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Worth Electric, LLC

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Mr& Mrs*** GEE would be more than happy to complete your savings analysis for you per our agreementI have submitted a request to our Customer Service department to make your analysis a top priority so we can get you taken care of as soon as possible. Please allow by end of
day Friday to hear from a representative so we can ensure we have all bills needed to complete the analysisOnce the analysis has been completedresults are then delivered to the executive board to be reviewed to determine if a reimbursement is necessaryWe will also discuss these results with youI sincerely apologize for the delay and assure you we will do all that we can to get this situation rectified as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience

***Some time has passed since our last communication on here so I wanted to recap so we're all on the same page*** *** and I have been communicating with you seamlessly, we were able to get the appropriate documents back from you that let us proceed with our effort to resolve your concernsI wanted to let you know that everything is 99% done on our end, all that's left is for us to give you a call Monday morning to give you an ETAWe are so pleased that we are moving forward with this and look forward to speaking with you Monday to give you the exact dateThanks so much for your patience throughout all of this as well as your kindnessHave a wonderful day!Regards,*** ***

An installation schedule can be delayed for many reasons, including but not limited to problem jurisdictions for permitting, HOAs, roof issues, structural issues, weather, mounting concerns, and supply issuesTree coverage issues also cause delays in projectsAny information that the company reports to its lender is obtained from the respective homeownerMoreover, the subject lender requires the borrower to sign off on the transaction at several stages, so that it, as well as the company, have the same informationWith regards to the shade claims, all decisions made by the company were made by qualified experts in their respective fieldsA shade study was commissioned on Mr***’s property and the recommendation was made to prune the treesMr*** took that recommendation into consideration and decided to proceed in order to maximize his panel productionOn one hand, he argues that his panels are shaded by trees, rendering them ineffectiveOn the other hand, he claims that the lack of shade on his home (i.e., the panels) has caused the deterioration of his home efficiencyHe claims that his home doesn't have shade during peak sun hours, which is a requirement for maximum solar efficiencyUnfortunately, it can’t be both ways. Additionally, aerial photographs of the home show well-groomed treesIn fact, the argument can be made that a home with manicured trees is worth more than a home with overgrown trees, particularly with those touching the roof lineMr*** can contact the company if something mechanically goes wrong with his systemHowever, with regards to the continued misguided complaints regarding shade, the company considers this matter closed

We have scheduled a system check for tomorrow (11/3/17)We will have someone out to look at Mrand Mrs***' system and get it up and running properlyAfter that, we will monitor their production until we all feel confident that the system is performing as it shouldIf, after the system
is stabilized, it is determined that they sustained production losses prior to now, we will calculate how much and compensate them

I have not heard an update from Mr*** regarding the process of our resolutionSo Tuesday night (2/2), I emailed Mr*** requesting an updateIt is now Wed night(2/3) and I have not received any response from Mr*** or Global Efficient Energy Have you received any updates from them and have you gotten a chance to review my previous email? Thank you for your time

We understand, thank you very much for attempting to work with us in good faith We look forward to resolving your concerns

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:the contractor they gave me information for has said he would come by in two weeks to access the information I am currently on my own looking for a contractor to do the work and get proposals on cost of repairs Ms *** does not respond to emails and hides her phone information.
*** ***

Ms***, GEE had to pay your loan off to EnerBankThey do not just waive a $loanWe had to pay this money out of pocket per our agreement to refund the loan until your project was completedAt this time, all products have been installed and are functioning as they should.I am aware of the promise you were made in regards to the savings from the products installedGEE has a process in place to determine if a savings reimbursement is necessary which takes place months after full performance so we can sufficiently monitor your energy savings month to month compared to the prior twelve months before installationThis is the only way for us to monitor your kWh usageThat being said, I will need the full twelve months prior to installations worth of utility bills, as well as the kWh usage statement for each month post installation until we have reached the full months

Mrs***, I have discussed the system check performed with Mr*** *** in the Houston, TX locationWhat we would like to do is collect your bills for months after installation (December - June 2016) and perform an early savings analysis for youIn order to do this I would need to have your bills for the same months for the previous yearWe are going to look into adding additional panels for you to help achieve the savings you were promisedPlease send these direct to ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below
*** *** Reason for my rejection; My system was paid for& activated 11/26/It was to operate for one yearA review was to done at that time to assess my savings.I sent All required utility bills (twice) That was 2/24/2016.I feel ample time has passed for Global to do their part.After being passed through ( 4) representatives promising to really take of me, I can't be expected to have faith in what is promised nowThe reason I'm requesting eight thousand dollars back is because that is what the balance out of pocket that wasn't covered in goverment rebates.I feel with this,I can then contract with a reputable solar company to access & or bring my system up to what I paid fourteen thousand dollars for!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11233287, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below
*** *** *** *** This company is making statements They say that we had greatly reduced our usage of our kWhThis is not true We have not received any noticeable benefit We need the $12, They are defrauding people 5% saving?? 40% should be

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:The reason I asked for someone with authority was because in the last two months I've sent that information to two different people within your companyI have the emails to prove that they have received themEither way, I will send the electric bills for the third timeAs far as calling me, I have answered your phone calls to my cell phone when I canI am at work and there are times I can't answerNo voice messages were left on my cell phone to let me know who is calling me and why Please call me at work from now on at *** and if I don't answer, let a message to where I can replyJust ask for *** ***
*** ***

I had a complaint that was supposed to be resolved weeks agoI have yet to talk to anyone about the systemI'm not happy with the way this company's customer service is handled.Regards,*** ***Production ManagerSenior Associate_________________________________*** *** ***
*** *** *** *** *** ** *** ***email: ***

The last response indicated the ETA for the check was 10/That was two weeks ago and it has not arrived yet

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: The non-working panels were replaced with panels that are not the same as the existing panels. It looks sloppy and unprofessional.Unfortunately the picture did not come through entirely. These panels are on the roof in the front of our house. It looks like they didn't have enough of the same panels to complete the job. This company continues to do shoddy work
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

We have sent a request to have a crew check your system Typically, in similar situations we find there has been some type of change to the living environment, we would like to have some clarity on this Can you please confirm that you have not install or purchase no new appliances or equipment, also that the amount of residence in the home has not increased or changed within the last months? A special offer was made in an good faith attempt to help you and you declined our offer We can now make the offer of a reimbursement check of the aforementioned $and we will continue to monitor your usageYou will still be eligible for the savings assurance, which per our contract will be paid if needed at the year installation date Please note: online response system rejected our initial response to this complaint on 9-18-

Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attentionI have requested a meeting with my executive board to discuss this matterI sincerely apologize for the lack of customer service and answers you have been providedI will be in touch soon to discuss my findings and to have this issue resolved
as quickly as possible

We feel very bad that you feel that way, we have attempted to work with you and you have not been satisfied with our offers and attempts We are more than willing to work with you by all means necessary but we are unable to refund your account nor remove any products Solar panels produce electricity period, there is no scam, no trick or way around it, they produce electricity and your home uses it if it is installed correctly As you stated the inspector did his site inspection of the service panel and your installation, we apologize we can not control the thoroughness of the cities inspectors, however they are highly trained professional and we trust them to do a good job As you stated you understood the savings assurance and that is would take months to complete and you are correct per our agreement Global agrees to reimburse you anything less than what was quoted We understand it is difficult to obtain the bills from the providers but we are not able to obtain that information, only the customer is able to get their own data Most of our customers do not have their HVAC system checked or maintained regularly, could you provide the with your most current system check up for review? It does not matter whom checks the system as long as the system is checked that is great, the average HVAC system uses 60-70% of your total usage so we always like to be certain that is not an issue Would you at least agree to discuss other possible options, I understand you feel you have been 'taken advantage of' but we truly want to make you a happy customer!

Hello Mrand Mrs***, Just wanted to follow up via so all parties are clear on communication - I did speak with ***, our Director of Project Management who advised the installation of the solar panels is scheduled for the 15thPer ***, he advoided scheduling installation this week due to the weather and we did not want to have to reschedule on you guys again.In regards to the financing for your project, the EnerBank advance is being refunded this week & we will proceed with new financing for a full months deferred payment/interest to begin once you have signed off on the completion of your project to your satisfaction. Hoping we have clear, sunny skies next week so we can get this all wrapped up for you guys! Let me know if you have any questions & if so please feel free to call my personal cell

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