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3333 boulevard de la Côte-Vertu Suite 600, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, H4R 2N1

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Just fly does not even deserve a star....please do not deal with this travel agency... They owe me 1150.00 & refuse to reimburse me even though my flight cancellation was not my fault... They penalize you even for a death in the family.... I dealt with them for a year... They should not be in business ! I'm appalled that they have been in business for 22 years... Please save yourself the stress that they have put me through..... Do not do business with these people....I will continue to put my warnings on everything I can to help people from dealing with them!

If zero stars were possible, that's what Justfly deserves. Their practice of charging for seat assignment when NO SEAT ASSIGNMENT for the type of flight is permitted by the particular airline is a deception. They also have a $19 fee for cancellation within 24 hours insurance which I did not get. When I established 48 hours later I did NOT have a guaranteed seat when my invoice from Justfly said I did. The seat Justfly said was available never was. They would not refund the cost of my ticket because it wasn't within 24 hours! Otherwise,? they said they would have refunded my ticket without my paying the $19 insurance! I would not have purchased the ticket had I not been able to choose my seat. This is FRAUD and DECEPTIVE PRACTICES.

Had to cancel my flight to Canada due to death in the family. Company made me pay $150.00 for cancellation and took an additional $125.00 out of ticket cost. Call a couple of months later to use my credit and was kept on hold for one whole hour and was told someone would call me in 48 hours about the new flight. This company had no intention of honoring my credit.

Bought cheap tickets to Europe. Months later was sent an email saying the time of flight had changed. To find out when the time had changed to, the web page required I "acknowledge" I agreed to the new terms.
But the new time was 6 hours earlier than before, and conflicted with a connecting train, and it added a 8 hour layover in Houston. Asked about changing time closer to original, told this would cost a lot. Phone people are nice but seem to work from scripts designed to brush you off, and I doubt there is anything concrete they can do.
They said *** Airways canceled the original flight. If so I can see that creates problems (have no way of knowing if that is true). But would have been good to get a phone call, and some options on other times.
Bottom line - cheap prices are offered, but times can change and there seems little one can do.

I booked a flight with justfly Aug 2018 and due to unforeseen circumstances was forced to cancel, at which time they charged me $150 for canceling and when I asked for a refund they refused and would only give "flight credit" which had to be for a domestic flight only and had to be used prior to Aug 13,2019 or it would be taken. I tried to book a flight this Jun using my "flight credit" they put $1000 dollars penalty on the price of my tickets claiming it was the airline not them taking my 2 tickets which on their website were selling for about $1100 dollars to over $2100 dollars if I used my "flight credit" when I refused this ridiculous price they still refused to give me a refund

Justfly has terrrible customer service. Their website is promoting false advertising that you can cancel a ticket within 23 hours. When you do that, the customer service rep does not explain that there is cancellation fee per passenger to cancel tickets. There is a fee and no one explains this.
While talking to the supervisor *** Employee number *** hangs up the phone and is threaten the customer as well. *** does not provide any assistance and is rude and refers to the terms and conditions. Terrible customer service. She further did not transfer the call to her manager and cut the line. I am going to re-post this till I am happy with the resolution.

According to justfly*** web site their address is
JustFly inc. ***
Justfly*** fraudulently charged my credit card. Initially Am***ss was helpful in my dispute however they accepted a blank piece if paper as justification for a charge. In any event I wrote to Ame***ss advising them I never authorized the charge so it was a fraudulent charge. I will not have to pay them anything.
Am***ss should review their dispute management. They sided with justfly*** without any justification.

FlightHub Response • Jul 02, 2019

Thank you for your review! Upon reviewing your reservation, you were charged a total of $ 1585.99 for your ticket fare and support premium package ($13.95). The amount of $59.97 included in the total amount, was charged separately in our merchant. In some cases, a fare can be split up into multiple charges. This charge plus the fare and taxes is equal to the total fare the customer saw when they made their purchase. Kind regards, Legal Resolution Team

I tried to book my fright, I went through the processed to booking my fright and put my credit card info and the card was charged a $1 four time and then a message popped up saying the price went up and if I want to continue I would have to pay additional $25 per passenger. I declined and went back using a different computer and the price was the same it was not changed. I called called customer service but no help.

I booked my flight through JustFly and paid the fee to have them submit my seat assignment request to the airline. I received a confirmation email from JustFly saying I'm all set, and I thought that meant my seat had successfully been assigned. I understand there is a disclaimer that states when you book seat assignment through JustFly, the assignment is contingent on the airline's approval. However, it was not made clear to me at any point that I would have to call the airline to confirm seat assignment. When I got the confirmation email from JustFly, I assumed that since I had paid the fee, the seat assignment had come through successfully. Many other third party booking companies are able to get seats assigned, so I did not expect any problems. I understand that the airline does not necessarily notify JustFly that a seat assignment has been declined, but it is irresponsible of JustFly to obscure the fact that YOU NEED TO CALL TO CONFIRM and that your seat assignment fee is simply paying for a request that JustFly sends off into space and never check on again. I will never book seat assignment through this company again for this. And thanks to their customer call center's poor customer service- where apparently "customer service" means to tell me it's my own fault for not reading the fine print and then to have a supervisor hang up on me- I will never book through JustFly again and am now going to do my best to share this horrible experience with as many people as I can.

Terrible***pany stay away!! I'd give them zero stars if I could. I booked a flight from San Diego to Hawaii through them in Jan. 2019 for a flight in July 2019. I paid extra to assure seats. She gave me the seat numbers for both flights. Now, 1 month away, I have no seats on either flight. The***pany states the payment is for them to request seats, they are never guaranteed. However, when I called the airline, the airfare purchased (and NOT told to me) was the basic fare that NEVER includes seats. So JustFly*** sold me fare that THEY KNEW I could never get seats for...and then they took more money from me just so that they could request seats!! This is a SCAM Company, and definitely did the bait and switch on me. I called them 3 times today and I got 3 different answers from them. I even spoke with Supervisor *** (sp.?) who contradicted himself within 2 minutes.

they DO NOT disclose all the charges you will be charged, example seat selection for basic, we were charged close to $300.00 for luggage, small normal luggage that every traveler takes with them to travel. The cost for our conference one day trip within Canada cost us $700.00 more than we normally pay every year. We discovered this after the fact and of course when we received our *** bill. I was on the phone with Just Fly for over 3 hours of which time was places on hold and no help at all just wanted to blame the airlines... DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE YOU WILL BE SORRY

Their lack of respect, empathy, understanding, and good customer service is appalling. Please stay far away. They will spend as much time as they can proving you wrong, making you out to be in the wrong, and will never admit any fault of their own. I actually considered cancelling my ticket, but was worried I would never see my refund. Dealing with FlightHub has been possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Stay far away.

FlightHub Response • Jun 03, 2019

Thank you for your review!
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may have incurred with our customer service representatives.
Please provide us more information so we can investigate your case further.
Kind regards,
Legal Resolution

Customer Response • Jun 03, 2019

What kind of information? The rep who told me I can't do anything but cancel took his time (I believe to look into my account) and decided the funds were there for a cancellation fee to be take immediately. Than I phoned and was on hold with another rep until I got connected to a *** lady named *** and she hung up on me by the end of it. That was unprofessional especially since I was asking to get a better deal or anything as compensation and after I was on hold for 45mins she did not help me and hung up. I thought this was very rude and Flighthub reviews online from trust pilot or any other platform are really the only thing customers are able to do. I hope someone important can phone me and maybe we can work out a deal on different flights. I offered that deal to *** unfortunately she just hung up on me as a supervisor...

FlightHub Response • Jun 04, 2019

Good day!
This matter has been handled directly with the customer.
Thank you for taking the time to review our services!
Kind regards,
Legal Resolution Department

Customer Response • Jun 04, 2019

The legal department reached out to me immediately and offered to refund my cancellation fee, therefore my issues have been resolved. Thank you to flighthub, and *** for helping, I'm willing to change any reviews to five stars. Thank you

After booking a flight online, I received an email notifying me of the wrong time of my flight, despite the confirmation page on their website that I screenshotted contradicting their email confirmation sent to me minutes later. When I called, they required me to cancel their flight for me first before booking the flight that I paid for in the first place. It's unacceptable for the agency to require the customer to pay for a cancellation fee when the company was at fault for the incorrect booking.

You have policies that the phone agents can recite but they can't point me to where to find them on the website nor can they put it in writing and send to me. I purchased a ticket from you and you cannot treat me with any respect. You are making up policies as you go.

Book a flight Lax to *** {economy} was a great deal until they sent email Itinerary for review info which I already paid for tickets. They misspelled wife last name, because of misspelled name had to speak with supervisor and redo the deal and she said one of my connecting flight change flight # which took away premium economy seat this was part of the deal. she say airfare would cost less.To many ifs so I cancel the deal. Justyfly sent email to confirm cancellation. I called credit card to make them aware of cancellation that when I found there was $170..00 charge was not disclose to me.Would mot use them no madder how great of a deal.

It's a classic bait and switch. They display the plane tickets at a certain rate and then just before you enter your CC info they update that price to be much higher than you agreed on. It goes unnoticed, because people don't double check at this stage, because they did in the previous steps.
When I confronted them about it, they admitted to the price being lower, but they said I agreed and purchased at the ultimate price so there's nothing they can do. They advised I cancel the flight at a $600 penalty.

Worst company ever. Do not book with justfly. I booked a reservation to go to *** and *** from the states about 3 months in advance. I was unable to make the flight due to work circumstances and because it was non refundable I wanted to make changes. Original booking was multi-city. I wished to change it to *** and back to the states. Even tho u already lost the money that I paid for a multi city flight they still wanted to charge me for the city that I was no longer going to visit. Worst company ever. Customer service supervisor hung up on me due to there not being anything that she can do.

Scam Liars! DO NOT USE this so-called company. I purchased extended insurance if I needed to cancel within 24-hours. I called within 18-hours to cancel, but was told they will not refund my money. LOL! I explained I purchased the extended cancellation insurance and they told me I didn't. I then said, YES I DID! Lady on line put me on hold forever, then came back and said they can only refund one of the airlines. What a joke. I immediately called my credit card company and told them what was going on (wanted to contact them well within the 24-hours) and they are working with me to credit back my account.

This company is a straight up joke. I purchased a flight to ***a in March and purchased trip protection as well just in case any unforeseen circumstances were to occur in which it did. I missed the bag check in time by 2mins at *** Airlines...*** Airlines employee said that it was not a big deal that I would be put on the next flight on standby at no charge. The issue was that I booked through Justfly and they would have to change the flight being that it wouldn't change my reservation because I would connect with my original flight in the . Justfly customer service was horrible and they were not willing to help in this situation although *** Airlines was willing to do whatever they could. The trip protection was a joke. It only covered natural disasters, medical emergencies, etc. I have purchased trip protection before and you can get your money back no questions asked. Long story short I lost $1118 and some change for booking with this horrible company. I couldn't get another flight or refund although I purchased that expensive as flight protection. It was a bought lesson and I will buy directly from the airline or use a travel agent. Look at the reviews before you purchase from this company. They are horrible

This is one of the worst companies you could ever do business with. I've been waiting for a name change for 8 days and they keep asking me to wait for 24 to 72 hours. I called the airline and they tell me that they only need the agent to call them to get the instructions on getting this done on their end. I wrote to everyone and the emails I get for feedback are always expired. Someone needs to take these people down.

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Address: 3333 boulevard de la Côte-Vertu Suite 600, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, H4R 2N1


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