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On February I placed an order (951395595) for a Dell Alienware laptop So, on Monday,February 08, I contacted Dell and asked to cancel an order, but they refused, even though it wasn't shipped yet When Fedex made an attempt to deliver my order, I refused it and sent it back to Dell Fedex .tracking [redacted] Dell received this laptop on February 15, and since that I haven't received my money back I paid using a credit card and a Dell gift card and so far nothing

I purchased a computer online on June 14thThe order was erroneously duplicated, and I was charged twiceDell claimed to have resolved the issue, but instead they sent me a second, identical computerSince June 27th, when I realized what happened, I have been trying to return the unordered computer and get a refund of the costI have called and emailed their Customer Service system repeatedlyI have received no response to the email requests except an automated acknowledgmentMy phone calls have been more frustrating, as the agents have claimed that they could not authorize the return for various reasonsI have repeatedly been transferred and have had the call terminated during the transfer or wound up in a voice mail system I want to stress that this situation is not an attempt to return something that I ordered - which is how Dell representatives seem to characterize itI did not order two computers!

[redacted] RE: Dell Incident # [redacted] In a nutshell: Per the agent's ( [redacted] instructions I followed up with DELL on the Incident # referenced upon return from my vacation ACCEPTING DELL's offer for a $refund It has been months since my return and I still have not received the $refund nor any pertinent correspondence within the emails that I have To/From DELL regarding this matter I have all correspondence emails if needed

This computer uses Windows as n operating systemMy wife and I are unable to use this due to the complexity of the learning curveWhen I asked to change the system (already delivered) I was told I would need to buy a Windows Disc for $which I didI received the disc and contacted Dell Customer Service for tech help installing windows I was told I would have to purchase a year software service plan for them to helpThey state on website that you have 30n days to return if you are not satisfiedI called to return it and have been transferred, cut off, sent to a person with purposeful loud noise in background so you could not hearThis whole purchase has been deceitful and frustratingThis(DELL) is an offshore operation and is not complying either by phone or emailI was coerced into using dell credit in order to get the sale price and am unable to get Dell to comply with their stated customer satisfaction guarantee

How can a company that has 98% negitive reviews still have a A+ rating? Worst costumer service and out right theft! I called the out of warranty service department at ###-###-#### times this month! Purchased a new hard drive and software on November for $I was told I would have it within five business days and an email would be sent with confirmation numbersThe $was deducted from my bank account yet I haven't received my orderI call today and customer service has no record of my purchaseand basically told me sorry about my luck! I will have to try to go through my bank to get my money back but being an overseas purchase probably won't happenSomeone at this company stole $for me !! Don't EVER order anything online from this company! I have had Dell computers for years and I will NEVER Buy another product from this company!

I purchased a printer from Dell on 02/(Purchase ID: [redacted] )Dell sent two emails on 02/The first said that the order was received and the second one to confirm the orderOn 02/12, I got a email saying the order was delayedThen on 02/13, I got a email saying the order was cancelledWhen I called them on 02/and checked the order status, it said the order was cancelled due to the item being out of stockWhen I talked to the customer service, they told me that the item is in stock and I can buy it againThe call was escalated to the management who gave the same information and transferred my call back to customer service while I was still talking

I place an order of FIVE sets of Netgear Rrouter and Buffalo 3TB external hard drive from Dell on Jan 19, 2016, each set of which also includes $Dell Gift card(I have screen prints as solid proof) The order was not shipped until Feb 27, 2016, and I was charged for the full, but the gift card never cameAfter I received the partial order, I contacted with Dell through Online chat, Email and phone call ,asking about the missing gift card They told me that the card would be sent to me after days I waited another days, still no card coming, so I called them againDell said I have to wait for another 3-5days, and I trusted them again Same result, no card I decided to call for the third time, and same reply that they would send me the card in -days This time, Dell sent me something, a gift card of $50, NOT $500, and the card itself says it is from DELL ADVANTAGE REWARDS, it is NOT from the bundled dell gift card within that order AT ALL I had to

Your service system currently has some major flawsMy current service request is an excellent example of that! I worked for Dell in Tech Spt/CSV/Sales for years and never encountered the problems I, as a customer, have been experiencing as follows: Website never provides any updates Tech Spt never provides updates unless prompted from customer Updates are always obscure and non-descriptive! (deceptive?) Illogical service delays went on for days Replacement system finally sent but to wrong address at Dell Corporate HQ where I used to work years ago where the original system was shipped Dell kept insisting sent to correct address and delivered even when I insisted they used the wrong address which they had never confirmed with me! Dell was unable to find the system so decided to provide a new replacement system which I was advised would be an Inspiron which met or exceeded specifications of my original system

Purchased a laptop for my business from DellComputer received good reviews onlineWithin one month of working with the computer the entire keyboard stops working We follow all the steps customer support has to fix the computer and it doesn't workWe send it back in to them and they replace the keyboard but return it in a slightly beat up conditionLess than weeks after that the computer stops connecting to the internetThe only way to get this to work again is by restarting the computer completely (Obviously not the desired course of action if this happens every 10-minutes)We follow support's instructions and believe the issue has been fixedThe employee that was using the computer leaves the company and it is not touched for monthsOnly to have the issue return when someone starts using the computerWe are now going on our 4th week back and forth with Dell serviceThe computer has been sent in for service and was returned non functioning now both keyboard, process

I purchased a brand new XPS computer and two new monitors so that I would have dual monitor capabilities This was the product the Dell sales rep recommended to me when I explained to him that I needed this for school However, on the first day of getting my computer and monitors, the 2nd monitor did not work because there was nothing to contact the 2nd monitor too I was told I would have everything I needed to make this work in my shipment I went and bought a splitter but nothing worked I contacted Dell and was told that I needed to purchase a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter The next day I did, and this time, the screen came on but it said that it did no HDMI signal could be found I contacted Dell, and was transferred approximately to 4-different customer service sections before the last person tried to assist me He explained that I could have just bought a "faulty" product so I ended up purchasing the same looking DisplayPort to HDMI adapter from Dell Each night I was o

I purchased a Dell computer from [redacted] in Cookeville, TN on August 13, After using the computer for days, I began to have an issue with connecting or staying connected to the internet I went to [redacted] to file the complaint and was instructed to contact Dell to resolve the problemI verbally contacted the Dell technical support department to receive help with the matter twiceI was told by the Dell employee that the wifi card was badDell instructed me to send the unit back, however I felt the personal information would be in jeopardy was told that the issue could be resolved over the phone I have wasted countless number of hours on the phone regarding this issue - and my time is money Dell employees have emailed regarding the issue and temporarily fixed the problemIt will work occasionally, but sporadically The computer will not stay connected to the internet despite other household Dell computers staying connected to the same internet s

I purchased a Dell Venue Tablet in November of with a year extended warranty Since receiving the item, it has been returned to the manufacturer times with the same defect After being returned on December 15, a refurbished item was sent in its place, which still had the same defect and worked for days I returned the refurbished tablet to Dell on January 30, with a UPS label they sent to me days later, they have not attempted to repair the item Nor have they sent me a different refurbished item I have attempted to contact the company numerous times Each time I have been told that they are sending me back the defective tablet, AND a new refurbished tablet Yet I have not received either item yet In the past, I have always received notification with tracking numbers via email No information has been sent to prove that either item is in transit No matter what, this is an ongoing issue, and I have been unable to communicate with anyone from

[redacted] (Canada) Service Tag [redacted] Dear Dell Technologies, My name is [redacted] ***, a once-loyal Dell customer who has a very interesting story that has unfolded recentlyMy first Dell computer was the Dell Optiplex with the intel Core Duo Efrom It was a great computer that is still alive today, storing my most cherished momentsMy next real laptop was the Dell Inspiron from 2016, an amazing multimedia computer with beautiful aesthetics and decent build qualityHowever as progressed, I was in need of more power for my workload and entertainment needs, so I opted for the best laptop Dell could offer, the AlienwareNonetheless this may have been one of the worst decisions I made in April as the course of events that followed afterwards were far from ideal First email (June 05, 2018): “I spoke to [redacted] on April to help build a laptop that is both powe

I am showing you the letter my lawyer wrote to Dell, this explains the issue"Please be advised that this office represents, [redacted] with regard to a Dell Computer that she purchased approximately months ago After the computer failed to turn on, [redacted] contacted the support center by phone and worked with a technician for two hours in the hopes of determining what was causing the malfunction The technician, after making several incorrect guesses and failing to diagnosis the problem, then asked [redacted] to look for the graphics card The technician could not tell her where to look or what the card looked like [redacted] was very frustrated with the lack of knowledge the technician had and inquired into her warranty coverage [redacted] was then instructed to send the computer to your repair center despite that her warranty allowed for a technician to come to her residence When the computer was returned to her residence, the housing was completely off of the c

I had filed a complaint about years ago against Dell and the case was eventually resolved/closedSince then I have discarded ALL Dell products and will no longer purchase from this companyThe first time they called after the issue was resolved I told them to remove my phone number from their database as I no longer owned any DELL productsThey said they can't do that so every few months a DELL Tech Service person will call my cellular phoneWhen I answer the phone I again request that they remove my cellular number but they continue to call.........I block every number that is from DELL but they use different phone numbers...........after years of continued calls I now consider DELLS calls to be a form of harassment

I bought a computer back months agoI called dell to ask about the problemThe problem is that my motherboard is NOT recognizing my headphones and vice versaI've done my fair share of research and I've come to find out that the motherboard is defectiveEvery attempt at calling and resolving the issue has led to me being hung up numerous times, or the technical support line has transferred me into an endless loop of frustration

I placed an order on for a wireless mouse and laptop sleeve on 10/7/using a gift certificate I earned from buying a Dell laptopAfter weeks, the items still had not arrivedI called Dell, and after holding for almost min I was told that my order was still processing, and they had no idea when I would receive itI asked if someone could look into it and get back to me with a delivery date within a couple daysThey sent me an email a few days later saying they were still looking into itIt has been over a month since I placed the orderThe estimated delivery was supposed to be 5-business days

I have placed my order on Feb9, My Dell Purchase ID: [redacted] I have applied two coupons for the purchaseI've received a confirmation email on the very same dayThe estimated delivery for my purchase was Feb14, On Feb13, 2018, I have received another email informing that my order was delayed and the new delivery date was Feb- 16, On the other hand, I received another email on the same day, as follows "This email is regarding your recent order [redacted]  for a DELL E310DWUnfortunately, due to a pricing error your order has been canceled." They made me wait and canceled the orderI know that they shipped the same order at the same price to other customers - as you can see on other websites like [redacted] Instead of sending me my order, they come up with another reasonI want a proof showing that they made a pricing error and did cancel the other orders ( but I know they shipped the same order at the same price), if they cannot they shou

I purchased a computer from Dell about the middle of July; less than one week after receiving it, I received the blue screen of death and it completely shut down on me and erased all of my workI should mention that this laptop is used MAINLY for workI contacted Dell customer service promptly and had a tech do some trouble shooting and assured me that the issue would be fixed, it was not! A few days later I began receiving other errors that prompted immediate shut down of the laptop which resulted in me, once again, losing all work I have done on my company's websiteI also had instances where the entire laptop would freeze and I would have to manually force a shut downAs you can imagine, this has hurt my business greatly and been very COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!! I contacted Dell several time and they all told me the problem would be fixed after some troubleshooting; this never occurred and I continued to get the errors and the blue screen of deathI finally got tired of it and contacte

I have purchased a desktop from them and I was suppose to get it days ago, I have called and emailed several times and no one can give me an answer, I have requested to talk to a manager and they put me on hold for over minutes (both times)Every time I want to talk to someone in the US, the calls get re-directed to India

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