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I ordered a wireless router from Dell, here is the order information: Order Date: 6/30/ Order Number: [redacted] FedEx tracking number: [redacted] My package arrived at my city on July 6th, but my package wasn't delivery I asked FedEx and they told me that Dell call them to send the package backI called Dell customer service and they told me I have verification issues and ask me to call their verify department I called the number they give to me, but the guy told me he cant solve this problem and transferred my callAfter multiple times of transfer they told me to call another numberIn the end, I fund that the number I had already calledNow their customer service ask me just to wait for the package return to Dell and told me I will get the refund after Dell receive the item I check the FedEx website and the tracking information shows the package is still in my cityI don't know what happened and no body can tell me what happened

- online purchase of laptop in Dec26th advertised at discount with delivery date of Jan Immediately after ordering deliver was changes to Jan17th, then Feb8th then advised item is not in stock and order needs to be cancelled Spoke to at lease agents, all attempted to sell me a regular price item, have requested numerous times that they honour price and ship comparable item No response from Dell reps, all overseas who stick to the script Classic bait and switch - advertise discounted item but no stock available Unable to resolve despite speaking to two managers in India, after multiple calls and being transferred to phones that don't get answered

I was sent a defaulted battery as a warranty exchangeWhen the escalation department contacted me he accused me of defrauding the company by asking for a warranty exchange while my old one was working fineI explained to him that the tech support entered my system remotely and confirmed that the original battery was not workingHe then refused to send me a replacement battery although the warranty replacement battery was bad when it was sent to meAfter receiving the battery I left it in the package because I had to travel out of the country for an extended amount of time for my workWhen I got back to the states I placed it in the laptop and that's when I was aware that it was no good

There was a problem with my online order My bank flagged it as a suspicious charge and didn't process it Dell sent me and email with a number and a menu option Which lead to a list of options none of which where related After minutes I final got a real person on the phone They seem to have resolved my issue but asked me to stay on the line to talk with customer care I waited on hold for minutes only to be told as I suspected that it was already resolved Then when I asked for someone in customer care they stuck my back in the main menu Then I got someone who claimed they could not hear me and I hung up This has not been my experience with Dell as a business person but this has made me decide I will not be purchasing from Dell directly in the future

I bought a dell inspiron iseries around Christmas of It has been working fine up until yesterdayI noticed that the left hinge has either lost a screw or somethingThis is causing the keyboard part of the laptop to come apart from the base of the laptopBefore you say it has been mistreated or opened incorrectly, I open it from the middle and have never dropped the laptopThis is either a manufacturer defect or something along the linesDoing research on the topic, this is a common occurrence and has been treated as user error or abuse

My laptop has been experiencing keyboard malfunctionsSpecifically, the top row of letters stops working one by one until only "t" and "y" workThe issue goes away when I turn it off and on again, but reappears after about minutesI brought the laptop to Staples where I bought it, but the technicians there told me to send it in to DellBefore I sent it in, I also had my colleges "Smart Squad" look at it, and they said to send it in as well since opening it would void the warranty that the laptop is still under since I just bought it over the summerI sent the laptop in to Dell, along with specifics about the problem and how the issue goes away when the laptop is restarted but does come back without failDell had my laptop for about weeks, and it was sent back to me last week with a note that said they had done nothing to it because the technician found nothing wrong with itI opened my laptop to try using it and within minutes the same keyboard issue returnedI am a ver

Dell has to have the worst customer service, ever! I am so frustrated with this companyI purchased a new Inspiron less than a year ago and it needs to be sent back in for service, for the 2nd timeEach time I am without my computer for or more daysI am a full time student and not having a computer for weeks at a time is very challengingNow I am facing that issue againI originally sent my computer in because something in the hardware would over heat and cause my computer to shut down randomly until it got to the point where the computer wouldn't stay on at allI sent it in to be fixedWhen I got my computer back from being "repaired" I booted it up to discover vertical lines running down the center of my computer, they never go awayOn top of the center vertical lines, my charger won't work right and my home page apps are no longer liveWhen I click on the"calculator" the app just goes dark and won't work So the long and short of itDell sent me a terrible product that malfunctioned months into owning it, "fixed" it and sent it back with a plethora of other issuesNow it's traveling back for the 2nd time in less than a yearWho buys a computer and has to send it in for repairs twice in less than a year! I can hardly wait to see how they screw it up this time! When I asked if Dell would send a box to ensure it was packaged correctly and a shipping label I was told by the customer service rep that their policy is to only send boxIt figures, this company is the worst, I will never purchase another Dell product ever again

I ordered some hard drives online on Jan and paid fully with credit cardI did not receive themWhen I called Dell I was told the order was cancelled and the shipment was redirected back to DellI was never notified about the cancellation and have not received any refundI am very disappointed with Dell's business practice

Dell Account Number: [redacted] - I submitted an order for a $XPSLaptop with Dell, I was preapproved for $Dell Credit Line - accessories were shipped to my home while the Laptop was being assembled, Dell CANCELLED my Laptop Order with NO NOTICE, I Paid $into my Dell Financial Account AHEAD of TIME to show good faith toward my CREDIT ACCOUNT I shipped back BOTH Accessories for CREDIT, A extended battery and a External CD Drive - I was sent a credit check for $on 12/02/15, I am still due a Credit of $($- $193.17) After NUMEROUS Phone calls and emails after months, I have no other option but to submit this complaint with the as all of my requests with Dell have been ignored Any help from the would be most appreciated

I contacted customer service first to fix defective audio left with fixed audio (i thought it was fixed at that time) left the product damaged came back fixed it after words audio stopped working correctly then about a month afterwords power light started flashing support website wont allow me to even download their diagnostic tolls also audio was know not to work well and the company never recalled the product

We received a faulty computer from Dell, after weeks with our tech team attempting to fix the problem with Dell, the computer still doesn't work Dell tech support has replaced a few items on the computer, the computer still doesn't work Our tech team has spent several hours trying to fix the computer, it has cost us a lot of money to pay our tech team to try and fix the computer We are unable to use the computer and Dell will not let us return it as it has been days since the invoice date

They sold me a defective computerThen change it for another not only also defective but usedBecause I bought a new one I tried to cancel the purchase but they told me thay to do it, I neeed to buy another computer new one and after that they give a refund

In November 2015, I bought a Dell Venue Android tablet when it went on sale on Cyber Monday that yearIn July 2016, the tablet started to charge slowly, and then not to charge at all when plugged inSince the product was still under warranty (year from date of purchase), I called Dell Technical support, who advised me to send it in for repairsThe original tablet could not be fixed, so they sent a replacement About days ago,, the replacement tablet started to experience the same problems as the originalI would up spending 4-hours total on the phone (after being cut off twice), routed to several different departments in the company, given contradictory policy information, only to be told that my warranty expired in FebruaryI told them no, the support page for my account clearly shows that the warranty is valid through December 1, I had to take a picture of the second tablet's service tag# to email to Dell so that I could prove that my warranty was still val

I ordered a dell laptop online on 4-5-16, paid for overnight shipping and got it days laterLaptop would not turn on so called the support line(If you want to call it that) and they said they would send out a new laptop in 3-days, that was over a month ago and over calls later with the same BS answers I would get from the India call centerAsked for a US number to call and they call me a chat line and phone sex # on occasionsSo weeks later and $later I still have no laptopDell should be ashamed of themselves for letting their company treat customers like thisI have never had such a unbelievable experience like this in my lifeI will make sure I spread the word as to how badly they treat their customers

I recently ordered computers from Dell with Microsoft Office on thenWe find that Dell did not include the license key for Microsoft OfficeInstead of providing a key over the phone they had to request a new key from Microsoft who would mail it to usSo we are unable to use these computers for - business days until we get a key from Microsoft in the mailThis is absurd! My Dell business rep told me that Dell had shipped out some computers without product keysThis is awful customer serviceIf they knew PCs had been shipped without product keys they should have had a method in place to quickly provide these keys!!

I made a purchase on Jan 20, from [redacted] in the amount of $for a replacement laptop batteryThe website listed the item as instock and ready to immediately shipI received a receipt via e-mail and a notice stating that the item was estimated to arrive on Jan 25, On Jan 26, the item had not arrived and I had received no other information from Dell so I contacted customer service by phoneThe gentleman on the other end indicated he had no idea why it didn't ship, would investigate the issue, and contact me backOn Jan 31, I called Dell again because no one had called me back, a different gentleman told me the item was available and should have shipped, he would investigate and call me backOn Feb 2, I called Dell again because I still had not recived a call back and was told the case would be escalated to a specialist and the specialist would call me backOn Feb 5, I got a call from the Specialist [redacted] , who stated that the item wa

I bought a laptop that is less than a year oldLast week, the battery stopped chargingI took the laptop to Best Buy and an employee identified the problem as the chargerThe laptop charged at the store using one of their chargersHe told me to contact Dell because Best Buy didn't sell Dell products I have contacted Dell twice, using contact information on their siteI just spent the past minutes looking at their site, trying to find my account informationI've had an account with Dell for almost yearsAnd I have never had this kind of issue until now

I have initiated returns with dell since early DecemberI had contacted customer service to verify if a specific backpack would fit my laptopAs per customer service, they stated it would fit my laptopDell Reward points were used to purchase the backpackThe backpack arrived, and the laptop does not fit I called Dell directly, and they agreed to accept a return, but would not honor the reward points used to purchase the backpackSo I would need to purchase the backpack full price, and they would not honor the price I paidI asked if they would at least apply the reward points later on to the purchase and credit the difference They denied that option

I paid for services for a technician to come to my home to repair my computerAccording to the representatives my computer required hard ware repair which I paid forThe computer did not require any hard ware services and the home technician left without repairing my computerI was told numerous times since February 11, I would receive a refund within business daysI called numerous timesand spoke to many supervisors and I was told I would receive the money within to business daysIts now March 22nd and I have not received my refund

My laptop broke so I sent it in to Alienware (Dell) to get it fixed and paid $***to fix it but when they returned it to me the screen and outer case was fixed but the computer would not boot up so I sent it back to them a second time and waited about a month and they told me that the computer was accidently sent to the trash bin and it was destroyed by them so they told me they would refund me the service fee and refund me the original cost of my computer which was over $Well they refunded me the service fee but have still not refunded me the cost of my computerIn the mean time I bought a replacement for it and they keep telling me that the refund was sent to my card that was used when the computer was purchasedThe service tag number is 390FNThe person I have been taking to is [redacted] @ Dell Tech support 1-***-***-***This issue has been going on since Febof this year Please help me

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