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My complaint involves what appears to be deliberate sales tactics designed not to provide what was promised when I ordered my laptop As I will describe in more detail below, the problems that appear deliberate were: (1) promising to include certain software in a laptop I purchased via “chat” (typed conversation with an agent), but not putting the software in the purchase order, denying the promise was made, and refusing to look at the text of the “chat;” and (2) attempting to appease me with a “coupon” for part of the disputed payment, but refusing to honor the coupon because of a claimed credit card denial for a required excess payment The problem began after I agreed on July 4, 2016, to purchase a laptop via Dell’s online “chat.” The text of the “chat” that Dell sent me showed that Dell had promised to include two pieces of software, for which I was to pay $348, with the purchase Some time after I received the laptop, I discovered that the software had not been

We purchased two DELL Laptop computers with a 3-year in home service warranty and returned one of them The computer we kept has a broken screen so we called to get it repaired under warranty When we called we found out DELL had a hold on the computer because they mixed up the two computersWhile their customer service had supposedly removed the hold on the computer, they technical support team still sees the hold and will not send out service to fix the computer We have spent more than hours on the phone with themThis is an internal DELL issue that only DELL can resolve We want our computer fixed as soon as possible

I purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop in February of this year Not months later one of the hinges is jammed and will not open or close properly Nothing is visibly broken The computer has not been abused or dropped I called Dell after seeing that the system is under warranty Upon describing the problem, the call center employee, [redacted] told me that hinge failures are classified as "operator induced damage" and she would transfer me to the "out of warranty" departmentfor a 2-month old computer I explained that that was unacceptable and asked to speak to her supervisor [redacted] then said she'd transfer me to a supervisor IN THE OUT OF WARRANTY DEPARTMENT! I demanded to speak to HER supervisor and after putting me on hold for a few minutes, came back said that the supervisor wasn't available I asked again to speak with the supervisor, and would wait as long as required She transferred me to "***" who identified himself as "a supervisor", but would not giv

I purchased a new Dell computer a few months ago it is still under warranty through September, However, I am very upset with the way that my warranty service request was handled, session ID # [redacted] The issue I was facing was that: I selected the option to have the Lock Screen display the "windows spotlight" random pictures each day, but it no longer doesMy screen should lock after minutes, but it never happensIt just stays on wherever I last left it The Dell tech support person I contacted through the chat option claims that this issue isn't handled by my warranty, that it's a Microsoft issue However, if it's a Microsoft issue, Windows came pre-loaded on my computer when I received it, so it should be covered Also, how do I as a consumer know that it's not a failing of a Dell hardware component? I just want Dell to honor the warranty that I purchased when I bought my computer and take care of this issue for me

Purchased a Dell Inspiron and it was defective right out of the boxHave tried on numerous occasions to obtain a replacement or refund and am continually ignoredThe customer service assistance they keep offering instead is of no consequence whatsoever, but continues as their only offered remedyThe computer is approximately one month old and has a defective touchpad/left button and numerous other hardware issues, including display driver crashes, camera malfunctions and screen malfunctions

I have a warranty repair that needs to be madeThe customer support people told me a battery would be sent to replace the bad battery in my Dell XPS laptopThe availability of the part has been changed numerous times and I've been told by multiple people that the part was available to ship two days ago, but the arrival date keeps getting extendedI also received an email saying the part had shipped, which it did notI've talked to other agents and have been told it is not available

Battery on my month old laptop died Contacted support and they stated that the warranty was year and that my laptop was out of warranty Immediately replied that the machine and battery are both less than a year old and that they are both still under warranty, at which point the customer service rep stopped responding

Purchased new XPS desk top along with DELL RECOMMENDED 8G memory moduleModule came in separate order, invoice O.N [redacted] at a cost of $Module did not work in new desk top, hours spent with Dell tech, told I need two of same for operation, ordered a 2nd module from Dell O.N [redacted] on invoice for $for a total of $investedReceived 2nd module today 8/16/16, (one module is made in Korea, other is made in China), both have same Item # when ordered, still won't work Dell tech now tells me these modules are not compatible with my desk topOrdered the correct modules that Dell now recommends at $(2) with the assurance I would be reimbursed for the first THEY recommendedAfter going through reps today did not get reimbursement resolved Computer Service Tag # [redacted] Express # [redacted] Have had issues in the past where Dell techs purposely delayed results of issue until deadline for being resolved ran out, don't want a repeat of t

I had placed an order with dell by phone on May when I call to do the order the representative Had recommended a part and stated he guarantee your workOnce I received the item it did not work I called dell and the other representative stated that I had the wrong partI had returned the itemAnd they received it on May I have not received any refund from themThey are starting refund will take 30days I don't think this is right that they are holding my money and have there merchandise back this is a big inconvenience and also was guaranteed to be there with work and did not know fault of my own I want my money back

I recently got a dell computer and I had to send it back for repairsIt had windows media player on it and when I got it back Dell took it off and it wasn't there it was still working properly and I sent it back again and windows media player that came with the computer still was not installedI called Dell and they told me that I had to pay to install the windows media playerI should not have to pay for that when it came with the computer because while they were repairing it they uninstalled itI would like to see Dell install it again at no charge to me

I purchased a very expensive Dell XPS Desktop PC, which when delivered and set up was nothing but troubleRepeated calls to technical support resulted in many transfers and no ownership of the problemI then purchased a downgraded operating system from Dell, at a cost of $shipped, which made the problem worseWhen I called for support, they transferred me to a department that wanted to sell me a service plan because they said the problem was not under the basic warrantyThe computer will not boot up and cannot be restored back to factory state, and Dell is refusing to take this computer back as they state it is beyond the day warranty periodI finally got to a more senior representative, " [redacted] " badge number [redacted] who told me my only option was to send a letter to [redacted] and it had to go through six different reviews an one of which could reject it and I am back to square one, a non working new computerTerrible customer service, horrible reps who transfer you

I ordered a new dell computer Received computer Poor instructions, only state, "Connect this to that with no indication of where this and that is Setup computer but monitor showed an error of "No DP cable." Contacted dell support Tech advised, "Open file ???." I again explained I can not open a file because the monitor is not connecting with the computer Kept asking to speak with someone is the United States I was told okay but kept getting connected outside of U.S Went thru or so called techs After approximately hours I hung up After an hour or so of trying different cables I realized the problem was with a switch on the monitor The following day I connected my dell speakers (from my previous computer) to my new dell computer, but were unable to get them to work I contacted dell support After speaking with tech's, after repeatedly requesting to speak with someone in the U.S., I was sent to a software specialist He informed me that he could resolve

I purchased a laptop online in mid February on the Dell Web site thru their chat departmentDuring the negotiaions of the laptop I requested and was granted months financing no interest if paid in full by the sales supervisorHe called and worked it out with the finance department prior to completing the order When I Recieved my first statement it shows only months interest freeI called their customer service department and complained, they checked my chat log or the notes in the account and were able to see that I was promised this financing The customers service rep put me on hold talked to a supervisor and came back on the line and promised me the month financingI few days later I recieved and email from dell financial and they stated that I only get months interest free So I called again and the same thing happened I was promised intereest free finance and then I get an email telling me that I don't the case id on the seconed promise is Case ID: [redacted]

I purchased Dell Inspiron series laptop in August of 2014, weeks ago the AC adapter broke completely off when I unplugged the AC plug Computer was still under warranty but I had to fight with customer support to get them to send a Tech to my home to repair, I work from home quite a bit and this is the computer I use to work I can not afford to not get paid for days while they figure this out They suggested that I box it up and send it back to them and wait for them to fix it! I did not have time to wait for them Finally a few days later they agreed to send a Tech out to my house, and he got it fixed Six weeks later I unplug computer, turn it on and poof! A big puff of smoke and screen goes out!!!!! I am done!!!! No work again,, I called them up, still under warranty, told them I don't want this computer as it is obviously defective, just refund me and let me go buy another computer so I can get back to work! Nope, gotta ship it to them and wait at least anoth

On November 24, 2017, I purchased a new Dell computerThe computer can be identified as Service Tag [redacted] The computer did not connect to WifiIn December I was on the phone with DellIn middle they said they would call back, but never did I therefore was not able to use the computerIn late May or early June 2018, I really need the computer as my old Dell computer stopped workingI called Dell againAfter hours on the phone and giving the technician remote access, he could not fix the issue and told me to send the computer in for repairI was told I had to buy the box myself, which cost $at Fed ExI was specifically told that the people in Texas diagnose the problem and will only send it back if it's definitely repaired The computer was supposedly repaired and sent backI was away, and came back this weekI opened the box todayAgain it did not workI again called tech support, was again on the phone for more than hoursAfter hours, in middle of a fac

I bought a Dell Inspiron desktop computer in October I paid extra for a three-year warranty covering onsite servicepremium support, and "complete care." It stopped working in January I called technical support, and after minutes on hold, being hung up on, then calling again, minutes on hold, ran through diagnostics and was told that I needed a replacement hard drive The tech said that I had to call another number however I called, again on hold, again the tech hung up on me I called again, again a long hold, then the tech wanted to run the same diagnostics again I refused, asked to speak to a supervisor, and he hung up on me Amazingly, I have tried calling several more times, and every time I ask for a supervisor, they hang up on me

Apr2, Dell Purchase ID [redacted] Order total $2,Sales rep [redacted] I purchased the above computer from and received it on April At the time I reported a problem with the cursor stickingIt sticks to a point where I have to restart and could not use the computerIt seemed to have been a software or driver problem so initially wasn't that concernedI then went to on an overseas business tripI could not use the computer even though I updated drivers I worked with their technicians repeatedly and they also experienced the problemAt the time I asked to return for another system but they said it was past days from purchase (May?)Dell representative updated the drivers and noted Video card problems and then the finger print reader and audio (mic) stopped workingThey said they would send a box to ship back but I did not receive the boxI went on another trip and when I returned I explained the problem again (after ref

My mother's laptop had warranty issues that were approved to be returned for repairAn email with a shipping label was sent to my email on May 24, but due to delay in getting laptop back into original box, the shipping label expired and at the point was unable to access anymore A second return authorization was approved by Dell & sent to my email on June The next day, June 17, the laptop was shipped from my post office with their FedEx shipping label going to SMARTPOST/RETURNS, PARCEL RTN SVC, *** I waited until early July and when asked for status, was advised by their Technical Support Specialist that it was not receivedI got proof of delivery from my post office-FedSMART POST and updated them that it was delivered DELL claimed it was not received because the FedEx waybill was changed They insisted the matter was in my hands, they could not help and I needed to get my post office to locate & return to me, then once Dell received it they would rep

On April 30, 2017, I purchase Dell Tech Concierge for one year of serviceI paid $for the serviceOn may 07, I turned my computer on during the hour of am and realized that Dell was is the process of removing the yearly service that I have paid forDell also charged me twice for System Mechanicson April 23, This computer was purchased as newit completely crashed the second month after I purchased itWhen the repairman came everything that he took out of this computer said refurbished and everything that he put back into it said refurbished

I ordered TV's on November 25th---both were supposed to come with Promo Egift cards for $each that were supposed to be credited to me in no later then 10-daysI received on December 10th so I called to ask why I had not received the otherI was told that I would have it no later then December 15thDecember 15th passed yesterday so I called them to find out where my other gift card was because I was going to use it towards another purchase for my daughter for ChristmasI spent hours on the phone to find out they sent it to the wrong email address and that I had to wait 3-business days for them to supposedly get me a new oneThe 3-business day window does me no good as that puts the card coming after ChristmasAll I want is either a discount of $off an item or my Egift card in the timely manner which I was promised when I purchased the item so I could make another purchase in time for Christmas.....By the way, their customer service has to be the worst I have E

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