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To the, Thank you for contacting us. We have agreed to release Mrs***'s from her agreement with Alder with no penaltyWe will be sending a return shipping label, we just ask that Mrs***'s sends our equipment backIf Mrs*** prefers a
technician to come pick up the system, please have her give us a call at 888-278-EXT they will be able to get her set up. Sincerely,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. After reviewing my complaint against Alder (alarm company) I realized that it had been closed as, "Answered - the business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer remains dissatisfied." I would like to have this corrected to identify the fact that I was contacted by the company and am more than satisfied with the resolution they provided. I was expecting to have the auto-renew removed from my contract, however they went beyond and released me from the contract completely. There was a delay in my responding to the because I was waiting on the company's technician to come out and collect their hardware and related peripherals. This has been completed
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. They need to send me a letter stating the new rate on a month to month basis with no contract agreement and they will stop claiming I have a contract
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: The company has stated they have refunded me the money but they have not I have paid over $to this company for a service I did not receive Additionally, the tech has never showed up on times I agreed to and the sensors are still not operating correctly
*** ***

April 25, 2017RE: *** *** To the, We attempted to contact Ms*** but were unable to reach herWe are willing to discuss her desired settlement but we need to speak with her first*** can reach me at 385-218-Thanks.Sincerely, Brandt N*** |
Alder Compliance Manager

To the, Thank you for contacting us. We have requested medical papers from ***'s son, *** ***,in order to verify that his father, *** ***, has medical problems that do not allow him to operate an alarm systemIf he
can get Alder this information, we will thenrelease *** from the agreement. Sincerely, DanielC | Alder Compliance Specialist

December 28, 2017RE: *** *** To the, Thank you for contacting usWe have done as Ms*** requested and applied the $payment towards her accountShe is now ahead by $Our scheduling department has been instructed to install new equipment at
Ms***’s new address at no charge to herPlease let us know if Ms*** needs anything else.Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

To the, We have attempted to contact Mr*** to speak with him about his complaint and was not able to reach him but did leave a voicemailMr*** has requested to cancel out side of his days right of rescissionUnfortunately, we won’t be able to
release him from his agreementHowever, I would like to help Mr***, please have him give us a call at EXT Sincerely, SomalyY | compliance supervisor

June 29, RE: *** *** To the, We received a call on 8/7/from someone claiming to be the son of Ms
*** stating the agreement needed to be cancelled because of Ms***’s medical conditionWe asked the individual, who evidence suggests was actually Ms***’s husband, to send in medical documentation and we would consider cancelling the contractDocumentation was never received and the account is currently $past dueWe are willing to help Ms*** but the conflicting information we have received has made it difficult to determine the proper approachThe remaining balance of Ms***’s agreement is $but we would be willing to release her from the agreement if instead she pay the past due of balance of $If this is acceptable we will proceed accordingly Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: As a rebuttal to the Alder response I would like to provide additional information about the contract termination and the subsequent attempts to defraud. On May 17th, an Alder salesman came to my front door and sold me a security systemThey attempted to install it that night, but installation was not completed until May 19thOn Saturday, May 21st, the system failed to alert me that my front door had been opened/intruded uponThe alarm did not sound even though the notice was being received by the Alder monitoring company. I did receive phone calls from Alder at approximately 3am MDT. When I woke up shortly after, I immediately called them back. They did inform me that someone had entered/exited my front doorI asked if they had called the cops and was informed they did notDue to the product not installed and functioning as contracted, and Alder not calling the police as they had been instructed, I did not feel confident that a company of that caliber could protect my family. At approximately 11am that same day (May 21st) I called Duane R*** my sales rep. I explained to Duane what had happened and told him I wanted to cancel the service. Duane apologized for the incident, stated that he completely understood and since I was still within my day grace period he would immediately consider my contract cancelled. He also stated that I needed to rip up the rebate check he had given me as an inducement to sign the contract. I agreed and immediately did so. He also requested that I call an number he provided and inform them of the cancellation to arrange for pick up the equipment. I quickly called the number and after a long wait did eventually speak with a representative. The representative said that she had notated the cancellation on the account but would need to have us call back on Monday when the cancellation department was open to schedule the equipment pickup. I called back on Monday, May 23rd and reached a representative who told me that they would take care of the cancellation and someone would be by in the next few days to pick up the equipment. On Wednesday, June 1st, after more than a week of no one coming to pick up the equipment, I called back the same number. After being transferred to the cancellation department the representative stated I would need to send the cancellation request to them in writing. I immediately sent a cancellation email to the email address he provided, and now for the third time believed the contract had been cancelled. On June 17th I noticed a charge from Alder on my bank statement and immediately called Alder to inquire of the charges. After multiple conversations with different representatives promising to have someone call me back and no one actually calling, I finally reached out the as my one remaining option before I retain an attorney. This has been such a massive drain on my time and emotions. I have done everything I was instructed to do by Alder every step of the way. I have complied with the request of Duane R*** the Alder salesman and destroyed the check as he requested. That instruction alone effectively terminated the contract as the rebate check was a material inducement to entering into the contract. By Duane instructing me to destroy the check he constructively terminated my agreement with Alder. All subsequent requests to call and write Alder were simply additional documentation of the termination that occurred on May 21st. Any charges by Alder subsequent to the termination on the 21st were made in bad faith with the intent to defraud. Alder had adequate notice of the termination both verbally and in writing and chose to ignore those notices in an effort to continue to perpetrate their fraudulent scheme. Based on the company’s response below It appears now that by repeatedly requesting various forms of notification (calls and in writing) they were simply stringing me along in an effort to illegally withdraw more funds from my bank account. I am simply requesting that Alder return the funds they have illegally withdrawn from my account and send me a written confirmation that their system correctly reflects the cancellation and no further attempts will be made to withdraw funds from my account
*** *** Alder mentioned a premium plan, I was never offered this option I will accept this offer, Alder should also ask the complaintents gender before referring to them as her/himIf Alder would like to talk to me about a premium plan, I would be open to hear about it.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

December 28,
RE: *** ***
To the,
Ms***’s account has been cancelled and our
records indicate her refund is being processed and once approved will
immediately be shipped out to ther
Brandt N*** | Alder
Compliance Manager

December 27, 2016RE: *** *** To the of Utah,Thank you for bringing this to our attentionWe reached out to the customer to discuss this issue but were unable to get a hold of them at the number we have on file. Our customer service
department has been instructed to waive the activation fee, although the contract does show that one would be chargedWe also credited the account $so Ms*** will not be charged until February as she requestedThe account was credited $on 11/and $on 11/and a check for $was sent on 12/to cover the overdraft fees. It is our understanding that the representative wrote on the folder that was left with the customer that if they referred someone to Alder they would receive a free cameraIf a referral was given please have Ms*** supply us with the name or if her agreement was different than what is stated here please have her send us a picture of what was written on the folder. Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

May 30, 2017 RE: *** *** To the, Thank you for contacting usWe spoke with Ms*** and resolved the issueWe appreciate your assistance. Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

December 8, 2017RE: *** *** To the, Again, Ms*** was never charged and the account was never activatedIf the return shipping label still hasn’t been received she can do as she wishesHowever, if the equipment is discarded and tracking shows that the label was received she will be responsible for the cost of the equipment.Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I would like a written letter from the company stating such to prevent any future incidents
*** ***

July 21, 2017RE: *** and *** *** To the, Thank you for contacting usWe spoke with the ***’s daughter on several occasions and assured her we would send a technician at no charge to diagnose the problemWe also gave the ***’s months of free
serviceWe need to have a technician look at the system and determine the problem before we consider canceling the accountPlease have the ***’s confirm the appointment we attempted to schedule on 7/Thank you for your assistance.Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI don't anything else to doI will file a complaint against ***
*** ***

April 12, 2017RE: *** *** To the, We have an appointment scheduled for 4/to retrieve the equipment from Ms*** homeOnce that has been completed Ms*** account with Alder will be canceledThank you for your assistance with
this matter.Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

July 6, 2017RE: *** *** To the, We apologize for the inconvenience Ms*** has experiencedAs a gesture of goodwill we have credited her account with months of service at no chargeWe have also instructed our customer service team to schedule an
appointment for a technician to update the system at no chargePlease let us know if there is anything else we can do for Ms***.Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

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