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Allstate Protection Plans

600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387

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Square trade took care of my non functioning laptop and did it in less than a week from the initial phone call to having it back. I would say that’s pretty great and it is working like new.Thank you Square trade.

They made doing business with them a pleasant time. Treated me like I mattered.

Easy, honest reliable company. My claim was immediately approved and refund sent.

Amazing experience - I contacted them and recieved a response within the hour. All was settled the same day!
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Electric scooter not working, called to file a claim, cost more to fix it than to buy a new one, square tread pay me out 90% of the purchase price. Claim took a little over a week to complete. Service is good and fast.

A very reputable service. Extremely fast response, received refund in two days. WOW. I will definitely use this service again.

HORRIBLE. They have had my computer for THIRTY DAYS and counting. The turn around for repair was supposed to be TWO TO FIVE business days. Not twenty and counting. *** should be offering a higher caliber warranty program. Just beyond disgusted. I have been also told four times now that it will only
be “24-48 hours” more upon inquiry of where my item is!!! Awful and unacceptable!!

Fast response and follow through. Fist time having to report a need for their service and I was completely satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them for extended warranty coverage.

Emailed them the problem and the same day they responded with two favorable options. Super fast service! We have another contract with them on another item. If we need them, we expect the same quick service!

Purchased square trade plan on 02/08/2019 for an xbox contoller purchased at Target. Attempted to file an online claim for xbox controller on 09/21/2019 due to it no longer working as controller was still under square trade warranty and damage was abiding by their coverage plan rules. Was unable to complete claim online as it said to contact support by phone. I called support and they emailed me a link to file claim. Again I could not advance to file a claim as it said to contact support. Chatted with online support and gave them all the information they requested on the sales receipt. They told me I needed to reset my password and then I could file a claim. I did that but still could not file a claim. Once more chatted with online support . This time they told me that the controller is still under manufacturers warranty and to file a claim with microsoft. He said it would be free of charge. The information they provided me is untrue as microsofts warranty for xbox controllers is 90 days. Square Trade gave me the run around as they kept me in circles with different support techs and they did not resolve my problem. The final answer from them was false regarding Microsoft would repair or fix it for free.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Sep 24, 2019

We apologize for any dissatisfaction with our claims process.The consumer's claim was denied and was referred to the manufacturer. Squaretrade utilizes the manufacturer warranty for all items we cover, As this provides multiple benefits for our consumers. Most manufacturer warranties are for a total of one year. However, at times some items have less coverage this varies from by manufacturer. If the manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty or the warranty is less, Squaretrade can instead immediately step in to assist.This is one of our standard resolutions. We do compensate for any shipping costs accrued in sending the item to the manufacturer which doesn't deduct the value of the consumer's coverage. By providing a manufacture referral resolution, Squaretrade is honoring our contract, and we save the warranty for any future claim, which is why our protection plans run concurrently. In this case, since the warranty for the Xbox controller was for six months; square will step in and continue coverage for the item. A new claim for this item has been approved for reimbursement. The consumer will receive an email with the next steps. We again apologize for any inconvenience.Thanks, JR

Terrible service. Bought a brand new *** and insured it with square trade.
Paid for the service for 6 months before I needed help with a repair/replacement.
Apparently because I bought the insurance in the beginning of March and then bought the phone two weeks later (in the same month of March), my insurance was invalid and therefore I had no coverage on my expensive and now damaged phone.
Punished for being proactive and highly disappointed.

Website and chat support continue to give me the run around, when trying to file a claim, they ask for a picture of the recipt, item clearly states it was purchased 12/12 2017.. the response that I get, "item was purchased less than a yer ago, proceed with manufacture" I have sent a copy of receipt NUMEROUS times. I keep getting the "we will review" runaround...then I get an email to proceed and the process starts all over again.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Sep 24, 2019

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced with this claim.Squaretrade requires purchasing information for almost all warranties we have on file, including the purchasing price, description and date. In this case we understand the consumer experienced difficulty with our support center regarding this step in the process, this is never the experience we want for our consumers. Due to this a specialist directly reached out and assisted with the claim filing. We greatly appreciate the consumer's patience and again apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer Response • Sep 25, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



Resolved my problem, great service!! They are a good company!!

I have always had great experiences with Square Trade as I have used them for years. This time was no different. They are a great company and I can't recommend them enough.

Purchased a 2-year protection plan from Target's "*** Brochure states, "covers accidents like drops & spills" with photos of consumer electronics with cracked screens. A month after purchasing my flat screen I filed a claim after a faulty install led to the tv falling from the wall and cracking. I filed a claim; they stated not covered and was directed to read the agreement. After I became irate I was offered a refund. I accepted the refund as I had no other choice. However, fairtrade/allstate has essentially held my $75 interest free. I purchased insurance to safe guard my purchase not a refund.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Sep 24, 2019

We apologize we were unable to approve this claim.Squaretrade offers a variety of warranties which include differences in coverage types. In this case the item was covered by a Standard Protection plan, of which covers hardware or electrical failures due to normal use. This is the type of policy we offer for the large majority of TVs and Accident Protection is only offered via select retailers at this time.We understand the consumer was provided the incorrect brochure at the time of purchase and we greatly apologize for any miscommunication. Squaretrade will typically have multiple brochures at our partner locations, our TV brochure is more specific regarding this coverage type and does not advertise Accident Protection. We also can provide our consumers a copy of their warranty contract anytime and 24/7 access to their policy via our website.Due to this consumer's experience we have cancelled the warranty and processed a full refund for it's purchasing price. Unfortunately we would be unable to proceed with a claim and we again apologize for any inconvenience.

I had to send in a tablet for repair for a cracked screen. The process was beyond easy and the service time was very fast. 5/5 for me!

I had purchased a portable wireless speaker for son at Christmas 2 years ago and purchased the 3 year policy. Speaker quit working and was sent a refund. Very pleased with how handled. Check was sent timely.

SquareTrade was excellent to work with. I started my claim, mailed my laptop in, it was repaired and delivered back in less than 2 weeks. Pleasant experience, hassle free. I give them an A+

I purchased warranty through Costco when I purchased my TV in 2017.
Couple days ago I had file claim for Black lines showing in my tv After submitting all documents needed they tell me that it’s a physical damage and even if there is no physical damage or any sign of damage.
they determine the screen is cracked from inside they call that it’s a physical damage even if it’s not you physically so they don’t have to honor the warranty this is manufacture defect or crack from the heat
Which as Rudely they offer me my money back so they don’t have to honor what they should be honor .

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Sep 20, 2019

Tell us why We apologize we were unable to approve this claim.Squaretrade extensively trains our support specialists to offer knowledgeable and courteous service. Though Squaretrade is unable to approve every claim, we need to ensure our specialist are professional and courteous.We apologize if the customer felt that this was not the case we will review the situation to see where we can improve. Squaretrade TV warranties offer extensive coverage against hardware and electrical failures due to normal usage. Unfortunately, our TV warranties do not include coverage against accidental or physical damage at this time; this is why we are unable to approve the claim.We do our best to ensure consumers are aware of our product and methods. We also provide customers access to their warranties via our mobile app or website, where they can see additional details regarding your coverage. Although we are not able to approve a claim, we have reimbursed the consumer for a full warranty refund via check. Thanks,


I purchased a protection plan with square trade for laptop on 3/12/2017 . I had an issue with laptop on 8/3/2019,laptop kept on turning off. I shipped laptop to square trade. On Aug 15, 2019 I received email stating laptop was repaired, they claimed it was a battery replacement, Laptop was delivered Aug 24. I went away on vacation for two weeks, upon my return in Sep. 4 I open box for first time and checked laptop I automatically realized same issue from original claim on Aug 3 was continue to happen, laptop will turn on but after a while it will shut off automatically. I called immediately and was told I was still iunder the 30 days lapse square trade honors to guarantee laptop is fully repair, representative suggested it was most likely battery that needed to be checked again. I return item back for the second time to square trade with same claim number. On Sept. 13 I received email from Quinlan *** trying to get my pass code to do a full diagnostic of laptop. On 9/17/2019 I then received a totally different diagnostic of laptop stating this time laptop had water damage. Email stated water damage is not cover and they will not be repairing it, in addition to that it also said I needed to authorize cancellation of coverage I paid to just receive coverage money back, I refuse to cancel coverage. I immediately called to speak to a supervisor Oliver Reyes, he explain laptop had very bad water damage. I disagree with his argument, problem was always battery, please investigate this matter, I think they either spilled water to my laptop on their end or they damaged it. Water damage was never the issue it was battery.. Square Trade created claim *** on Aug 15,2019, when I called them on Sep 4 they created a new claim number #***. It should had been under same claim number as of Aug 15 because it was within 30 days of them repairing and making sure issue was 100% repair according to their own policies..

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Sep 23, 2019

We're sorry we were unable to honor the recent claim.Squaretrade offers two types of warranties Standard and Accidental Protection plans, each of which provides different degrees of coverage. The policy covering the consumers' product is a Standard plan, which protects against hardware and electrical failures due to normal usage. Unfortunately, this plan does not cover against physical or liquid damage; this is why we were unable to repair the consumer' item.We provide our consumers' access to their warranties at any time via our website or mobile app, which provides more details regarding the policy coverage.Squaretrade uses certified technicians to complete our repairs, of whom extensively audit every product that we service. Entering our facilities and exiting. Items will only be sent back to the consumer if all hardware components pass this diagnostic testing to make sure that the repair was made successfully. When this item was sent in for repair the first time, it passed all audits and was repaired. However, the second time that it was sent in it did not pass the audit due to liquid damage. Since we were unable to service this product, we have processed a full refund of your warranty purchasing price. We again apologize for any inconvenience.Thank you,JR

Customer Response • Sep 23, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:



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