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Allstate Protection Plans

600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387

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Contacted Square trade on October 30, 2018, spoke to 2 people regarding my dryer making a very loud noise. I was told I would receive an email to upload a video of the dryer while it was running, never received the email. Called again on October 31st, was told this time that everything that was needed to submit the claim was submitted. Received a telephone call on October 31st and also November 1st stating that parts would be mailed to me and also a service technician would be contacting me within 3 business days to schedule the appointment to fix my dryer. As of today (November 8th), I have not received any parts in the mail nor has any technician contacted me. Since I was in need of my dryer I purchased the parts (for my dryer) and had a neighbor fix my dryer. SQUARE TRADE IS HORRIBLE!!!! I have never had customer service like I had with them. I will never buy their warranty again.

Very easy to use!

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 09, 2018

Awesome to hear!

I found square trade to be responsive to my concern and willing to research the issue once I presented the dilemma. I appreciate the quick action and time the team took. I would use thier services again.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 09, 2018

Thank you! We hope you don't have to, but glad we are there if you need us!

You buy a cell phone warranty that says
100% Parts & Labor, No Deductibles
We've got you covered. You pay nothing and then click on the terms and conditions where it says your covered for drops and spills. As far as I know I am covered right? Wrong accidental drops not covered. They take your money but do not stand by there product. How they have not had a class action lawsuit is beyond me. Keep away from these sham artists, They will not repair it when you need service.

5 stars. Very quick service and response times. Would buy a warranty on anything square trade offered. Very inexpensive for warranty itself too

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 05, 2018

Worth it, in our opinion! :P

I broke the screen on my *** pixel 2 XL. Square Trade online said I had three options: have SQ send me a new (refurbished) phone and I then I would send my phone back; 2) send in my phone and they would fix it and have it back in the mail in less than 24 hours; 3) take phone to a local repair and have them do the work. When I chose number one, I received an email but there were no phones available and, because at this point I had paid the $85 deposit, my choice to repair locally, now wasn't an option. The guy I spoke with said they would be very fast with the turnaround on getting my phone fixed and back to me, but I have no means of communication without my phone so I didn't like this option. I was told I had no other choice. I tried to get him to change his mind and let me take the phone to a local repair shop but he would not listen.
After a few days, and finding out that SquareTrade would be closed on weekends for repairs, I called ST again. this person confirmed that the turnaround would be longer than 24 hours, "but we try to do it quickly." However, This person said of course I had the option to have phone repairs locally. He reimbursed me the $85 deductible and I started looking for a local repair dealer. It took several days to get this accomplished, but eventually I had a receipt, which I immediately emailed to SquareTrade, after making another phone call and being given a precise email to send the receipt to. Then I waited. And waited. And after about 3 weeks I called back and they had no record of my receipt. This ST employee was also very nice, and she kept me on hold for 35 minutes, at which point the phone went dead. Kudos to her though for calling me back and telling me she had arranged everything and I would be getting a check in the next few days. The check did arrive, and I'm happy now. It sure seems like a lot of work to go through just to get a broken screen repaired. I'm happy my persistence paid off. Really, though, there must be an easier way.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 05, 2018

We apologize for the hassle. Glad we were able to pull through in the end. Do let us know if you need further assistance.

I've never had a better experience with a warranty service than Square Trade. They took care of everything from beginning to the end. The most impressive was the contact, I never felt out of touch, they would contact me through every step with updates on tracking or what was happening next. They should be a model to all other warranty services.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 05, 2018

So thankful for your kind words!

Exceptional customer service ~ both with online chat and phone. Resolved claim with flat screen tv quickly with friendly, positive attitude and professional manner. Excellent follow through with patient and clear instructions. Would recommend to family and friends. Very grateful for their support.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 05, 2018

Thank you, ***!

Square Trade resolved my issue quickly and professionally. Great experience for me.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 05, 2018

Glad to hear it!

I chose to exchange my damaged phone and was approved right away. They no longer had a ***-S8 so they gave me an S9 for the exchange fee.
The only suggestion I would make is to include return instructions especially regarding clearing old phone and packing it for the return.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 05, 2018

Thank you for the feedback, we will let the team know!

The replacement payment for my failed printer was handled quickly, same day.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 02, 2018

Great to hear!

Overall I am satisfied with my experience. They were fast and efficient to resolve my issue.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 01, 2018

Great to hear!

Square Trade's response to my broken cellphone claim, in unison with my carrier, ***, was so fast, I thought I had ordered a replacement phone by mistake. But no. ST had communicated with CC and their replacement order was posted on my account within minutes. Astounding! Strongly recommend!

I purchased a printer and it stopped working after a year and a half. I also purchased the extended warranty and glad that I did. I processed the claim on-line and received feedback right away. They deemed the printer not fixable and said they would honor the policy and send us a check for the amount of the printer. I received the check in a matter of days. My experience with Square Trade was very positive and efficient. I have since purchased a new printer and made sure to purchase the extended warranty once again.

The Truth About Square Trade-AVOID AT ALL COSTS
As a customer who has been with SQUARE TRADE consumer for over 10 years I believed the company would stand behind the product they sell. I was so wrong. After purchasing a 65-inch HDTV for $999.99 I selected a warranty from SQUARE TRADE based upon the cost of the unit. Before the warranty expired the TV I purchased experienced an issue that could not be prepared. I contacted warranty support who connected me with their TV technicians who had me spend 2 hours trying to resolve the issue. When it could not be fixed I was told that I would be receiving a replacement HDTV for the TV I had under warranty. They offered me a selection of 3 HDTV’s that they said was comparable or better than the one I had purchased. I selected one of the TV’s they offered after being reassured that the HDTV I would be receiving would be just as good as the one I had bought. The TV arrived from a national chain as one of their stores was nearby my home. As soon as I turned the HDTV on I discovered that it was a piece of junk. I called warranty support who advised that there was nothing they could do as I had already ordered and accepted the TV from the national electronics store. They said, “If you had just called before you ordered the TV we could have done something for you”. I explained that this option was not provided until after the TV was delivered. The warranty support specialist, which is a call center based out of the United States, said there was nothing they could do. When I asked to be contacted to a dispute resolution center for SQUARE TRADE I was advised that there wasn’t one. When I asked for information related to the corporate offices I was told by warranty support that there wasn’t any way for a customer to call the corporate office.
I did do research on the replacement TV they provided. Cost was half the price of the HDTV I had purchased and had placed under warranty with SQUARE TRADE. Bottom line, the SQUARE TRADE warranty is not worth the paper it is on. If you can find another warranty service, select them and not SQUARE TRADE. DO NOT BUY A SQUARE TRADE WARRANTY.

I bought our Square Trade warranty through *** when we purchased our *** X. The back of my phone (the glass) broke and so I filed a claim. I was able to go to a local service provider the following day. I had to pay for the entire claim (which ended up being just over $600 because the phone had to be replaced. Apparently *** doesn't replace the glass back of the phone, only the front). I sent my receipts in the following day and within about 1 business day, I received an email stating that the receipts were approved and a check would be sent out and received by me within 5 business days. The check was for the entire amount minus the $85 service fee. We received it a couple days later and had zero issues with this company. My guess is that my experience would have been much different if I had to go through some approved vendor or repair company of Square Trade. The *** approved repair store I was able to go to was less than a block away so it really could not have been easier. The company may end up having better reviews if they enable their clients to go to a verified store, like I was able to.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Oct 29, 2018

Hi ***! Good news, our specialists always provide our customers with a variety of options! Glad you took advantage of yours!

They were very quick with helping me resolve my problem and even let me know that my items warranty from the factory hadn't expired at the time.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Nov 01, 2018

Thanks, *** Happy to help!

First filed a claim September 8, 2018 on my PRINTER that won't PRINT. Heard nothing for about 3 weeks. Went back to their website and found that I had to sent them a copy of my receipt even though they had already acknowledged that they had located my account. Sent them a copy, heard nothing for about 2 weeks. We are now into October and my warrantee expires October 28th. Finally made a phone call and got someone I could hardly understand. The situation seemed to be resolved.
Got an email around October 22nd with a link to a gift certificate for the full amount of the purchase from ***. Problem is, to take this gift certificate for an in-store purchase, I have to PRINT it out! How can I PRINT out a gift certificate for a PRINTER with a PRINTER that won't PRINT?
Is the problem solved, yes. Is the problem solved, NO! Can't PRINT things out on a PRINTER that won't PRINT!
Not well thought out.

I never heard of a warranty company where you have to put out all the money first or if you're disabled and electric wheelchair like me they want you to make the repairs

Considering the cost of the plan and how ST works with HD to give us consumers an extended service plan, 3 instead of 5 years, I think its great.
The process may be a bit drawn out and an agent did give me incorrect info., but eventually a knowledgeable agent handled my claim and things went fine.
I would suggest being persistent and ask questions to satisfy your conception of the plan. It took me a couple of calls in order to get to an agent who understood the HD policy. My replacement, at their discretion, was much better than what I had. Very Satisfied. Also, make sure that you register your receipt with them shortly after purchase. This will save a lot of time if a claim is needed.

Allstate Protection Plans Response • Oct 29, 2018

Great tip -- often much of the confusion results from a failure to upload a receipt.

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Address: 600 Harrison St Ste 400, San Francisco, California, United States, 94107-1387


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