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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I sent in a letter to cancel at the end of the contract with signature required, I have the receipt that you accepted the letter.? I also sent emails and called the number.? Once the contract was cleared up this account should have been closed immediately.? I called last week and the person who answered said that the renewal was still in place, so you did not cancel the renewal as you seem to indicate here.? Only after my opening another complaint with the has anything been done.? I spoke with a representative yesterday who said they still can't close my account without yet more paperwork.? I am not going to close this until the account is actually closed and my money refunded.? When you treat customers like this, they tend to get upset on the phone.? Treat customers with respect if you want the same in return
*** *** contacted me and cleared everything upI was under contract but they ended up taking
care of me
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** *** ***

Customer: [redacted] Account Number:418481 Tothe,  Thank you for contacting us. We have reviewed Ms.[redacted]'s account in order to better understand her complaint. We would like to address her issues by lowering her...

monthly rate and crediting her a month of service for any inconveniences in the past. We have been unable to contact her through the phone and have sent an email in the hopes of reaching an amicable resolution.

To the,? Thank you for contacting us? Reviewing her account I see that Mrs*** has been assist with getting those cameras installed on June 22nd ? and the buy-out check has been approved to be mailed out in the next few daysplease allow 7-business days
for the check to arriveIf Mrs*** has any questions she may give us a call

May? 16, 2018? RE:? *** ***? To the,? ? Thank you for contacting? us.? We have refunded the May and April payments to Mr***'s bank accountPlease remind him that this typically takes 3-business days to processAlso, the account
has been cancelledPlease let us know if anything else is needed.? ? Sincerely,? Brandt.N? | Alder Compliance Manager

November 3, 2017RE:? *** ***? To the,? We have explained to Ms*** that the cause of her camera issues is the speed of her internet serviceThe reason she wasn’t called when her alarm was triggered is because she always disarmed the system within
secondsThis timeframe is allotted to prevent the dispatching of authorities everytime someone returns home after having armed the systemAs Ms*** feels the cost is too high we have taken the liberty of reducing her monthly rate from $to $54.00.Sincerely,? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

July 3, 2017? ? RE: ? *** ***? ? To the,? Thank you for bringing this to our attentionWe have attempted to reach Ms*** to discuss this complaint but the number we have takes us directly to an automated message.? ? The complaint
states: “due to limited income as a senior citizen, I am no longer able to afford this service.” The account is in the name of *** *** who our records show is 37.? The complaint also states “the initial contract period is over.” The month agreement was signed on 11/17/and doesn’t end until 11/17/19.? We are happy to discuss this with Ms*** but as we are unable to reach her at the number provided she may contact me directly at 385-218-2747.? ? Sincerely,? ? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

March 1, 2018RE: ? *** *** To the,Thank you for contacting usAs Mr*** mentioned concerns with his finances and the length of the contract we are willing to reduce the term of his agreement from months to and from $to $We have also taken
the liberty of waiving his past due balance of $Please let us know if we can do anything else for Mr***.Sincerely, Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI have not received the credits and service repairs as promised so I would like to proceed with the final option given which is to cancel my agreement so long as that is not going to require me to pay the full monthly charge as if I had the servicePlease let me know how to proceed to cancel the service agreement and when I can expect it to be canceled from ACH from my checking account monthlyAlso, I would be willing to send back any equipment necessary to fulfill this?
*** ***

August 18, 2017RE: ? *** ***? To the,? We have released Ms*** and submitted a refund to her bankThank you for your assistance in this matter.Sincerely,? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I will return the payment of for Moni pay off to Alder Security
*** ***

October 2, 2017RE:? *** ***? To the,? In order to accomodate Ms*** we have released her from the contract and waived the past due balanceWe are grateful for the opportunity to have served her and we wish her the best.Sincerely,? Brandt N***
| Alder Compliance Manager

We are firm on our previous offerThat is the most we can do for Mr***? at this time

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

May 11, 2017RE: ? *** ***? To the,? Thank you for contacting usWe have spoken with Ms*** and resolved this issueThank you for your assistance.Sincerely,? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

February 2, 2018RE:? *** ***? To the, Thank you for contacting usMs***’s account was cancelled before her complaint was reviewedIn response to the language used in the complaint we wish to remind Ms*** that her rate was reduced by $simply
because she asked and now her legally binding contract was also cancelled just because she askedIt was rather disappointing to have her use words like “abuse” and “scam” after we have done everything we could to meet her needsWe wish her and her family the best.? Sincerely,? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

January 31, 2017RE: ? ? ? *** ***? To the of Utah,? ? ? ? ? ? ? We have been speaking with Ms*** and were able to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreementMs*** expressed that she was pleased with the
solution and we will continue to stay in touch with her to ensure her continued satisfactionSincerely,? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Again, at my request, my daughter (*** ***) is handling this situation for me as I am years old and very hard of hearing (especially on the phone) -- following is our response:? I, *** ***, RECEIVED A CALL from Brandt N*** on 6/29/-- I returned that call on Sat 7/1/leaving a message with our requests and MY PHONE NUMBER.? Knowing that was a Saturday, and since I had not heard from MrN***, I called a 2nd time on WEDS, 7/5/and left a message WITH MY PHONE NUMBER for a return call.? He had my phone number when he called ME on 6/and I've left it for him twice since then.? ? In my opinion, his actions are nothing but stall tactics to make the think Alder is making an effort to resolve this issue.? In addition to the two phone calls I have made to him, we FAXED (on 6/21/17) and MAILED a letter to Alder clearly stating our request and requesting a response via mail or email (as provided in letter).? We have also filed complaints with the, the Missouri Attorney General and Discover card.? And, YES, you may give him my phone number(s) you have on file if he still cannot figure out how to contact me
*** *** (by *** *** - daughter)

To The,? Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we have reviewed Ms***’s account and she is having some issue with her equipment and her buyout with her previous company, we would like help by sending a technician to her home free of charge to take a look at
the system and fix any of her equipment she may be having problems withAbout her previous company we would like to help her pay off the rest of the agreement she had with them, Ms*** needs to send us a final bill and we will send out a check once we get that final bill? Additionally, Ms*** has a past due balance of $I would like to go ahead and waive that balance for herPlease have Ms*** let us know when we are able to schedule a technician? Sincerely,? ? ?

February 27, 2017RE: ? ? ? *** ***? To the of Utah,? We were able to speak with *** and we agreed to release him from the contract and, as a sign of good will, the outstanding balance was forgivenThank you for your assistance.Sincerely,? Brandt N*** | Alder Compliance Manager

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