the only payment form accepted by the store at the time of payment), as well as excessive time required to attend to this matter.To that extent, I am seeking arbitration through the to assure a timely and reliable deliverance of stated rightful restitution
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*** ***

I have offered to come out and look at your concern at no chargeSince you are rejecting this I am finished respondingTell us why here

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.His response is not exactly true, they never started or looked into the investigation into my phone, I called the store after I was made aware that someone was answering my phone and reported it to an employee named Alex, he told me that there was nothing he could do and I had to wait to speak to Dana who didn't come in until MondayI had my phone suspended from *** after I heard the gentleman answering my phone to avoid any other charges that I was not responsible forWhen speaking with Dana, she admitted that she did not know what to do, then told me that I should have left my phone on so they could hear for themselves that someone was answering my phone and instructed me to call corporate and report my findings because a tracer had already been startedReporting my issue to corporate, they informed me that the investigation was already terminated and that the UPS store that I made the transaction with should provide me with the results of the "so-called" investigation that had been closedAgain, speaking to Dana, who claims that she knew nothing of the investigation being terminated, but let me know that she was instructed to wait until the time period had lapsed so she could start the claim for the $but she could not start it before thenThat's when I got upset with her, because she already knew that the investigation had been terminated, she offered no apology, she did not offer any refund for the initial amount that I paid, and had no other feedback or follow up about what happened to my phoneIt was not lost as she suggested the first timeClearly, it was stolen by one their employees and their company wrote it off as stolen, when it was, by their employee!!! They are deflecting that it was their responsibility to get my phone to HTC which is what I paid for and that it was stolen while it was in their care!!! Why have a business that uses a tracking system for items that you ultimately lost track of??? I want them to take responsibility for my item and pay me for my phone, what I paid to ship and the one month service that they had my phone in their careI can provide the *** bill if needed
*** ***

Sir, 12/9/2015We received your expression of concern regarding rude treatment and a packaging service provided to you on November at our UPS Store.I’m sorry that you feel you were treated rudelyOur store relies heavily on our customer serviceThat is
what most of this business is…customer service If it weren’t, we could not continue to stay in business as we have done so for almost years Probably 90% of our business comes from repeat customers, which also solidifies the notion that we treat every first time customer as though they were one of our regulars All items that we professionally pack for shipment are done so in accordance with the packaging requirements designed by UPS to ensure that the contents of the shipment are delivered in the same condition as they were when shippedTo just “place it in a box” violates that principle and can result in the customer (you) the shipper (us) and the receiver being unhappy due to the contents being damaged from shipping forces.If you prefer to supply your own carton, add the proper packing and assembly this would be an alternate to having to purchase this serviceA word of caution however, if you package your item the carton and packaging must meet the UPS standards or a subsequent damage claim for a customer packed shipment could be denied by UPS. These standards can be reviewed at the following link: refund will be provided because it truly appears that from your perspective the disputed charges seem unreasonable and not because of the threats and innuendo in your complaintA check made payable to *** *** for $ will be available at The UPS store during business hoursPlease bring an ID so that we can ensure proper delivery of this check.If you have any additional questions please contact our store at 619-670-1002.Regards,*** and *** ***Owners, The UPS Store

RE: ID #***Dear Ms***:In response to your June 23, letter and the enclosed complaint as referenced above, following in this letter and respective enclosures is our response.The customer states in his complaint that we, The UPS Store #0730, will not refund his money since the delivery
of his packages did not arrive on May 11, However, we are not the party responsible for the delivery of his packages, nor are we responsible for the refundAs stated in the Parcel Shipping Order (PSO) Terms and Conditions - The UPS Store that the customer signed on May 7, 2015, he agreed to the following (see enclosed highlighted copy of the aforementioned document):"We do not transport Your parcelsWe assume no liability for the delivery of the parcels accepted for shipment .You agree to all terms and conditions of the PSO.."We are not liable for carrier's failure to timely deliverAny statement by Us to probable date of delivery is only opinion and an estimate, and is not warranted in any mannerWe are not liable for any consequential, incidental or punitive damages, or any loss or damage resulting from delays in shipping or delivery, in the event You make a Guaranteed Service Refund {“GRS”) request to UPS, You agree to provide to UPS and authorize Us to provide to UPS Your name and address solely to be used by UPS to process the GRS request.”“We are independently owned and operated by licensed franchisees of The UPS Store Inc...”“This PSO constitutes the entire agreement between YOU and US, and supersedes all prior, subsequent and/or contemporaneous representations, written or oral.”Again, we are not United Parcel Service (UPS), we are an independently owned franchisee that is authorized to do business as The UPS Store #Accordingly, when the Customer asked us to file a GRS request we promptly did so on May 14, However, on May 15, UPS denied the request with the following response:“Thank you for contacting us with your refund requestUnfortunately, packages that qualify for an Additional Handling Fee or Large Package Surcharge are not included in our service guaranteeThese packages require special handling and are unable to travel through our systems and processes for sorting and moving packagesTherefore, this shipment is not eligible for a Guaranteed Service Refund..See enclosed copy of UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service - United States, Section 51, UPS Service Guarantee, and Section Exclusions, Packages subject to a Large Package Surcharge or Additional Handling Fee.We informed the Customer of UPS’s denial of the GRSWe then filed a dispute to UPS’s decision on May 19, On that same day, UPS responded as follows:“Thank you for your replyI understand your concern and am sorry these packages were delayedSince the package qualifies for Additional Handling it automatically voids the refund eligibility for the package despite any other delays that may occur during transit...”Again we informed the Customer of UPS’s continued denial of the refund.On May 26, we reached out to our UPS Area and Regional Representatives for their assistance in helping us resolve this matterHowever, on June 5, we spoke with the Customer again and informed him that we had not received any response from UPS.We feel we have made every available effort to get a refund for the Customer, but as described within this letter and the enclosures, it is beyond our controlWe are not UPS, we do not make the deliveries, and we do not make the GRS refundsAll of this has been disclosed to the Customer in the PSO that he signed and our conversations.*** ** *** OwnerEnclosures

In any event, we have decided in good faith to remit *** *** the $Kindly, inform her that the check will be in the mailIn conclusion, we do stand by the statementsas asserted by our associate that Ms*** did refuse for Center Pack option and said she didn’t want to
pay extraAt the end of the transaction she also signed the document (see attached) which clearly states that The Center is not responsible for any damage to shipments packed by the customers.

United Parcel Service’s refusal to rectify the loss which was directly due to their driver failing to accurately deliver a package is frustrating to both Mr*** and our franchise as wellWe have made multiple phone contacts with various UPS representatives on behalf of Mr***
but have yet to yield any change to their position
It is understandable that Mr*** felt it necessary to file a complaint against us even though in no manner did we participate in the delivery of the parcel to the incorrect address in Mount Vernon, OhioThe labeling applied by our franchise location was correct and done properlyAfter being notified of the delivery failure in early November, we have actively attempted to resolve this issue including pressing UPS for full reimbursement for both item cost and shipping charges
The UPS Customer Service Center which processed and improperly delivered the package is located at *** *** *** *** *** ** ***We would hope that Mr*** has registered a similar complaint against that business location as it was this UPS facility where the delivery was negligent and resulted in the loss of his package
We are still in contact with UPS over this issue, if there is any change in the status or if any additional information becomes available, Mr*** will be contacted immediately
*** ***, Owner
*** *** *** ***

At this time, I have been contacted directly by The UPS Store regarding complaint ID ***, however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
"margin: 0in 0in 10pt;" class="MsoNormal">[Your Answer Here]I got a refund, which is all they say they do, but I wanted a more expanded response to prevent future similar problems
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

The customer in question came into the store on a Friday evening to ship a package to HawaiiShe asked to have it packed and shipped in the least expensive way possibleThe staff member that was working that evening gave her both UPS and USPS options and she chose the USPS one as it was the much
less expensive of the two,Sometime during the conversation, the subject of postal cost came up and the employee mentioned something about a surcharge on postal servicesWe do not have a surcharge on postal products or any other items or servicesWe have since explained this to the employee,As an independent business we sell or products and Services at a price that allows us to be in a competitive business with the consideration that customer can go elsewhereThe price that the customer claims was on the box was what I must pay the post office to ship the itemsThe difference between what we pay and what customer pays is how we pay our taxes, rent, employees and other expenses,I do not know why the customer claims they did not receive a call backI had called at 2:15pm on 09/23/2017, she did not answer so I left a voice message in which she did not return my CallWhen get a review such as this one, I always contact the customer

The UPS Store*** *** ** *** ***, MD (301) 754-0001; ###-###-####; ***
I hope this is the information you need*** ** *** *** *** MD
New address as of Aug16....c/o *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** ***
I was not able to attach the receipt for some reason..?

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