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Allstate Protection Plans

600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387

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I loved the no hassle trade. It was very easy, call tell them what is wrong with your phone, they replace, comes in mail a few days later.

I was shocked how fast my replacement came. How easy the paper work was. Total experience was awesome. I have had their warranty service on other items. But never used it. Definitely buy again

My claim was promptly handled in a professional manner. This is a worthwhile warranty. Their estimated time of 7 to 10 days was completed in 5. Excellent.

Square Trade has outstanding customer service and technical support assistance. I had purchased an out of warranty computer on *** and added a Square Trade Warranty for peace of mind measures. Peace of mind is what I received when I reached out about my computer experiencing problems within 6 months of purchase. The outcome was more than I expected and left me wanting to tell everyone I knew to always add Square Trade to any electronics they purchase without a manufacturer's warranty. Square Trade walked me through trouble shooting steps and were so patient as I navigated through the instructions. I highly recommend this company to any and everyone wanting a peace of mind when purchasing items needing an extended warranty or a warranty for items with an expired manufacturer's warranty. This company is definitely gets an A+ in my book.

I purchased a squretrade warranty true ebay and the itam broke down and I contacted squeretrade multiple times and it seems that as many proof I provide they still keep on asking for more and more so I am playing around with them for close to a month and cant get them to honer the warranty

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jun 03, 2019

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced with this claim.Squaretrade warranties typically arrive into our system automatically, though occasionally we may need more information or documentation to complete the policy registration. In this case we requested a copy of the receipt which verifies the item description, price and date of purchase.So far we have not been provided this information and this is why we have been unable to assist. Once we are provided a receipt with this information Squaretrade will complete the warranty registration within 1-2 business days, at which point we will be able to file their claim. We again apologize but Squaretrade requires this purchasing information for most warranties we have on file.

Customer Response • Jun 11, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
this invoices has been provided few weeks ago its time for action I need my product fixed not apology's

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jul 10, 2019

We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding this purchase.The documentation provided to Squaretrade shows that this consumer was sold a warranty by an unauthorized re-seller of our product. Due to this Squaretrade never sold a policy to the customer and we would refer the consumer to eBay to request a purchase refund. We greatly apologize for any inconvenience but this would explain why we have been unable to locate a policy for this consumer.

I have sent my computer back for repair and each time it has come back still damaged. This has happened four times. I have asked for another computer. I was told a supervisor would return my call within 2 hours. did not happen. I am a 60-year-old college student, online and need a computer continually. Every time I send it off, I go without one, and assignments are late. I have to rely upon the library. The last time The supervisor called me was 2:00 am. This same thing has happened tonight. I was told that the supervisor would call within 2 hours and gave my phone number, all four times, they called my husband's phone, and he goes to bed early, as he gets up early. I have told them that I have not been satisfied, as my computer is still broken, and cracked. One CSR said well it should work at least right? Most of the CSR speak terrible English and are hard to understand.
I feel that I have been given the run-around and that I am the customer, and have not been given adequate service. I paid for a warranty for my computer and the warrant ended in March, while the computer was in their possession. Each time since, three months, it has been returned still unfixed. the bus port is broken. This is not satisfactory. I just got off the phone again and was told that the supervisor would call me in one hour. It is 10:30 at night. This is awful, horrible and inexcusable service..

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jun 04, 2019

We apologize for any difficulty experienced with this item repair. Squaretrade has policies in place to address consumer concerns with a repeated repair, including having the item re-inspected by our technicians for repair or providing an alternative resolution. In this case Squaretrade initially offered to have the item sent back in for repair but we reached out to the consumer to discuss possible alternatives.

Paid for a protection plan on a trail bike purchased as Sam's Club. When I tried to use the warranty the company used every thing they could to keep me from utilizing the warranty. After jumping through all their hoops I had spent a month playing phone tag and waiting on hold for an hour each time jumping around to different phone options. I then read the contract agreement which allowed me a refund if the item wasn't repaired or serviced within 5 days. I asked to invoke this clause and I was charged $5 due out of the $30 due to the fact I had used the warranty for the month. Well I spent the month trying to use the warranty. The company claims to have a *** rating from and I wanted the to know who they have given a *** to.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Jun 03, 2019

We apologize for any difficulty with filing a claim for this product.Squaretrade does our best to make the claims process hassle-free but in certain cases we'll need more information or documentation to assist. On our most recent interaction we requested the consumer to contact us while with the item so we can ascertain important details such as the product model or serial number. We were notified the consumer would prefer a warranty cancellation and refund of the policy, though this refund was pro-rated.We understand the consumer would prefer a full warranty refund due to their experience and we will issue a second check totaling the full amount this plan was purchased for. We request the consumer allows 7 business days for this payment to arrive.

I have invested a total of 7 hours, nearly an entire workday, trying to get resolution on a claim. Most of the time has been spent waiting on hold, and when I do agent to an agent, they tell me that it is not their department, and they transfer me. When I did get to the correct department last night, the recording stated that they were closed!! I will never do business with this company again and will make it a point to advise friends and family to buy their warranties elsewhere. I must also add that I take issue with the fact that the has them listed as A+ when most of the comments are complaints. Not an A+ company and the should be ashamed to say that they are.

I really appreciate the levels of communication and efficiency in and of the service provided. It brings peace of mind that my property is being handled with utmost respect and professional care.

In January of 2016 I purchased a *** and a warranty (SQUARE TRADE) from *** online totaling $880 including tax tv was $748.71 & warranty was almost $80. Fast forward November 2018.. got email from *** saying information regarding online big ticket items purchased in 2016 lost. So I contacted them asking for manuals information. They responded with an email detailing my purchase and warranty info they explained that purchasing item & warranty together automatically registers. My warranty info w/ square trade. They also tell me in person when I went down there that square trade is the only warranty company that *** uses! So any warranty issues need to go to them (that was on a previous purchase). So when this Memorial Day week holiday 2019 on Wednesday 22,2019 when my *** had no picture, everything else worked but no picture still on called *** first, troubleshooting, then was told to call my retail providers so I called *** troubleshooting ..still nothing. So then *** TRANSFERRED ME TO SQUARE TRADE without me hanging up. I spoke to several people at square trade troubleshooting electronic technicians they could not get it to work so we then proceed to file a claim on the warranty so they. Emailed me to ask me to send them my proofs and receipt since they claimed trouble finding my info. I did . I sent them 3 screenshots of documents from *** detailing purchase and warranty. They finally email me back saying they will not honor my claim as square trade was most likely not my warranty provider! I screamed when I read that of course and called them immediately demanding to speak to a supervisor they claim they will call me! I did not believe them it’s had been 3 days at this point so on FRIDAY 24th they finally call me back. I spoke to a supervisor and he gives me a bunch of lip service” I’m so very sorry” “this is not how we do business” blah blah .. all I want is a resolution. 1 you send me a postal ticket of a repair shop that will come pick up tv for repairs.. or 2 tell me a claim check is in the mail! .. neither was done but I was promised they would call me by Saturday with a resolution. I KNEW THEY WERE LYING CAUSE IT IS A MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND! I point that out to them he swears he will call me on Saturday with a resolution .. surprise surprise Saturday Sunday .. no call no resolution even after I made it very clear I would file a claim with , *** & any other social media at my disposal to let everyone know how they treat a disabled veteran on Memorial Day weekend w/ no tv! Cause they are claiming they have no record of my warranty! I do not believe them. I believe they are in fact lying I sent them all documentation in emails at least 2 times and gave them report and contract numbers and order numbers and dates etc. etc. over the phone at least 5 times! They can’t say they don’t have the information! I gave them screenshots. What a shock it is now Tuesday May 28th 2019 still no resolution and they still have not called me! This I begin to file claims. I would have done so on Sunday as I told the supervisor I would but . I was in excruciating pain.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • May 29, 2019

We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding this warranty.Most Squaretrades warranties purchased via our partners arrive in our system automatically, though in certain cases we may need more information or documentation to complete registration. If we ever experience difficulty locating a warranty we will be able to assist once provided a receipt which shows the item purchasing price, date of purchase and product/warranty description.In this case we were provided a purchase receipt for a policy not purchased through Squaretrade. The plan detailed on the receipt is a 3 year plan and at the time of this purchase Squaretrade did not offer 3 year TV plans through Sam's Club. Due to this we would refer the consumer to contact Sam's Club's previous warranty company for additional assistance. Though we do our best to help all consumers we are unable to file or approve claims for customers who do not have a policy with our company.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • May 30, 2019

We again apologize for any misunderstanding. As of now we have been unable to verify the purchase date of the product, or we have been able to corroborate the warranty this consumer purchased with any plan we offer. It is possible that this plan was purchased while Sam's Club was partnered with their previous warranty provider. Being that we do not offer this type of warranty and there is no receipt to verify the purchase date we are unable to provide assistance, as we cannot file a claim for a product we do not have a policy for.

Customer Response • May 31, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: once again the receipt is there in pdf file


In general, there process of working through a claim is very slow and cumbersome. Their website doesn't update the claim to reflect actual claim status requiring more chats and phone calls to square trade. Finally, I had three stores telling me that the phone was unrepairable and yet square trade still had me send them the phone so that they could attempt to fix it. They've had my phone for 5 days (they state 2 to 5 days to repair most phones) and still no update on the claim status!

Had to get use to the process but everything went super smooth. New product came 2 days after approved replacement.

Unfortunately, we have had to use their warranty claims service for several items over the last 5 years. But we have always received exceptional and prompt service every time. We will continue to purchase their warranty service for our devices.

Absolutely, the fastest service handling of me Mac Pro

They were great! So easy to submit a claim and there when we needed them. Great company!

I have bought items that I felt square trade was selling a good Warranty at a fair price an they just proved it by covering the cost of appliance I purchased in October of 2017 with a three year warranty on it. I will continue to use square trade on items I purchase that I feel the warranty is worth the money.

They were great! I dropped my phone and broke the screen and they took care of it. They were very kind. I did get redirected to various people at first but overall I was very pleased and will definitely use them again. I HIGHLY recommend!

I purchased a top of the line ASUS GL503V gaming laptop on Nov 26 2017. I also purchased a 4 year warranty with accidental damage handling on Dec 4 2017 with SquareTrade, Care Plan number *** The Warranty started on Dec 10 2017 and ends on Dec 10 2021.
I am a student studying Computer Science (Games) at USC, Los Angeles.
I was deceived by the promise of highest quality service repair and replacement warranty by SquareTrade sold at Amazon.
The warranty coverage details misled me to believe that SquareTrade will provide prompt repair or replacement of the faulty product. Their terms and conditions of warranty policy clearly promised a replacement if no satisfactory repair was possible on a defective product.
I did not need to use high end game development applications on my laptop till January 2019. When there was an urgent need in using my ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop for game applications then I faced continuous reboots, Windows freezing, and sudden shutdowns. Since I was in desperate need to finish my college assignments, I ignored the problem for a few months and kept it for minimum use.
To my horror, such a top end, high performance gaming laptop, died on March 31 2019. The laptop would not turn on or charge after several attempts. I called SquareTrade on April 1 2019 who advised me to mail in the laptop for repair. I mailed in the laptop wide through Fedex, claim number *** I was informed by the SquareTrade customer service executive that I will receive the repaired laptop in 6 days.
To my utter dismay, I had to followup 8 times after the lapse of the promised 6 days repair turn around time (TAT) period promised by SquareTrade. I received my repaired laptop after 30 days on April 30 2019.
I had to suffer without a laptop and no replacement temporary solution was provided even after they failed to address the problem in the promised 6 days time.
On May 25, I was shocked to find that this expensive repaired gaming hardware went dead again. To my surprise, the problem was exactly the same as before. I again called SquareTrade at *** on May 25 and was advised to mail in the dead laptop once again. I insisted that the faulty motherboard problem already diagnosed by SquareTrade warrants a replacement and not a repair for the long turn around time and defective repair of motherboard. SquareTrade's customer service refused to entertain my request.
I'm aghast at the insensitivity of SquareTrade.
Being a Computer Science (Games) student, it is a disaster for me to be deprived of the essential, expensive purchase with a promised good quality repair and service replacement warranty.
This kind of complacent attitude towards buyers of third party computer hardware repair and replacement warranties is a blow to the trust of buyers of third party warranty service. As per their policy document, I am entitled to a full refund of the purchased price of the product or replacement if no satisfactory repair is possible. SquareTrade is only using delay tactics to avoid a replacement or a refund of the faulty repair or the hardware.
For the harassment, deception and deficient services of SquareTrade, I demand a full refund of $1788.85 (laptop + warranty cost) for my laptop; or a replacement with an equivalent laptop with six-core Intel i7 8th generation processor or better, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti GPU or better, 32 GB SDRAM or better, 256 GB SSD or better, 1 TB SSHD or better, VR Ready, Keyboard with highlighted keys and backlighting, 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi or better, 4 or more USB 3.1 ports, HDMI 1.4 or better port, USB Type-c port, DS card reader, RJ45 jack, keningston lock, 3.5mm audio jack etc with extended 4 year warranty, as per their terms and conditions.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • May 27, 2019

We apologize for any difficulty experienced with this repair.Squaretrade provides repair, replacement and reimbursement resolutions based on numerous factors including the product and the type of issue it is experiencing. These resolutions are determined via our discretion and reimbursement is typically reserved for situations where our technician has determined repair is not viable We use certified technicians to complete our repairs, of whom extensively test the relevant product after each service. During these tests the hardware of the whole product is examined and no product which fails this diagnostic will be returned to the consumer. In this case we understand the consumer's item failed shortly after return and we greatly apologize for the inconvenience. Due to this and the delays experienced we have refunded the full purchasing price of the relevant warranty, though this is not a cancellation of the plan. We have also offered to have this item sent back in to our service center in order for our technicians to address the device issues. If our technicians determine the product cannot be repaired we would move to salvage the item and migrate the current resolution to replacement or reimbursement.We understand the consumer would prefer we provide an immediate reimbursement instead but this option is not available at this time.

Customer Response • May 29, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


puppy ate earphone when it fell off, replaced in 4 days ! Great service! Easy claim processing!
Love Square trade

I've never had a bad transaction with Square Trade. My watch recently broke and the sent me a check for what I paid for it. I was quite pleased with the timely (no pun intended) response. I will always use them over their competitors.

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Address: 600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387


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