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Hello, first I like to start by saying so dissappointed I order direct tv and internet over phone I spoke to women asking her what channels I get for 99$ package So I ordered it They never changed interest to higher speed But she told me no installing fee So they had to come back and change Internet I originally had att universe and the internet I was charged 99$ installation fee I added cell phones before I got first bill I went to a att store and they told me or [redacted] that my total bill would be 310$ That my free iPhone would come off and we would get credit in months we'll it's now February and I've been calling over and over Tried to call [redacted] but of course he doesn't work at that store anymore The manager [redacted] said he couldn't help only [redacted] We'll supposedly he left messages but never did I talked to [redacted] he gave me credit But iPhone is on again this bill SoNot only did I have problems but my father had problems too I feel like

ATT is the worst company in the US to deal with, period They are messed up on all levels During a move I tried to add [redacted] and consolidate my bills for a land line, cell, and [redacted] I started in May and ATT make mistakes every step of the way I have spoken to them at least a dozen times maybe as many as times All the people you contact or can contract since the VM system try but since the system is a mess they can't get anything right and in more than one case make it worse Managing multiple systems is not what they are prepared or trained to manage I spent two hours today getting an overcharge handled First it shouldn't have happened, second it should have been cleared up within a few minutes They gave me another number to get the [redacted] statement with a $balance stopped During the call I got a call center with so much noise behind it the location must be a call center ran in another country I don't have an issue dealing with them just don't have so much noise behind you that you can't hear me is not respectful nor professional I don't have time to state all the places they messed up over the last few months, from voice mail not working to people making changes in an effort to help but messed things up more They couldn't have done any worse if they tried No one person to call and they can't fix all your issues What an awful, awful experience with what should be a company with first class service Shame on you ATT you are the worst ever

Not providing UVerse services when the entire neighborhood is able to access Trying to get internet access at our home All the neighbors have it, there are at&t poles in eye sight and I am unable to get it I have called customer service, contacted them via FB, have an escalated ticket and all of them have never been answered nor called back I would like to know why our home can not get your internet service when everyone else canthank you

When my husband and got marriedHe has [redacted] and I had AT&THe had [redacted] and I have [redacted] car insuranceWhen we got married we price quoted car insurance and we both agreed that if he comes to [redacted] than I go to [redacted] and vise versaWell he came to [redacted] under my plan and which that ment I got [redacted] under his phone plan We did the 600$ exchange at [redacted] and I was told that I had days at add anything Bill wise from AT&T to [redacted] I didn't re have a bill and when months go by I start getting calls from a local numberThey are stating that since I took my phone number over to [redacted] I owe close to $I have explained that I did not receive a bill in regards to this and the people doing the first party collections are mean, rude as nd just down right nastyI can't get into my AT&T online account and they are refusing to send be a bill through the mailThey however call to times a dayIf I answer them and talk to them they will call me atleast times a day and are demanding payment I did not receive a bill and they are going about this rudely Please helpI have doctor bills coming out the wazoo and don't mind paying what I owe in payments however they need to mail me a hard copy bill explaining what and why this is going on Thank you for reading this and helping me with my situation

I am not surprised to find that AT&T has over 22, complaintsAn AT&T rep at Wal-Mart here in Converse, Texas, convinced my wife to sign up for a great deal to have internet, phone and Direct TV set up in our homeDuring the pitch, he had her use her debit card to pay a $fee to initiate serviceAfter a couple of weeks, the quoted monthly cost went up, including a $tax fee added to the initial bill and the monthly rate was shown to be more than what he quotedShe decided that because of the misrepresentation of the charges, that the bills were be too high and no advantage over the Spectrum service we previously had, so she decided to cancel the service and return to SpectrumAT&T tried to win her back, but she decided to use Spectrum since they did not have hidden fine print or a contract and we could do better with that serviceObvious to me is that the contract was breached when higher charges were introduced without being initially explained to the customerBoth parties were not in agreement on the actual costs of the contract A month later, AT&T billed her debit card $for cancellation fees and their modem, which we supposed to return, but were never toldMy wife did not remember authorizing any such debit card autopay, so they called them and they agreed to reverse the fee, and said they explicitly stated they would remove her from autopayThe $was for the month of service and the equipment feeWe thought we were safe since they reversed the fee and we agreed to return the modem if they would send a shipping label or instructionsNo instructions or labels cameThis month, we were shocked when they again debited our bank account This time it was $I called to dispute the charge, and told them that the charge was not authorized, and that it needed to be reversedBoth supervisors in A/R, MrS [redacted] and MrG***, refused to reverse the charge, telling me it was authorized, and validI was being charged for services rendered according to the T's and C's of the contractIn actuality, we only had the service for 1/months, so only a portion was for services renderedThe rest was for feesThe early term fee of $was added in from Direct TV and pulled from my account within the $ Neither supervisor made any effort to negotiate a solution and had any sympathy whatsoeverThey said if the salesperson did not sufficiently explain to my wife that all these fees would be charged if we canceled, it was clearly explained in the written documentationThe supervisors said they were sure the salespeople explained the autopay, but if they did not it was in the T's and C's of the contractShe should have known and been told about it, so I am screwedI explained that I have a house payment to make and a child in the hospital and cannot afford this exorbitant payment, but they say the payment is valid and it was authorized, so they would not reverse it at allIf I return the modem, I can get $back in around daysI was told to complaint to my bank if I wanted to dispute the chargesI filed a dispute at the bank and the representative declined it, stating that AT&T will not charge back the funds; they will simply send a copy of the contractShe said that AT&T/DirectTV does this all the time to customers whom they know cannot afford to take action against themIn reading though web sites, it appears that court judgments have been made against this company, which is not surprising given this abominable situationThis kind of deceptive and predatory practice is far too low a standard of this company

We have had AT&T since for our business.Every June/July we redo a 12mo contract.Since Since June the contract has not been processed & overpay Every Jun/July we redo 12mo contract with AT&T It has been months & AT&T has not processed my contract rate I am supposed to pay $125+ taxFor the past 2moI have been charged $for each month $ for Jul,Aug & Sep I call every month & the representative reasures me he/she will give me credit of $ plus a rate of $ moEvery month for months I call & same thing I asked to speak to a supervisor They make me wait for hrthen still, supervisor is super busy There is nobody to speak to I work in our business & have no time to hold for hrsor less to speak to a representative every month AT& T even gave me a confirmation number [redacted] and a Thank for choosing AT&T booklet with the confirmation number above

Annual Discount Promised not Given Uverse Account

Service Type: Residential ServiceAccount: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAccount: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXReached: XXX-XXX-XXXXExt: Day Phone: Impacted Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXAccept Agreement : 1Moved a new doublewide behind my residence for my motherShe needed a landline for DATThe man came and installed a phone jackWhen he left he had punched holes in the wall and stapled the phone wire to her siding Order_Number: Claim #XXXXXXXX

When I signed up for AT&T U-verse it included a $Visa gift card and a $Visa gift cardI received the $but not the $Visa cardWhen I called AT&T's rewards center they simply said they are not responsible for lost or stolen cardsThat my card was activated and used at a retail storeWhen checking AT&T's customer care site, this issue has happened to many peopleI asked for a credit of $on my account but AT&T said that their rewards center is a separate division and I have to call them Account_Number: XXXXXXXXX

Service Type: Residential ServiceAccount: XXXXXXXXXXXXXAccount: XXXXXXXXXXXXXReached: XXX-XXX-XXXXExt: Day Phone: Impacted Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXAccept Agreement : 1We resided at XXXXX [redacted] from 1/- 11/and had ATT landline, internet and cable services for the entirety of that timeframe We relocated and sold our home on Colchester on 11/8/and established new ATT service at XXXXX [redacted] on 11/9/ We called and cancelled our service at the previous residence and initiated service at the new resident effective 11/9/ ATT continued billing us for the old residence in addition to billing us for the new residential address My wife and I have called every month at least one to two times and have spent approximately 10+ hours on the phone with ATT; each time we are told on the phone by a representative that the end bill date will be readjusted to 11/8/and we will receive th

AT&T advertises a bundle package with Direct TV, internet and telephone for $ I opted for a TV upgrade to 'Choice' for an additional $10/mo This involves a year contract I spoke to agents prior to signing up They claim all conversations are recorded All agents confirmed that the bundle price included ALL fees I specifically asked about any equipment fees and was told there would be none I asked what my final monthly bill would be with all taxes and fees I was told there were no other fees and with tax the bill would be $106/moI did not receive a bill for months but paid over the phone knowing it would be overdue When I finally got a written bill, there was no bundle rate, but individual charges for TV, phone and internet totaling $for the 1st mo, $for the 2nd month, and $for the third month I discussed this with ATT agent and supervisors " [redacted] " and " [redacted] " They say my package is $plus $equipment charges I received no satisfact

I I could give negative stars I would! I have been a customer for about years now and they are the worstThey will [redacted] you any chance they canI foolishly stayed because they had a BOGO deal with the galaxy swith a lot of bonuses (if you went through best buy)But where I moved to I get zero serviceNoneAnd I'm not in the boonies And when I called them about the service they were rude and terribleI have to have wifi to even get calls or textsAnd once I called, my wifi and service acted upMy sons phone was fineMine, unusableSo I used his to callguess what? His suddenly became unusable as wellI used my mothers who I put on my plan and didn't live near me but right in a big cityguess what? Her phone and service started to mess up and not workI have recorded all my calls to them for the past yearsIt is ridiculousTo make matters worse I got a notice on my [email protected] app that I was due for an upgrade I went in and looked at my options Didn't do anything Now somehow my BOGO deal is gonePoofSo for months they have been tracking on another phone chargeI have called them timesThey are looking into it and will get back to meThey have overcharged me over dollarsIf I refused to give them their money what do you think would happen? I would be out serviceI have recorded every interaction I have had with them for yearsIt is ridiculous! One person from the next doesn't know what they are talking aboutI tried to switch carriers and they caused so many problems I gave up even though I had one of the phones paid offUnless you like to be overcharged, dunked around, ripped off and ignoredAvoid this company!

[redacted] has been heavily advertising their THANKS rewards program for some timeThis program includes "Ticket Twosdays" where you buy a movie ticket and get one free through their website My account shows I am eligible for this program as a u-verse customerIt specifically states it when I checkI have only been able to use this once, when I should be able to redeem weeklyWhen I go to and log in to redeem, I am given a 'page not found" errorthis happens regardless of how I access the site After contact customer service through chat, I was sent to phone, then automated system, then IT department, all who had zero knowledge of the rewards program (or even what a page not found error was!) and basically said they could not help me I believe att is falsely advertising this program and has no intentions of fulfilling to u-verse customers as it was advertisedI have read the complaints in their forums and none have been responded toI beli

Was promised $bundle including movie channels and $gift cards for months by phone agent in January More detail below Only $gift card ever came Movie channels started to charge after months I've written and called ATT numerous times to no avail yet I am very certain about what was promised and even suggested to ATT that they find voice recording They said they don't have I had the agent repeat everything several times and I wrote it down They since removed several of the movie channels but there are a couple still active that they are billing me for I have told them that I will only ever pay $per month (phone, TV and Internet), as promised but to-date no bill adjustment has happened I recently wrote the the CEO and have been contacted by people from the Office of President, and while they 'believe me', they are saying they cannot honor what I was promised There is even a current 'offer' from ATT that is close to what I was promised for $

I recently had an AT&T rep come to my house to sell me internet/TVI basically started out saying I don't want a contract and am waiting for Google Fiber to get to my neighborhoodThe rep then said he could get me Internet & Direct TV for bucks a month and since I have wireless unlimited data I can knock another off that so a month total! Not only that, I'd be getting a $gift card in the mailSo I said ok I'll sign up for months because the rep specifically said I could use my gift card to cancel out most of the 20/month fee if I'm really that unhappy with itFair point, so I sign up First I get something saying my gift card is $and not $Then I get a bill saying my month (not months) contract is now in place for internet/TV and it's per month and to installWhen I contact AT&T several times, hours on the phone and on chat, I am told that there is nothing "in their notes" that says that was what we agreed upon I have the contract that I signed at home that says 50/month for Internet + TV, installation fee of dollars, month contractI'm about calls in with this business and i'm still getting the run aroundBest advice for customers looking for internet & tv: wait for Google Fiber

Service Type: Residential ServiceAccount: rpXXXXXXX-XAccount: rpXXXXXXX-XReached: XXX-XXX-XXXXExt: Day Phone: Impacted Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXAccept Agreement : 1I was transferred to att from [redacted] on Monday at around 545pm I asked for an Internet quote BC my TWC BILL was coming to every month At this time I was quoted for phone internet and tv I was told installation would be waved I asked for the total cost of everything and what deposit I would be responsible for I was told that service would be set up with no out of pocket for me The rep set an appt for Wednesday 8- On Wednesday no one came so I called in I waxrs my order was not processed through and they needed to run another credit check Then I was told I needed a pre payment I asked for a manager I was put on hold and call was discontented This happened more timesMe calling in asking for a manager being put on hold and call being disconnected

I called to set up service at my new homeI was mislead and lied tooI called customer service, supervisor promised to call and NEVER DIDFURIOUS! I am moving and my current internet provider does not service the areaSince I have directv I decided it would be best to use at&t as my new internet providerOn April 26,at 10:I made the call to [redacted] to put an order in for May 5, (to set up the internet and move directv to the new house)I spoke with a younger gentlemanHe was very friendlyI started by telling him I was moving he said no problem leave the dish and bring the equipmentNext we started talking about the internet serviceI told the gentleman I had an email stating there was a promotion for $internet and I would like thatHe said "okay that'll be an internet speed of 18Mbps." I asked, "that is the $offer, correct?" And he assured me it was and also with the current promo it took "an additional $off which would bring the internet to

I contacted AT&T customer service about a Uverse problem at which time I was sold an upgrade package to Uverse and a higher speed internet for $ When I was on the phone with [redacted] from AT&T he told me that this was NOT a promotional deal and this is my price plus tax so my bill would be around $ Now I found out that I was put on a promotional deal and that this price is only good for a yearI have file separate cases with AT&T retentions department asking them to pull the recorded phone call and honor what was sold to meNow I have been told that my cases are closed with no resolution and that they will NOT honor the price and there is absolutely nothing they can do to help me Product_Or_Service: Cable tv


My husband and I have been loyal AT&T customers for over yearsThey have always been a great company in the pastWe decided to bundle everything together and get U-verseAT&T told us how great it wasWhat a mistake that wasWe always have to restart our systemWhen AT&T U-verse goes down, everything goes downThe computers are down, phones and cableThey seem to have long power outagesAfter making many calls to customer service, no one seems to know what is going on when we have problemsNo one can give time frames pertaining to repairs, etcWe finally called AT&T corporate officeIn the past they have always been wonderfulIn a nutshell, we were told to go to another company if we were unhappyIn the past we were always helpedWhat a shame, we guess AT&T does not value loyal customers anymoreWe will take their advice and look for another service when we move JC

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