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Allstate Protection Plans

600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387

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Cyber Monday On amazon Nov,2018 I ordered a fire tv with a squaretrade warranty. After several issues and several service calls best buy declared the tv dead and unfixable and issued me a full refund of purchase price for return of tv, which I did, after this I contacted squaretrade several times thru email explaining what had happened and that since best buy had done this under the one year warranty, I asked for a full refund for the warranty I had purchased from them. This has been going on a good while and they still have not refunded. It is $12.00 but it is the Ideal that they are just ripping me off. I no longer have tv, so why would I need warranty. This is really sad because how many people are they doing this way?, Thank You

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 10, 2020

We apologize for any issues the consumer experienced receiving a refund of their warranty cost. A consumer is always able to log into their SquareTrade online account or call in 24 hours a day for assistance with canceling their warranty. At this time, we have moved forward with completing the consumer's request. A call was placed to the consumer to advised the of the resolution but were unable to make contact. We also sent the customer a follow-up email with direct contact information.

I bought a square trade warranty that was offered with the purchase of my head unit. I submitted everything that was requested. Called 5 times to see what the next holdup is. They state everything is covered and etc. But we have not been reimbursed for repairs and shipping, nor has the head unit been repaired or replaced. Please advise!

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 10, 2020

We apologize for any issues the consumer experienced with their device. When a claim is approved for a local repair invoice, the consumer can choose their repair location and provide an invoice for reimbursement. If the repair location determines the device is unable to be repaired, SquareTrade requires documentation before moving to the next best resolution. Reviewing the consumer's account, we have received the repair invoice but are still awaiting the documentation stating the item can not be repaired. We attempted to call the consumer to provide resolution but were unsuccessful. An email has been sent to the consumer advising the proposed resolution and providing our direct contact information.

Customer Response • Feb 11, 2020

They asked for the documentation on 12/22/19. I furnished all of their required documents on 12/22/19. I did not hear anything back from them via email or phone, so I emailed them back on 1/14/20 after calling and being told they didn't have an answer. I need reimbursement for United radio repairs and shipping. I need direction on what to do next as the unit is still malfunctioning. Im guessing they are trying to drag this out as the warranty ends this month.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 11, 2020

At this time we have not received the documentation from the repair facility indicating the device can not be repaired.

Once we have received the documentation stating the item is non-repairable we can move forward providing a resolution for the consumer. An email was sent to the consumer so they can directly reply with any necessary documentation.

I had purchased a 65' TCL Roku tv at our local ***. I was told that any mechanical or accidental damage would be covered. I called to tell them everything that went on with the tv and they told me it would not be covered. I have called and I have complained over social media but,I have no response yet. If they can't fix it or replace it I feel like I should at least get my warranty money back,since I was mislead. This is absolute false advertising!

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 10, 2020

We apologize for any confusion the consumer experienced during the claim process.

SquareTrade offers two types of plans: Plans with Accident Protection and Standard Plans. The only difference is that Plans with Accident Protection cover accidents like drops and spills, while Standard Plans do not.

While Squaretrade plans are sold by many different retailers with different features and price points, we do not offer accidental coverage on TV’s with any plan.

We understand the consumer may have been provided with incorrect information at the time of purchase and we greatly apologize for any miscommunication. To turn the consumer's experience around, we have reimbursed the full product price as we’re unable to repair/replace the TV. Again, we again apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer Response • Feb 13, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Wanted to leave zero stars, however the review would not let me.
The absolute worst customer service of any warranty company I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had a claim in for over 6 months and continuously get a run around when trying to sort it out. My product was deemed defective and not cost effective to replace. I was then told I had to purchase a used/repaired watch (2 generations old) at a specific store despite the initial purchase and “worry free/hassle free” warranty being purchased at a normal retailer. Additionally 6 months of my 3 year warranty have been spent with a broken product and an “active” warranty claim. I will never utilize square trade for any service again.
Ridiculous company

On Sept 25, 2019 I purchased a refurbished 128gb iPhone 7 and a 3 year protection plan online from ***.com. After only 4 months the phone has become intermittently functional needing to be rebooted multiple times to be able to work if at all. Bumping the phone in the slightest will cause it to stop working if I can get it to work at all...
I contacted *** Customer Care on Jan. 31, 2020 who told me, via email, to contact Square Trade about the 3 year protection plan and provided a link - http://www.***.com/protection. I went to that link and then clicked on the "File a Claim" button which then takes you to a Square Trade page.
Using the little Chat help pop on the Square Trade page I was able to get some faulty instructions on how to call in. After about an hour dealing with the chat assistant online and her discovery that her instructions were incorrect, I finally got through the automated phone menu to talk to a rep.
1st rep – contacted Jan 31 name: *** – insisted the phone could be "repaired" by restoring it to factory defaults. Said he created a claim number and then sent me an email without a claim number on it (left blank) and a link to instructions. I go to that link and cannot restore the phone because it won't connect to my computer iTunes as required via their instructions. So I called them back...
2nd rep - contacted Jan 31 name: *** (sp?) – She tells me that the phone is repairable and that I have to take the phone to be repaired and provides some repair locations. Turns out the nearest one is over 27 mi away near Boston. So I am sent, via email, a voucher with a claim number to their authorized repair shop... Cell Phone Repair (CPR) ***. So I followed the instructions: I printed the voucher, confirmed the shop was open and drove there. After examining the phone the shop owner *** informed me the phone was not repairable. So I drive home and call Square Trade yet again…
3rd rep – contacted Jan 31 name: *** (sp?) – Tells me that there is no info from the repair shop (CPR) and that I have to go back there and get them to submit the information on some unnamed form that I had no knowledge of. Now I am thoroughly frustrated and upset. I told the rep that I have followed all of their instructions and have so far gotten nowhere. I told them that they can call CPR and get whatever information they need. I just want my phone working. So the rep advised that Square Trade would indeed call CPR and get the info on my behalf and to give them a day and call back to see what the next step will be…
4th rep – contacted Feb 1 name: *** (sp?) again – The rep informed that there was no record about the previous call let alone any contact with CPR to collect the information they say they need and advise that it is up to me to go get it. So I again insist that they contact CPR. After multiple holds on the phone the rep confirmed that they contacted CPR and they were advised the phone is not repairable. So now Square Trade wants me to send them my phone so they can determine if it is repairable or not and see how to proceed from there. I pretty much lost all patience with them and insisted that they send me a replacement and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want with my failed phone. Next I was advised that they don’t have any iPhone 7’s available… while I am looking at hundreds of them on the internet available for next day shipping.
It was here that I told the rep that I was completely fed up with their refusal to help me and also putting all the burden to do anything on me. This is when I told the rep that my next actions were to file a report with the and the consumer protection division of MA State attorney general’s office. After some more time on repeated holds, I am asked to await yet another day for another email with yet more instructions that I must follow…
Feb 2 – No email or phone call from Square Trade.
5th rep – contacted Feb 3 – ***: The rep informs me that I have to send the phone via expedited shipping to them for repair. To which I asked about the previous call… More time on hold and now he sees that the replacement request was entered by the previous rep on Saturday but not finalized. So *** takes care of this an then tells me I have to wait up to 5 more business days for an email informing me whether or not they are going to replace the phone.
I work as a project manager and cannot go a week strapped to a desk because my phone doesn’t work.
I am beyond frustrated with Square Trade and their refusal to support their customer. They are not following up with emails, phone calls or even claim numbers…
Sorry to be so long winded here,

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 06, 2020

We apologize for any dissatisfaction the consumer has with the claim process.SquareTrade provides resolutions with the consumer in mind. Based on the information the consumer provides and the problems presented, our specialist determines what the best solution will be. There are times when the issue present cannot be solved with the typical fix. When the original resolution does not solve the problem, we move to the next best option. In the consumer's case, we found that troubleshooting was most likely to be effective in correcting the problem. Once we determined that it would need repair, we approved the consumer to have the item serviced at an authorized repair center. The consumer followed the typical progression for resolution, but as it turns out, the consumer's item required additional steps before the proper fix was determined.While we intend to make the claim filing process as efficient as possible, we do sometimes require consumers to take an active part in the claim process. We understand that in the consumer's specific situation, this has slowed down their resolution.A SquareTrade Representative has made contact with the consumer and has provided additional support to the customer to improve their experience. We have reached an agreement with the consumer that will benefit both parties.We thank the consumer for taking the time to speak with us and allowing us opportunity to address their concerns.

I have had a plan to protect my old phone for several years. I have been a good customer and always paid on time.

I got a new phone, this time and Apple, with it came AppleCare... A protection plan. I didn't own the old phone anymore so attempted to cancel.

The representative RUDELY kept telling me to keep Squaretrade despite the fact that would be redundant and I already had AppleCare. She wouldn't let it go. THEN she finally agreed to cancel and put me on hold. She got off of hold and told me it has been canceled. This was a lie. The warranty is still active and I never received confirmation of cancellation.

That is an egregious scam... Especially for an Allstate company.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 07, 2020

We apologize for any dissatisfaction the consumer has with their experience.SquareTrade appreciates all of our consumers and their patronage. While we do wish to continue providing service to all of our consumers, we want our consumers to choose our business based on their needs.When a monthly plan is canceled, we honor our protection guarantee up to the end of the consumer's billing cycle. The warranty will remain active until the billing cycle has been met. The consumer will still be able to file a claim during this time and will able to reinstate the protection if they choose. Once the billing cycle is over, we will issue a notice that the plan is no longer active.We have verified the cancelation of the consumer's protection plan as reassurance to the consumer.We thank the consumer for the opportunity to address their concerns, and we hope we have cleared away any confusion surrounding this case.

Customer Response • Feb 10, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: the plan is still active.


Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 11, 2020

The protection plan will continue to show as active until the billing cycle is complete. The consumer has already paid his subscription fee for this billing cycle, so we will continue to honor the protection plan until the end of the billing cycle. The protection plan status will change to a closed state once we have completed our obligations to the consumer.

I have a JL Audio 13w7AE that I purchased from amazon & bought their 4 year warranty because I figured it would be a good safety thing just in case anything was to happen to it I put in for repairs a few times and everytime I would put in for the repair they would send me the return packet it would show the shipping label but when I would go to print it shipping label would disappear & I would forget to contact them back, finally got that straightned out & sent them my sub woofer for repair & figured it would need to be replaced or paid out because JL audio is very protective of parts so I didnt think they would be able to repair for lack of parts so now it had been about two weeks since I sent it in I check my old email beacause that was my email when I purchased my warranty & it says they are refusing to cover due to "physical internal damage" from being over the watt rating which is impossible I had it professionally installed with a amplifier that is 300 watts under the rms power rating it just one day blew from a few years of use so they refused to replace due to using the item as it is intended the person I spoke to on the chats tried to lie & tell me it was due to water damage, I said there was no mention of that in the email he kept telling me it was due to water damage 15 mins later I get an email stating he was mistaken it had no water after I requested pictures he assured me that they had proving it was the issue. I emailed back saying to as I stated in my chat you were answer. I call in today & they are sticking to the same script saying it was over driven, so they dont cover that. Which is funny since they say they cover mechanical & electrical problems. I would just like them to do the right thing & cover the subwoofer wether you want to replace or compensate me thank you. For all the consumers beware save your money they wont cover your issues they will just try to make you go away

Bought a 3 year protection plan that was supposed to cover electrical and mechanical repairs on an Apple iwatch. The watch has only been owned for a little over a month, just opened, never dropped. The glass watch face began separating from the watch (ie. Mechanical Failure) and the company said they would not replace it because they deemed it physical damage and not mechanical failure.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 05, 2020

We apologize for the consumer's recent claim experience.SquareTrade's extended warranty agreement is a contract that provides the consumer with insight into the item's coverage. In this agreement, the section titled What is Not Covered lists any issues that SquareTrade will not handle. Our trained specialist utilizes the information provided by the consumer to determine if the problem is covered under warranty.In the consumer's case, any damage related to the display of the unit falls within What is Not Covered under subsection K. However, if the consumer expresses that the problem is due to a defect from the manufacturing process, we would still not cover the issue. SquareTrade does not cover defects stemming from manufacturing and expresses this within subsection F of What is Not Covered.We understand that the consumer may not have received a proper explanation of why we decided not to move forward with a claim. We have already agreed to refund the consumer for their warranty contract as requested by the consumer.We hope we have provided the consumer clarity with our decision.

Customer Response • Feb 05, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: it is clearly stated in this email provided that “electrical and mechanical failures”. This clearly falls under a mechanical failure. SquareTrade is attempting to swing the verbiage in their favor and in doing so are deceiving customers. Not only did they not help with the warranty paid for, but they dropped the coverage as soon as a claim was made. This is no way to run a business and other consumers need to know about these shady business practices provided by SquareTrade.


Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 07, 2020

We apologize for any misinformation the consumer has experienced.The reason we have chosen to deny this claim is due to the damage being display related. Display damage regardless of origin is not covered, as determined by the warranty contract.We often relate denials with screens to physical damage, because it is the primary cause of issues for the physical component of displays. It also falls within the same subsection of our warranty contract.We understand the consumer's issue with our evaluation lies within our use of physical damage, though damage to the display of any kind is why we deny these types of claims.We have reached out to the consumer to provide additional assistance and to find a suitable resolution for both parties.

I bought a warranty on my phone. I filed a legitimate claim for a $371 reimbursement for repair back in August 2019. Square Trade acknowledged it was legitimate. They also charged me 7 times for the $85 deductible. I have spent 4 months trying to get back the $510 in deductibles and they finally reversed the charges. Ive spent 5 months, 6 phone calls, countless emails, and many many hours of my time trying to receive reimbursement for my claim. On December 18 2019, a customer service rep emailed me that the check had been issued and was coming. To this day I have not received the check. I talked to another rep today and got the runaround again. They are crooks and liars, hoping you'll give up on trying to collect. I regret ever buying the stupid warranty. worst customer service ever.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 04, 2020

We apologize for any frustration the consumer has regarding this incident.It is never our intent to delay the consumer in the reimbursement process. Due to the issue surrounding the consumer's deductible, there were significant delays in the claim.We understand that this has caused them significant frustration, and we have already addressed the consumer's concerns. They have been contacted with further details on the status of their claim and can look forward to a resolution to this case.We thank the consumer for their patience on this matter and the opportunity to address their concerns.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 05, 2020

We have looked into the consumer's concerns. We have sent the consumer an email acknowledging that we have received the affidavit and that we are currently processing the reimbursement.The consumer will receive confirmation once the reimbursement has processed.

Customer Response • Feb 05, 2020

SquareTrade has essentially responded that they are communicating with me. We've been communicating for 5 months and I'm still waiting for the resolution. I will not be satisfied until I recieve the reimbursement.


I sent my computer in for repair under SquareTrade's extended warranty (purchased with my Dell laptop). They did not fully repair it. Then they said I could take it locally and get reimbursed for the battery. It cost me $119.47 for the battery and installation. They are trying to tell me they will only pay for the battery $64. If they would have replaced it when it was at their repair facility (which is one of the reasons I returned it), there wouldn't have been extra charges.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 04, 2020

We apologize for any frustration that the consumer has experienced.During the local repair claim process, it is standard practice to provide full reimbursement of the invoice amount. We do include diagnosis, parts, and labor in the payment.In this specific case, the warranty contract has expired, and the rework period had been exceeded. Due to this, the additional service was in response to the lack of replacement given during the claim process.We understand that the battery installation is not a concern the consumer would have had if the battery had been replaced. We have reached out to the consumer to address their concerns and have reached an agreement that will benefit both parties.We thank the consumer for allowing us the opportunity to assist and improve their experience.

I purchased a Black and Decker LHT2436 40 volt hedge trimmer on Amazon on 08/25/16 for 59.99. I also purchased a 2 year extended protection plan. On 08/26/16 I received an email from Square trade that states my protection plan start date was after manufacturer's warranty. The end coverage date was 2 years after manufacturer's warranty. Black and Decker has a 2 year warranty. So if I bought this on 08/25/16 and the manufactures warranty is 2 years that would be 08/25/18 and then my protection plan should start and run through 08/25/20. When I first contacted them, they had to have me send them proof of when I purchased the plan, so they could locate it. Then they sent an email with a ticket # of *** stating that 'We have successfully located your protection plan(s). Your Warranty Plan Number is ***" and that I could file a claim. I tried to do it online but was told that I needed to call them. I called and talked to a lady and she said the warranty was expired and there was nothing they could do even after I explained that the coverage should still be in effect. I was trying to file a claim on this because the motor on this unit is burnt out, it won't run.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 03, 2020

We apologize for any issues the consumer experienced with their device. The SquareTrade warranty runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty coverage and provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer's warranty. If the manufacturer denies service during this period, SquareTrade can step in to assist with mechanical and electrical issues as well as assist with shipping cost. The coverage term is outlined in the warranty contract emailed to consumers. At this time, we are unable to process a claim for the consumer due to the warranty being expired.

Customer Response • Feb 09, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: The original email that I got from them (Picture attached) states the protection is a 2 year extension that starts after the manufacture warranty and ends 2 years later. In the terms and conditions it doesn't mention anything about running concurrently.

The Black and Decker Warranty runs for 2 years (picture attached).

The Order of the Warranty states Extended Protection Plan (picture attached)

The other picture is of the order of the trimmer.


Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 10, 2020

After reviewing the documentation provided by the customer we will be assisting with their device. We have attempted to call the customer to provide a resolution but were unable to make contact. An email was sent to the customer with the proposed resolution and our direct contact information.

I am not able to get Squaretrade team to handle my broken screen issues this time. I have done that multiple times in past, but the latest claim is horrible. They want me to go to local store to get it fixed, and local store has parts back ordered. They want me to ship my phone in, but I need that for my work everyday. I am asking them to ship the replacement phone first, which they have done several times, in last few years, but not now. My most difficult thing is I have to repeat the same things over and over again to each agent, and they are either in India or South Africa and not able to handle my issue well.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 03, 2020

We truly apologize for any inconvenience the consumer experienced with
the claim process.

Squaretrade provides various resolutions for
each claim. If a consumer encounters a problem with their claim, a specialist
will assist in determining the best course of action for the consumers item.
The exact course of action we’ll suggest will depend on what the item is, what’s
wrong with the item, how much the consumer paid for the item, as well as other
factors determined by the Claim Filing process.

In this case, we’ve provided the consumer with
multiple resolution which were not feasible.

One of our specialists has reached out to the consumer
and offered a reimbursement. The consumer will be reimbursed for the retail value
of his phone. The resolution has satisfied both Squaretrade and the consumer.



I purchased a plan for Squaretrade and have had nothing but issues. I sent in my Microsoft Surface to get repaired and they sent it back not fully working. The first time, the sound would not work, but I went ahead and kept using it. Then the screen that had been repaired mysteriously cracked and I sent it back to get replaced. It was repaired and returned with a screen that has a blurr area on it and it is also locked. It asks for a product key for Windows to activate it. I called Sqauretrade to get taht kety and they provided me the phone number to Microsoft XBOX. So I went back, got the correct number and called them. They will not give me the product key.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 03, 2020

We apologize for any issues the consumer experienced with their device. SquareTrade attempts to assure all devices are repaired and returned fully functional. In the event a device is returned still having issues, the consumer can initiate a follow-up claim within 30 days regardless of warranty status. At this time we have reached out to the consumer to provide an alternative resolution.

I purchased a warranty policy to protect my laptop for three years after purchase on September 11, 2017. This warranty is therefore valid through September 11, 2020, and as such we are still within the timeframe of the warranty agreement.

Due to routine and normal use of my laptop, the hinge of the screen became damaged over time. This was NOT due to an accident, no accidental damage occurred and the laptop was never dropped. However, simply by normally using the laptop and opening and closing the screen on a regular basis (which one has to do to use a laptop), the hinge broke and started cracking the casing of the laptop when opening the screen.

I called SquareTrade to file my claim, given that I was experiencing non-accidental damage to my laptop within the three year timeframe. I was told after review of pictures of the laptop that they would not cover the damage.

This is despite the damage being NON-accidental, occurring within the 3 year timeframe, and being a direct result of NORMAL use of the laptop by opening and closing the screen.

I will recommend to anyone who is looking into warranties that they do not use SquareTrade, as they have proven that they will not honor the agreements that I paid them to honor. I will also be contacting NewEgg, the site via which I purchase the laptop and the warranty, and voicing my hopes that they drop SquareTrade as their warranty partner given they do not honor their warranties. I recommend anyone else who bought via NewEgg and is experiencing this breach of agreement do the same.

SquareTrade needs to either repair, pay to repair, or replace my laptop. They have not honored the agreement that I paid for.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 03, 2020

We apologize for any issues the consumer experienced with their device. SquareTrade offer's a standard and accidental damage from handling protection plan. The accidental damage from handling plan covers drops and spills while the standard plan protects against mechanical and electrical failures. Our standard coverage plan does take into account wear and tear to the item during regular use throughout the plan. At this time we have reached out to the consumer to assist with processing a claim.

I am trying to make a legitimate claim and they told me what the requirements are for the item receipt. I submitted everything they have asked for and now they have stopped answering my emails and it seems they do not want to honor the warranty.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jan 31, 2020

We apologize for any inconvenience this consumer experienced with their claim.

Squaretrade does our best to make the claims process hassle-free and quick, though in certain instances we'll require more information to proceed. In this case we understand the consumer has not received response since providing their item receipt, we have reviewed this account and forwarded additional details to the email address on file.

We hope this is a satisfactory result and appreciate the consumer bringing us this concern.

Customer Response • Feb 10, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

This complaint is not resolved as they have not informed me they are shipping reimbursement yet.


Allstate Protection Plans Response • Feb 10, 2020

We apologize for any delays experienced receiving your reimbursement. Generally, SquareTrade can processes all reimbursement checks within 1 to 2 business days. We are currently reaching out to our back office team to confirm the customer's reimbursement is has been processed. Once confirmed, we will be reaching out to the consumer.

Purchased a warranty for a TV.
Warranty is still active.

After having several issues with my TV, I contacted SquareTrade for support.

They had me send in some pictures and such.

They told me that they would not honor the warranty because of "physical damage" which is not true. I responded to them several times, but they are now ignoring emails.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jan 30, 2020

We apologize that we are unable to provide the consumer with a resolution to this case.While we do mimic the manufacturer's warranty, there are specific exclusions that are listed in our terms and conditions. During the review of the images sent, we determined that there was a separation between the back panel and the front bezel. Bezel separation falls within the cracked section of what is not covered, as it is a break or split of the monitor without the complete separation of parts.We thank the consumer for allowing us the opportunity to provide education on our warranty coverage, and we hope that we have addressed all confusion regarding this claim.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jan 31, 2020

We apologize we are unable to honor this claim.

Squaretrade TV warranties cover hardware or electrical failures due to normal usage, as our policies are not intended to cover physical damage. Separation of the device body would qualify as physical damage, this is why we are unable to approve this claim.

We understand the consumer disagrees with our diagnostic, but in this case several specialists have reviewed the relevant damage and reached the same consensus. Squaretrade extensively trains our employees to diagnose device failures, as this helps us determine the best resolution for each claim. This also helps Squaretrade confirm the issue is covered beneath the relevant policy.

We again apologize for any inconvenience and we will provide a full refund of the warranty purchase price.

Customer Response • Feb 03, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

They just keep repeating the same thing over and over and not actually responding. Still no response at all about the more major issue of intermittent shutdowns.



I have taken out coverage with sqare trade for several items in the past years. I filed for two phone warranties and two other items over the past two years. On each occasion they have not reimbursed me as they said they would. This last occasion I requested a replacement for one of the devices which was valued at $105.99 square trade said they would not replace device but reimburse me $35.99 for the item. They would not let me speak to a supervisor. Rochelle Manager on detail.they are depreciating the value of the items which is not the way the policy reads. only going to cover the cost of item will not replace and only giving depreciated value. the item will not replace because I used earned points towards the purchase price which does not affect the

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jan 25, 2020

We apologize for any confusion the consumer experienced during the claim process. It is always our intent to provide the consumer with a clear explanation for the resolutions we provide.Within the warranty contract's terms and conditions, we explain that the coverage amount is equivalent to the maximum coverage price of the Protection Plan, or the purchase price of the item, whichever is lower. The purchase price would be what the consumer spent out of pocket for the item, which in this circumstance would be the $35.99 amount. We do not base our coverage amount on the price given before discounts are applied.

A warranty contract has been sent via email so the consumer may gain a better understanding of the warranty protection.

We understand the consumer's concerns, and we hope to have clarified all surrounding confusion.

I purchased cordless phones from *** 8/27/18. I purchased the square trade warranty on the phones for 2 years that kick in after the 1 year manufacturer warranty. the phones failed - no one could hear me - so I filed a claim. when I received my check it was for $48.96, and not the full purchase price. it took several hours to receive a return call from a manager who proceeded to tell me that the refund was prorated for the amount of time I used it. claim ***. I told the manager that I should have received FULL REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE. I quoted the terms on their Agreement where it states COVERAGE AMOUNT UP TO PURCHASE PRICE EXCLUSIVE OF TAXES AND FEES. Says nothing about prorated for time used. this is PREDATORY PRACTICE TO KEEP MONIES THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO. Then he agreed to send me another check to reimburse me full purchase price. this is not good business practice and borders on criminal activity. how much money have they kept from their customers???

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jan 24, 2020

We apologize for any confusion surrounding the fast cash resolution.The fast cash resolution is one of our simplest and most efficient resolution options provided. If presented with this resolution, the consumer is reimbursed at a slightly lower price than the original item cost. This allows the consumer a quick and effective resolution, without having to perform any additional steps, such as mailing in the item, filling out paperwork, or waiting on a technician.We thank the consumer for allowing us an opportunity to clear up the surrounding confusion.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jan 28, 2020

Our goal is to make sure all specialists are familiar with our resolution options and warranty policies. In this circumstance, the specialist was not familiar enough with the requested information, and a more knowledgeable representative was necessary. Because of this, there was a delay in your service, since our managers are not always available to answer questions immediately. We apologize for any delay this may have caused the consumer, and we use all feedback as a source of training opportunity.While oftentimes, we do provide consumers with different resolutions, SquareTrade reserves the right to select the resolution option, as stated in the warranty contract. There are times where other resolutions are not available due to the consumer's specific circumstances, and we must provide what is available. The extended warranty contract begins on the date of purchase unless there is an exclusionary period. The extended warranty works in conjunction with the manufacturer's warranty to provide the consumer with protection that the manufacturer may not provide, or protection in the event the manufacturer cannot reasonably assist.The warranty contract does not guarantee the consumer will receive a reimbursement equivalent to the purchasing price. We guaranteed up to the purchasing price, which allows up to provide a pro-rated value in exchange for convenience.It is not our intention to deceive or mislead our consumers. We thank the consumer for allowing us to clarify our terms and conditions, and we have sent a copy of the consumer's warranty contract to provide additional clarity.

I sent my brand new laptop in because the roller was messed up and one of the keys I received my brand new laptop back and there were scratches all over it. It looked like someone got a razor and carved a house in it. So I called they said they don't cover cosmetic damages. A short while later my brand new laptop starts crashing I send it in again comes back it's still crashing roller is messed up again. I called and they said my warranty is complete because of the money spent repairing the item. They ruined my brand new laptop.

I purchased a product protection plan from square trade ,and never recieved my refund. I tried for way over a month, and many phone calls, and always the same thing. We are sorry , and we will get you a rrfund in two buisness days. Spoke to several supervisors who said they would fix the problem, and nothing happened. I will never buy a protection plan from *** again as it is just a waste to money. Very disappointed that *** would put up with this.

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Address: 600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387


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