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Value City Furniture, Inc.

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I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Ms. [redacted]. If Ms. [redacted] has any other questions or concerns, please feel free to the store Manager at ###-###-####.   Sincerely, Marian H[redacted]

On 04/02/2015, Ms. [redacted] purchased the Neo Classic 5-piece bedroom set, the Canal St. firm queen mattress and boxspring and the Collette sofa.  This merchandise was delivered to Ms. [redacted]’ residence, with the exception of the Collette sofa on 04/08/2015.I apologize for the frustrations Ms. [redacted]...

has experienced regarding the availability of the sofa.  I have been informed that Ms. [redacted] has cancelled the Collette sofa from her order and has received a refund. If Ms. [redacted] has any further questions or concerns she may contact me direct.

Ms. [redacted] purchased through the Acceptance NOW program. We are unable to provide the $200 credit on the order or a gift card for Acceptance NOW orders. We have notated the original order regarding the store credit and Ms. Palmer can use the $200 store credit on any merchandise within our store.

Attached are the pictures of the furniture that Value city Furniture requested.  Please advise If I can assist further.

I am beyond disappointed with the customer service your are offering.  When this original purchase was made, the sales women, Lory M[redacted] ensured me, that if I purchased the insurance it would not be a problem if I relocated. The first issue happened with this couch only weeks after I made the  purchase.  My initial claim was to have a cushion casing replaced.  A month later, I received a new casing that was not even close to the fabric, pattern, or color of my actual couch.  I spent time back and forth, emailing new pictures and being told that it would eventually be the same color...absolutely absurd to say if these people had actually looked at the photos I was asked to send in.  I was then told by Pure Promise, the store was to blame and they sent the incorrect casing.  I imagine someone has the correct model on file of what I purchased, and offered numerous times to give them the information from my receipt.  I then spoke with the store in Liverpool, Audrey or Aubrey and she actually had to nerve to laugh during our conversation and tell me numerous times that she cannot help me (I asked for her last name, she said she is the only one in the store, and for the corporate office number).  She then blamed Pure Promise that it was their fault for the incorrect casing.  I was told by Pure Promise that I had to contact the store, and then this Audrey supervisor told me I had to call Pure Promise, since they want to hear from the customer not the store.  There is obviously a disconnect between these two businesses, if I am being told two different things.  This issue was from November and each time I have called, I was told they would take care of it, it is now April and still never received the correct casing, or even contacted to follow up about the matter  Why did I purchase this insurance if I am not able to get service or even speak to someone who has answers???  The frame then broke on the arm rest, and a technician through Paladio then came to my house in Massachusetts to enforce a 2x4 in the arm rest for the proper support.  I expressed to the technician that the same thing had happened to the other arm rest, and he said to call for a new appointment since he did not have the time to complete the other side....technician was suppose to arrive between 1pm-3pm and did not show up until after 5pm.  I left work early that day, spent countless hours trying to get a technician to come back here to fix the other side, and get the actual correct casing.  The Pure Promise insurance was not helpful, one representative said she never heard of Paladio.  No one knows who even came to my house to fix this issue then?  I called customer service at the corporate center for Valu City Furniture and explained how frustrated I was, being sent back and forth, basically being told something different each time.  While I was on the phone with customer service rep at Valu City Furniture, I was told me she was trying to call pure promise to get the full detail.  I was put on hold numerous times, and then finally was told she would call me back since she was unable to get in touch with anyone...of course I did not get a call back.  After filing a complaint with the, I finally get a response and you are offering to give me a full refund on the couch and insurance if I bring the item back to the store.  After reading every report and claim I filed, it is clear that I live 2.5 hours from the location to where I bought this couch from, and so disappointed that after spending $1,112.37 on this, that is the solution I have.  I do not have a truck, that would mean I would need to rent a UHaul, pay for gas, and drive a total of 5 hours to be able to get my money refunded.  Why is the casing not replaceable, and why can a techinician not revisit my location?  I have spent countless hours and research on who the correct person is to talk to about this. This is by far the worst purchase experience I have had in my life, I do not know how a company can continue with such poor customer service across the whole organization.  I have been ignored, hung up on, asked to speak to a supervisor, regional manager, etc. and have gotten no where.  I cannot imagine the CEO and President, Jay and Jonathan S[redacted] of Valu City Furniture would accept such poor customer service. Jonathan's statement on the website..."Our mission is to make furniture shopping easy and to help customers like you find the perfect furniture. The furniture that sets the scene for life from your first apartment to an empty nest and every laugh, smile, and dream in between… the furniture that is your perfect piece."   This experience has been far from that message stated on the website.  If the family that owns this company saw how there customers are in fact treated with such unprofessional mannerisms, I am positive they would not be impressed with the solution being offered...I assure you I am not.  There have been 399 claims filed to the within the past 12 months, most of them being product/service complaints and I can see why.  I am willing to speak with you to resolve this complaint, and if you do not have a realistic resolution, I would like the contact information of your supervisor.

On 5/30/16, Ms. [redacted] purchased the Ruby Bay Ultra plush king mattress, the Rize adjustable base, and an iProtect king mattress protector. The delivery of the furniture was scheduled for 6/3/16 but the mattress was returned to the store location at the request of Ms. [redacted] due to damages.The...

store location has brought an exchange of the same mattress to Ms. Pollacci’s residence on 6/10/16. This issue is considered resolved at this time.I apologize for any inconvenience Ms. [redacted] may have experienced.  If Ms. [redacted] has any further questions or concerns she may contact me direct.

On 02/05/2016, Ms. [redacted]s purchased the Cordoba Chocolate 2 piece sectional. The Merchandise was delivered to Ms. [redacted]’s residence on 02/11/2016. After reviewing Ms. [redacted]’s complaint I have spoken with the store Manager who has stated that Ms. [redacted]’s can have a full reselect for her 2...

piece sectional.  That means Ms. [redacted]’s can go into the store and pick a new sectional at the original cost of the sectional.  At this time a refund can’t be granted for Ms. [redacted]’s due to her having the furniture past the 7 day return policy time frame. I apologize for any inconvenience Ms. [redacted]s may have experienced.  If Ms. [redacted]s has any further questions or concerns she may contact me direct.

The Assistant Manager has reached out to Mrs. [redacted] regarding her inquiry.  Ms. [redacted] is scheduled for service on all her requested pieced on 7/7/2015.  I apologize for any inconvenience Mr. or Mrs. [redacted] may have experienced.  If either has any further questions or concerns they may...

contact me direct.

On 02/20/2015, Mr. [redacted] purchased the Orlando Gray 6-Piece sectional. The merchandise was delivered on 03/03/2015. Upon delivery, Mr. [redacted] advised notified Store Personnel regarding two of the Orlando recliners were not reclining. Mr. [redacted] was scheduled for a service appointment that was...

completed on 05/27/2015. At this time Mr. [redacted] was advised that we would need to replace the mechanism on one of the Orlando recliners. The repair to replace the mechanism was completed on 09/02/2015. In the interest of Customer Service, the General Manager has completed the exchange regarding the damage to the additional Orlando recliner on 09/17/2015. I apologize for any inconvenience Mr. [redacted] may have experienced. If Mr. [redacted] has any further questions or concerns he may contact me direct.

An Email was not received to answer you back.  Could you please send that email that I may open and see what their {Value City Furniture} result answer was.  They have yet to refund my 562.00 dollars and I am planning to submit a complaint with the Attorney General. Thank You

On 9/23/12, Mrs. [redacted] purchased the Galveston Chocolate reclining sofa with drop table and the Galveston Chocolate rocker recliner. Mrs. [redacted] received her furniture on 9/28/12.Mrs. James’ complaint through the has been addressed with the General Manager. His office has...

contacted Mrs. [redacted] in reference to the issue with the furniture and a service call has been scheduled for 7/1/16 for an inspection to be completed. Once the service technician has inspected the merchandise, he/she will report to the General Manager and Mrs. [redacted] will be contacted with the next course of action from that point. Mrs. [redacted] will be contacted 1-2 days prior to the scheduled service date with a time frame that the technician will visit her home.I apologize for any inconvenience Mrs. [redacted] may have experienced.  If Mrs. [redacted] has any further questions or concerns she may contact me direct.

On 1/9/14, Ms. [redacted] purchased the Vista Taupe 2-piece sectional and the Campaign 3 pack table set. The furniture was delivered to Mrs. [redacted]’s residence on 1/10/17. The following is what has transpired since that date of filing of this complaint: ·         June 09, 2017 We responded with the following : Ms. [redacted] has been in contact with our corporate office since 5/16/17, including speaking with myself. I have contacted our Market Leader in reference to the concerns that Mrs. [redacted] has presented. Our Market Leader, along with leadership in our Corporate Office and store location, feel that it is best to offer Mrs. [redacted] a prorated amount of $582.59 as an in-store credit, based on the length of time that Mrs. [redacted] has had possession of the furniture and the amount that Mrs. [redacted] initially paid for the 2-piece sectional. If Mrs. [redacted] accepts this offer, then she can contact our store location’s management in Altamonte Springs, Florida at 407-571-0529. Mrs. [redacted] can also contact Customer Care at 1-888-751-8552. ·         On June 13, 2017 - Ms. [redacted] rejected that response. ·         On July 15, 2017 - Ms. [redacted] accepted the offer through the Value City Store # 408 in Altamonte Springs, FL ·         On September 20, 2017 – the new sofa Ms. [redacted] chose was delivered to her home. Therefore, we consider the matter closed.  Sincerely,  Brandy L[redacted]

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
First my name isn't miss [redacted], another slap in the face. I didn't receive a 10% discount the item went on sale and as a business you have to honor that sale within 14 of purchase per your policy, and according to Robert. Second I was credited delivery, which I wasn't disclosed why they made it seem like that was standard during exchanges. Even if she didn't tell me a set amount she told me some compensation could be discussed and a store gift card is not the compensation I desired for broken merchandise being delivered to my home and then it being put together incorrectly. A 50 credit to my account would suite a paying customer much better. 

On 06/25/17 Ms. [redacted] placed a price hold order for the Gabe Ivory sofa as well as the Venn Gray accent chair. At the time of her purchase, Ms. [redacted]’s card was charged for the full amount of 1082.47. On 6/25/17 the total amount of 1057.47 was refunded back to Ms. [redacted]’s Visa. I have checked...

with our refund department who confirms that the amount has been reversed and released from our payment center. Ms. [redacted] will need to contact her financial institution to process the refund back any quicker than the allotted 3-5 business days. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Ms. [redacted]. If Ms. [redacted] has any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. Sincerely, Marian H[redacted] Phone: ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-#### [redacted]

On 11/30/17, Ms. [redacted] purchased the Big Softie 6-piece sectional. The furniture was delivered to Ms. [redacted]s residence on 12/2/17.We understand Ms. [redacted]s frustrations and apologize for any inconveniences that have been caused by this issue. Ms. [redacted] has been refunded $2270.83 for the...

sectional. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.Sincerely,Ashley H[redacted]

I appreciate the efforts made by Value City Furniture to resolve the issues that occurred with my order. I just wish the company had been more proactive in resolving this issue without requiring the customer to continuously have to investigate and inquire into every issue that happened. While the complaints with my order have been resolved to my satisfaction, it is unfortunate the incident regarding the behavior of the assistant store manager was not addressed by the company's response, and I feel his behavior was entirely unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable. But the main complaint regarding my order has been resolved, and again, I appreciate the company's efforts to make things right and hope they have learned some lessons in this process regarding inventory management, customer service, and communication.

On 10/27/2015, Ms. [redacted] purchased the Maverick Brown reclining sofa and the Pure Promise warranty. The merchandise was delivered to Ms. [redacted] residence on 10/30/2015.After receiving Ms. [redacted] complaint I escalated her issue to a Uniters Manager who has reopened Ms. [redacted] claim. I have been advised...

that a technician should be contacting Ms. [redacted] within the next 24-48 hours to set up an appointment to complete her service.I apologize for any inconvenience Ms. [redacted] may have experienced.  If Ms. [redacted] has any further questions or concerns she may contact me direct.

While I understand Ms. [redacted]’s frustrations, the merchandise is no longer under the manufacturer warranty and discoloration is not described as a manufacturer defect.  At this time, a courtesy has been offered to Ms. [redacted] with regards to her merchandise.  Ms. [redacted] may keep her October Brown livingroom set and the Store Manager has extended a store credit of $377.99 towards her next purchase with free delivery.

While I understand Mr. [redacted]’s frustrations, stains void the warranty on all mattresses.  Any stains deem the mattress unsanitary and we will be unable to exchange or repair the mattress due to this occurrence. Warranty packets are included at time of delivery and are attached to the mattress for Customer’s review.  I apologize for any frustrations this may cause.

On 01/30/2016, Ms [redacted] purchased the Bobby Brown recliner, Maverick Brown reclining sofa, Shadow 5-piece dinette set, Crescent desk, Medina door bookcase, Justine Plush queen mattress set, Serenity Nightstand, Trad Pink Gel Pillow, As-Is Queen Serenity Upholstered bed, As-Is Serenity Pier, As-Is...

Serenity chest. The merchandise was delivered to Ms. [redacted]’s residence on 02/04/2016. The Crescent desk was delivered to Ms. [redacted] on 02/11/2016. Ms. [redacted] also received an exchange of the Bobby Brown recliner, Shadow dinette table and Serenity nightstand on 02/11/2016. After receiving Ms. [redacted]’s complaint the General Manager has advised Ms. [redacted] has received discounts totaling $555.66. The last discount was completed on 03/03/2016 in the amount of $50.00. Ms. [redacted] has also received an additional discount in the amount of $50.00 on 03/16/2016. I apologize we are unable to offer any further discounts at this time. We would like to offer our deepest apologies for the trouble you had to experience. This situation is not ordinary and these incidents are not typical of us. We are very serious when it comes to our client’s satisfaction and have a zero tolerance policy in this respect. We appreciate that you understand that mistakes sometimes happen despite the numerous checks and measures. We are very sorry that this happened to you but rest assured it won’t happen again. I apologize for any inconvenience Ms. [redacted] may have experienced. If Ms. [redacted] has any further questions or concerns she may contact me direct.

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