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I will never purchase anything that is being financed by HyCite. They are rude and not helpful when it comes to refunding my money, when they charged my checking account twice. I have a hard time understanding how a company can run a payment when the balance is zero, zero. Then say I have to wait 30 days for a refund, or supply them with a bank statement showing payment was taken out twice. I like my Bowflex product, but I will never purchase another Bowflex product if I have to finance through HyCite!

This company is a joke. They are incompetent and will not take responsibility for their actions. I had a recall and was NEVER notified. The pans I purchase were pricey. The pans could of exploded during cooking not only injuring myself and my family but with a possibility of 2 other families. When I started receiving my replacement pans I noticed that there were 4 pans missing from my order. I have been dealing with this for a week now and every time I turn around I have anther issue to deal with. Their customer service department is rude and refuses to let me speak to a supervisor. I have to call back daily to stay on top of them with pans that belong to me and have been purchased and paid in full for years.

Review: Regretfully, I am contacting you to document what I have been telling some of your reps on your Customer Care/Cancellations department. I have explained to the reps my situation and have been met with aggression and hostility.

A third party salesman showed up to my mother’s home ([redacted]) on 10/15/2015. This person showed up with out an appointment. The salesman misrepresented the product he was selling my mother. On 10/22/2015, my mother received a huge box and was unaware of its contents. She then realized that the agreement she signed wasn’t for what she believed it was for, but, rather it was for a Filter costing over a thousand of dollars!!

She quickly informed me of the situation. On Mon. 10/26/2015 believing this had to be a mistake I called in to the cancellation dept. and was met with employees who were very hostile towards my inquiries. Finally, I was able to speak with a supervisor by the name of: [redacted] who informed me that Hy Cite Corp has very little, if any, oversight over third party salesmen and their practices. She stated that there is no way for her to know whether the salesman’s approach was ethical or not.

I asked [redacted] if these salesmen were paid a yearly salary or if it is based on commission alone?? She stated that the salesmen only receive a commission salary. I explained that commission based salaries are one of the most corrupt compensation structures in the United States. I asked her if it is common place for a salesman to NOT schedule an appointment with a perspective client?? She stated that they usually do and it is recorded. I asked to hear this conversation and [redacted] said she will request it from the Third Party sales company.

I informed [redacted] that my mother will not be keeping this product. [redacted] stated that HY CITE company policy states that a client can only cancel the order within 3 business days after signing an agreement. I stated to [redacted] that I would be sending the box back to the shipping address and that I will be filing a report with the I explained to her that this is not OK. You don’t sell people products that they don’t want and then create a 3 day cancellation policy aimed at shortening the window for dissatisfied clients to able to cancel this order; I explained that it was unethical and will not be tolerated.Desired Settlement: The equipment is in its shipping package and has not been taken out of the box. The desired outcome is that once we ship this undesired product back to the shipping address listed on the label; Hy Cite is to repeal the order and cancel it. They should then cease all communication between their company and my mother.



In review of the

complaint received by [redacted], the account in question is under the

name of [redacted] and per notes on the account, Mrs. [redacted] came to

a resolution with the Independent Distributor and will keep the merchandise. Should you have any additional questions or concerns,

please do not hesitate to contact us.[redacted]Assistant ManagerCustomer Care Department

Review: I would like to report a complaint about Bridal Registry USA.My fianc and I attended a bridal show in Louisville, KY. We received a call from Bridal Registry congratulating us on a drawing we had won. Of course when a newly engaged couple is told they win a prize they are very excited. We were given the option of the prize to be a wedding band set, a trip, or a thing of coupons. Well of course there was a catch. In order to get the gift we had to sit through a cooking presentation with the CookWorld products. As we walk into the presentation we were greeted by [redacted], who was very friendly, inviting, and believable. [redacted] even pointed out a couple there that night. He told us the couple had already purchased the CookWorld products and was there to buy more. He really made this CookWorld product look good, so my fianc and I bought the product for $1800. [redacted] assured us that if we had any problems at all we could call cus[redacted]er service and they would send someone to our house to show us a personal demonstration on how to cook with the new pots and pans. We left there happy!The CookWorld product arrived to our house approximately 2 weeks later. My fianc and I were so excited to try the cooking techniques that [redacted] told us about. Unfortunately our pots and pans didnt work the way [redacted] said they would. We burned and wasted a lot of food. We called to return the cookware and we were told that the only time they could be returned was just a week after they were ordered, but we didnt receive them till 2 weeks after we ordered them. So they basically told us you are S.O.L.Ok so we now go to the next solution since we are obviously stuck with useless metal in our house. We call cus[redacted]er service to have a representative come to our house to show us one on one on how to use the cookware. Two months passed and no representative called. We give it another shot and call them back to have a representative come to the house. We get a call back a month later and the guy informs us that he is too far away to come and show us how to use the product, but he suggested we use some expensive cleaning stuff to wash the pots and pans in. Although it clearly states in the manual to wash the pots and pans with soap and water. Our problem is still not solved after 5 months. Just so happen we had attended another bridal show and low and behold we got a phone call from Bridal Registry USA offering us the same offer. This was our chance to go and actually talk to [redacted] face to face again. We were excited to finally get to speak with the friendly, inviting, and believable man who had sold us the CookWorld product. We showed up to the show about 20 minutes early hoping we could catch [redacted] and chat with him before the show. We saw [redacted] sitting in the bar so we walk over, and I must say [redacted] was not the same [redacted] as we had seen before. He was very rude when we confronted him about the product. Every time my fianc would go to speak [redacted] would over talk him with sarcasm. We were only there to get an ANSWER to our problem. He was not willing to help but he could tell we wasnt leaving until we got an answer. At this point the lobby was filling up with the next victims, and [redacted] was getting worried that they would over hear the conversation so he took us into the presentation room before the others were allowed in. He signed a statement saying he would come to the house and show us how to use the product himself. He put the full blame on his cus[redacted]er service staff. Also, we were told they send us something in the mail for traveling an hour away just to talk to him. Needless to say it has been over a week and we have yet heard from [redacted], cus[redacted]er service, or have seen anything in the mail to compensate our travel and time. This past weekend we were at a Bridal Show and we just so happened ran in to the couple we had seen at the first presentation who [redacted] said had purchased the product and loved it. We thought we would ask them about their cooking techniques they use with the product. They looked at us and laughed, we didnt buy anything. [redacted] just told us to say we had bought the product to help make sales. You have no idea the anger and the thoughts that went through my head. My fianc and I work every day and we work hard for our money. Now we have been scammed on $1800. Not only that but we had sold our old pots and pans and since the CookWorld product doesnt work we have had to repurchase more pots and pans.We have really been cheated out of our money. Yes we did get the cruise vacation deal, but those folks wont even talk to us before we submit $100 to them. We were just calling to get some questions answered such as dates that were available, how much extra would it be for us to bring our daughter along, just basic things that they wont answer. We cant afford to send in $100 just have questions answered. We wasnt sure what step to take next so we decided to write to share our story and concerns with this company. Thank you,[redacted]Desired Settlement: We would like to return the pots and pans and receive a full refund. We have wasted so much food and money trying to cook in these pots and pans plus we are still making payments on the cookware as well. It is money down the drown.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we have a sales order that was signed by his fiancée, Ms. [redacted] on October 8, 2014 via the Independent Distributor, Century Living International. The cookware set that was purchased by Ms. [redacted], CookWorld, is not merchandise that is shipped or warranted by Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC. The only cookware that we would ship and warrant would be the 8” gourmet skillet. Any and all issues concerning the CookWorld merchandise would need to be brought up directly with the Independent Distributor or CookWorld’s Cus[redacted]er Service Department as the only dealings we have with this merchandise is the extending of financing for the cookware. We can forward this complaint to the Independent Distributor’s office so that they can contact Mr. [redacted] and Ms. [redacted], however, the account is no longer eligible for cancellation as the cancellation timeframe has expired. On the sales order that was signed by Ms. [redacted], the notice of cancellation states that the order may be cancelled prior to midnight of the third business day after the order was signed and since that timeframe has passed, the account is no longer eligible for cancellation. If Ms. [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] would like the phone numbers to CookWorld’s Cus[redacted]er Service Department or the phone number to the Independent Distributor’s office, we will be more than happy to provide them. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: Upon ordering the cookware with this company I informed them I would only submit a down payment IF they would PROMISE to ONLY send the product to my home with a required signature. They informed me they would send it with a required signature form upon receiving the package. I wrote my down payment and waited. A "FREE" gift (a set of knives) was to also be sent to our home while we waited to receive the remaining products. To my surprise I received the knives WITHOUT a required signature request. I contacted this company IMMEDIATELY and they apologized that this occurred and ensured me that I would be receiving my next shipment (of the cookware) with a required signature. After many days of waiting I contacted the company a second time. They informed me that I should have received the cookware by this time and provided me a delivery date. I told them I had NO record of ever receiving this package. During of which they informed me they would send out another package. This time "PROMISING"; yet again to send with required signature. Completely frustrated I denied them sending me another package and told them I was NOT interested in ever receiving this due to the issues on their end with sending me the cookware with required signature. I had waited LONG enough to receive a package that they said was sent and delivered. I requested proof of delivery, and they could NOT provide this. Since they have NO proof of delivery and product was NEVER received they should dismiss ALL charges.Desired Settlement: This company MUST DELETE ALL charges OFF ALL 3 credit reporting agencies IMMEDIATELY!!! I want a confirmation letter from HY CITE/ROYAL PRESTIGE stating that ALL charges will be DELETED from ALL 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Transunion, and Equifax as soon as possible!!!



In review of the complaint received by Ms. [redacted], we have an order under the name of [redacted] and [redacted]. In review of this account we see that there was cookware and cutlery that was to be sent. The cookware that was purchased is not cookware that we ship or offer any warranty on. Our responsible merchandise to ship was the cutlery set which was delivered and confirmed. The cookware was shipped from another company that we have no responsibilities to. The Independent Distributor’s office was working with Mr. [redacted] and Ms. [redacted] to have the replacement cookware sent to them, Hy Cite Enterprises has no dealings with the cook[redacted] other than provide the financing for it. Since Mr. [redacted] and Ms. [redacted] defaulted on the loan for non-payment, the account was reported as a Collections account to three major credit agencies. Since the loan was defaulted on, it will remain reported as such until the outstanding balance has been satisfied. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: I was emailed about this event called "Dinner for 2" where engaged couples go and see a demonstration. Just for attending you receive free gifts like wedding bands or a trip. If you buy something from the demonstration you receive both and more. It seemed to me that it was a good idea to buy. The gentleman told the couples that if you didn't like the product you can send it back no problem. So I decided to buy. I gave them my information and they would later call to confirm my order, which They did. After deep thought, I decided I no longer wanted my order (before they sent the order). So I called to cancel and they told me that the office that handles that is closed. On the contract it states that I had 3 days and until midnight. It was only 5pm when I called. I talked to 3 different employees and they told me that there would be a note in the system for the manager of the office about my situation and that my order would be canceled. That they would call me and confirm that it's cancel the next day. The next day I called and to their convenience, nothing was noted in the system and it was too late to cancel my order. I asked them since it was their employees fault for not notifying and not delivering, if they can accommodate me some way. They proceeded to tell me that it was nothing they can do and not only that, but they also told me that they're not going to tell me what I want to here. That I can keep calling and I would be directed to the same lady and she will keep telling me the same thing. I then asked if there is a fee that I can pay to get out of this "contract" and they told me that there isn't and that I'm stuck in a contract, period. They sent me the product anyway and I have not opened it because I truly do not want it. This company cares nothing about their customer nor do they display customer service. The people there are disrespectful, not concerned of the customers needs. It's a scam and I would like for them to cancel my account. I will send them back the product and do whatever necessary to fix thisDesired Settlement: I would like for them to accept the returned merchandise that hasn't been open as well as cancel the contract.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we have that Ms. [redacted] called our Verification Department on August 28, 2014 at 5:14pm to request the cancellation of her order. Our Verification Department informed Ms. [redacted] that the department that is in charge of cancellations was the Customer Care Department and they were currently closed but would send them a message about the cancellation request. Our Customer Care Department did receive the message from our Verifications Department regarding the cancellation request. In review of the sales order that was signed by Ms. [redacted], it was signed on August 24, 2014, making the 3 business day timeframe to cancel the 27th of August. When Ms. [redacted] called on the 28th at 5:14pm she was already past the cancellation timeframe. The Customer Care Department did speak to Ms. [redacted] on August 29th and explained that she was no longer eligible for cancellation. Since Ms. [redacted] did not cancel her order within the 3 business day timeframe, the account is no longer eligible for cancellation. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: This product was sold to me promising that the product would work a certain way as long as I followed the directions. And I was assured that if the product did not work properly that there was a lifetime guarantee. I was also assured that I would have three days to cancel after receiving the product if I was not satisfied.

When the product did not work properly (after me following the instructions) the company claimed it was my fault and wouldn't honor the lifetime guarantee.

When I questioned about my three day cancellation policy they informed me that the three days start from when they are shipped

I then started receiving harassing phone calls which continue to this day. I have had people from this company curse at me and call my place of work in order to harass me.

When I finally spoke with someone to work out the details I was assured the account would be put on hold until something could be worked out. Yet, I continue to receive harassing phone calls.Desired Settlement: I want my money back and I want the harassment to stop or I will press legal charges.

I have no problem sending the product back.



In review of the complaint received by Ms. [redacted], The cookware in questions is not merchandise that we carry. For warranty service, Ms. [redacted] will need to contact CookWorld’s Customer Service Department at ###-###-####. We, Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC, are only doing the financing of the order and have nothing to do with warranty service. Per the notice of cancellation that is on the sales order that was signed by Ms. [redacted], it states that the order can be cancelled prior to midnight of the 3rd business day after signing the order. Since that timeframe has passed, the account is no longer eligible for cancellation. Since the account is not being accepted as a cancellation, Ms. [redacted] will remain responsible for the account and its balance. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: This company has collected on a debt on June 18 2013, which I have just learned, that this debt may have been handled improperly. This past due amount of $1846.79 was made prior to speaking to a professional and I yielded to the demands of this institution to pay immediately on this account, which I did.

After I submitted payment in full of the original amount $1846.79, this company then attempted to collect an additional $2696.31. This additional request was made on or about January 31 2014.

I have learned that both demands for payments have been made outside of a judgement and beyond the statutes of limitations, hence after May 2010 this claim would have been beemed stale. Also, there are records that I have just reviewed which indicates that this account had in fact been charged off.

I feel that this was a bad faith effort to collect improperly of a debt through the usage of deception.Desired Settlement: I am requesting the total amount paid thus far, $1,846.79 refunded back to me and that this account is closed immediatley.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we show that Mr. [redacted] account was sent to collections on 11/30/2007 for non payment. We, as the finance company, charge the account for any accrued finance charges after the date the account was sent to collections. On several occasions it was explained to Mr. [redacted]’ wife that balance sent to collections would accrue charges and had been provided the amount to bring the account to a zero balance. The check that was received in June of 2013 was only for the amount sent to collections and did not include the accrued charges. In order for us to report the account as paid in full, Mr. [redacted] will need to send the remaining amount due on the account. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: Seller informed me that they would need to run my credit report and that it would be a soft hit.. He assured me that it would not be a hard inquiry into my credit score. I received my daily alert on my credit that they did a hard inquiry, costing my many points on my credit. This damaged my chance of a house loan drastically.Desired Settlement: I wish for my full cash refund ($400.00) and a letter to the 3 reporting agencies that this was a mistake and for them to remove it from my credit report.



In review of the complaint received by Mr. [redacted], In order for us to see if a customer is eligible for financing, we need to pull a copy of their credit report and in Mr. [redacted]’s case a copy of his credit report was pulled to check for credit eligibility. When we request a credit report, all hits are done as a hard hit. A letter cannot be sent to the 3 major credit bureaus that this was a mistake, because no mistake was made in puling Mr. [redacted]’s credit report. Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the merchandise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: Initially, I was declined credit. Therefore, I was unaware this item was being shipped. I immediately returned this unopened item, now I’ve been informed that I’m responsible for shipping charges. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know my credit had been approved, after I was told that it was not approved!!!!!!!!!! This company took it upon themselves to illegally send items to my residence.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], this is an account that is financed for Nautilus workout equipment and we have no dealings with the cancellation of accounts or any credits due to the account. Hy Cite is strictly the finance company for the merchandise. Ms. [redacted] will need to deal directly with Nautilus with regards to amount that is owed on the account as Nautilus were the ones that provided us with a specific dollar amount to credit the account, leaving a remaining balance on the account. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. [redacted] Assistant Manager Customer Care Department

Review: After various attempts to validate my contract terms A man by the Name [redacted] with his wife have threatened to take my social security number , license and personal information to sell and abuse if I do not personally meet the terms of payment. After requesting to hear my rights the company advised me that as a customer I have none twice and that me asking for rights was illegal. I advised that I was told one price for the products a purchased yet was not clearly explained how my payments were going to be distributed.

I have paid on time however I get threats and harassed on my property to pay more than what was asked , mr. [redacted] and his wide threaten to take my products back and do as they please with my identification information.

I highly feel this is very unethical and irrational the way royal prestige is presented . I am also very displeased with the call center service being very informal and rude towards my personal obligations.Desired Settlement: I would like to be contacted in Spanish and explained my rights as customer along with complete clarification of my payments and current billing situation. I would like a written copy signed to confirm this. I would also want complete disclosure and nothing to do with Mr. [redacted] and his wife meaning no more harassing calls , texts, r house visits threatening my relatives. Also I would like to most definitely know who is in charge with the my personal information being disbursed. I am, highly upset and will seek other legal courses of action if this does not get attention as soon as possible.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we have a sales order and a credit application that was signed on August 11, 2014 by Mr. [redacted] and Ms. [redacted]. By Mr. and Ms. [redacted] signing the sales order and credit application, they were agreeing to the terms and conditions of the sale and any re-payment of the financing that would be extended to them. We have spoken to the Independent Distributor and they state that they have never threatened to take or sell Mr. [redacted]’s personal information. They have stated that they have mentioned to Mr. [redacted] that by not making his payments on time that it will affect his overall credit report. We have notes on the account that we have spoken to Mr. [redacted] on several occasions about his payments being past due. Currently Mr. [redacted] has a past due payment with a current payment that was due on April 25, 2015. Mr. [redacted]’s statement will close on May 3rd at which time he will be 2 payments past due. We have included a payment history of Mr. [redacted]’s account. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: Both myself and my wife have been contacted excessively regarding a past due payment. We notified them at the beginning of September that we would make a payment before the end of the month. They proceeded to call us both every other day to ask if we were able to make a payment. After 2 weeks of this continuous calling they began calling our references listed on the account. They also proceeded to contact us via text. We have continued to notify them of our intentions to pay and we made a payment at the beginning of October, however they are still contacting our family and friends. They are able to reach us and we have showed that we are making payments so there is no need for them to harass our family and friends.Desired Settlement: We understand that they need to make efforts to collect payment, and we have expressed our willingness to make payments when possible. We would like for them to refrain from the harassing phone calls to our friends and family. This will not have any impact on our ability to pay or change the date at which we are able to pay. And they are able to reach us, so there is no need to contact anyone other than us to discuss the status of the account. Also, it is not necessary for them to call us multiple times a week regarding payment, as payment is a priority for us, and we are able to take the initiative.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we see that their account is seriously past due. The reasons for the continued phone calls are to try to bring the account to a current status. The times that we have spoken with Mr. [redacted] we have only received a reply that payment would be made but no specific date was given. In order to stop the phone calls, the account needs to be brought up current or have Mr. [redacted] supply the representative calling with a fixed date for the promise of a payment. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: I purchased this set of pots and pans about 4 years ago at a very high pressure sales pitch. My fault on that, I know. My husband and I definitely learned our lesson there. We did complete the contract and paid this company over $1,600 after all the "fees" that were not verbalized to us during the signing of the contract. Any issue we have ever had the customer service at this place has been the worst I've ever experienced. I can't believe some of the things their employees have actually said to me over the phone, but all that I can live with. Now, we have completely honored our part of the contract and paid off every last cent. The company recently recalled the set of cookware that we purchased and we sent them in to be repaired at no cost to us, which we were very thankful for. After receiving the corrected product; however, one of my pans blew up while I was boiling water. I have contacted this company by phone 3 times about this issue and am told every time just don't use the cookware and you will get a call back about what we can do about it. Three weeks later having called them once a week I've heard nothing but don't cook in the product. So now I'm stuck having to go out and purchase pots and pans that I can actually use so my family doesn't have to eat fast food or microwaved food every night. I am extremely upset about this situation and cannot believe that a company can get away with treating customers this way, especially customers that have spent thousands of dollars for the products they have purchased. If they want to employ people who will say the most personally cruel things I've ever heard for their collection department that's one thing, but after they have received all their money from us I see no reason they shouldn't be willing to comply or even respond to a complaint they know is legitimate as the product is defective.Desired Settlement: I want cookware that I can use without being concerned with the safety of myself and my family. My 5 year old is into cooking his own macaroni these days and could have easily been sprayed with boiling water when the pan exploded if he were in the kitchen at that time. For this reason, I don't feel repairing the same product again will be sufficient. The only alternative to new cookware I would accept is a partial refund of my money.



In review of the complaint received by Ms. [redacted], we apologize for an inconvenience they may have gone through. Due to the problem they are having with the 9ply cookware, we can replace the 9ply cookware and send them 5ply cookware along with an additional item due to the difference in price from 9ply to 5ply. The 5 ply cookware does not have any recall on it and does not have the release valve on the side. If Ms. [redacted] agrees to this, she only needs to reply via this complaint and we will be more than happy to send out the 5ply cookware. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Review: Hello,

I am trying to return a set of pots.

My husband and I purchased a set of pots on 7/31/15. The seller explained the contract and finance terms in Spanish as he and my husband primarily speak Spanish. I primarily speak English however neither my husband or I read Spanish. The documentation was provided in Spanish as well therefore we relied on the explanation from the seller at the time signing. The seller said the finance terms included a reasonable payment with a low rate. We discussed that we were not willing to proceed with the order if the interest rate was high for which he assured us it was very low percentage and would be determined based on our credit score. Due to both, the seller's and our schedules conflicting we arranged to meet after 8/16 to finalize the order.

On 8/17/15 I received a statement in Spanish therefore had to use google translate to understand the statement. It indicates an interest rate of 21%. As you can see the explanation of the finance terms is not correct and that is very high rate. I contacted customer service on 8/18/15 and informed of the 72 hour cancellation policy and that on the contract it states a fixed interest rate. I was directed to contact the cancellation department.

The cancellation department denied my request and informed me of the same thing customer service had. Additionally, the representative advised the issue was our fault for signing a contract we could not read. We are being penalized for my husband being illiterate as he has no formal education and that I am unable to read Spanish. We relied on the seller's explanation of the terms to do business with Royal Pertige however now with regret. The cancellation department directed me back to Royal Pertige’s customer service to handle this dispute.

We contacted the seller on 8/17/15 and he scheduled to meet with us on 8/22/15. This did occur. He informed us that his Supervisor did not provide him with accurate financing terms as he had not realized until now. He attempted to contact Royal Pertige to discuss the matter however it was past normal business hours. He suggested we pay for the product on a credit card however that is not an option. We are waiting for him to follow-up with us this week. He apologized for the miscommunication however was unsure how to proceed.

According to Royal Pertige's website, after the consumer’s purchase Hy Cite Corporation/Royal Prestige takes additional steps to contact the consumer directly and discuss their purchase prior to consummating the contract to eliminate miscommunication and errors. This did not occur. We were contacted that we ordered the set however no explaination of fianance terms.

On 8/25/15, I recieved the following email from [redacted], Customer Care Department ,HyCite Enterprises LLC:

Thank you for your e-mail Mrs. [redacted]. In review of your account, we see that the a sale order that was signed on 7/30/15 was submitted to us for processing and our Verifications Department verified the order with you as being correct on 7/31/15 at approximately 11:15am. Since the 3 business day timeframe to cancel the order has passed, your request to cancel the order is being denied. Since the cancellation of the order is not being accepted, you will remain responsible for the account along with its balance.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a confirmation to return this product so a credit can be issued to the finance company and a refund of my down payment be issued. I no longer desire to do business with a company that does not put their consumers first and gives the consumer the run around when problems occur. We believe we should not be held responsible or bound to this contract as we relied on the sellers explanation of the contract terms which were not accurate as his role involves regularly handling these contracts.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we received a signed sales order dated July 30, 2015. This order was verified with our Verifications Department on July 31, 2015 with Mrs. [redacted] as being correct and accurate. All of the sales orders come with a carbon copy in English as well as Spanish for the customer to read. By Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] signing the sales order, they were in agreement to the terms and conditions of the sale and since the order was not cancelled within the 3 business day timeframe that is indicated on the sales order, the order is no longer eligible for cancellation. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Care Department



Seeing that the Notice of Cancellation was not properly filled out by the sales person, the account for Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] has been cancelled. Arrangements for the $150 down payment that was given by Mr. [redacted] at the time of the order will be made to be sent back in the form of a check.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I recently purchased 2 products from Royal Prestige for almost $1,785. The juicer works, but the water machine I have been unable to use the machine since I brought it almost 2 months ago. My sales rep and his manager gave me a verbal promise that they would find the right piece for my faucet in order to install the water machine. [redacted]'s manager broke my sink faucet piece and never found the piece I needed to install the machine. I have called and left multiple voicemails for both [redacted] and his manager and they will not answer my call and they will not call me back. I have a machine that I am paying over $1,000 for it and have not been able to use it. So I have stopped access to my card for payments and called the customer service and they said there is nothing they can do for me, but I have to pay. What kind of customer service is that?Desired Settlement: I want my sink faucet piece repaired and I want to return the water machine as it has never been used and the horrible customer service and [redacted]ivery I was never shown how to install and use.



In review of the complaint received by Ms. [redacted], it was explained to her today that we would send a message to the Distributor’s office to have them contact her regarding the repairs to her faucet and the installation of her filter. Also it was explained to her that we would inform the account specialist about the merchandise problem so that they could follow up with her about her payments as well as the Distributor’s office to resolve their problem. It was also explained to Ms. [redacted] that the order was no longer eligible for cancellation and for her to review her sales order and the Notice of Cancellation. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is the absolute worst company. They don't try to work with you if you are having financial difficulties their customer service department is very rude as well as the lawyers that they use if you miss one payment. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. In the end it's really not worth the headache.

Review: I purchase this cookware in January after winning a demonstration from a bridal show. I got the cookware and tried it for 2 months and it doesn't work like they said it would. I have called them twice and they said that since it was past 30 days and that I signed a contract that I still have to pay the balance that I owe. I don't think I should pay for something that does work as well as they promised it would.Desired Settlement: I would like to have all my money refund to me and not have to pay them anymore money.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted], we have a sales order that was signed on January 17, 2016. On that sales order is the notice of cancellation that states that the order may be cancelled prior to midnight of the third business day after the order was signed. Since that date has past, the account is no longer eligible for cancellation. Since the account is no longer eligible for cancellation, Ms. [redacted] will remain responsible for the account and its balance. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.*

[redacted]Assistant ManagerCustomer Care Department

Review: The representative concealed from me the actual price and interest rate of the product. Her name is [redacted]. The product ,a food cutter, is worth no more than $25.00.The other products, spoons and a tool holder Mrs [redacted] said were gifts. The interest rate was never explained. I contacted the company to cancel and return the unused products but a person named Chris refused. Since I did not clearly understand, nor was it explained, the sales order and contract should be null and void. This is a clear case of consumer fraud.



In review of the complaint received by [redacted] we have a copy of a signed sales order and credit application dated January 16, 2016. On the credit application, it breaks down APR that will be charged to the account. By Ms. Fay signing the credit application, she was in agreement to the financing terms and conditions. On the sales order that was signed, the notice of cancellation states that the order may be cancelled prior to midnight of the third business day after the order was signed. Since that timeframe has passed the account is no longer eligible for cancellation. Since the account is not being cancelled, Ms. Fay will remain responsible for the account and the balance associated to it. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. [redacted] Assistant Manager Customer Care Department

This company is frustrating, un-professional and rude.

I bought a set of cookware from Royal Prestige who uses this company to run their financing program.

A few months ago, I stated getting phone calls from this company, but I didn't know who they were and the message is left by an automated voice and all it says it This is Hy Cite Finance and we want to talk to you about your account and leaves a number to contact them. I didn't call back as I thought it was a scam.

In November, they called and left messages for me 20 times in 15 days. I called the number and get through to a person who doesn't want to tell me anything since I don't know my account number. After 15 minutes of arguing with her, she finally told me what the account was in relation to.

Then, once she enters my phone number into the system, she tells me that the account has gone to collections as a payment had been missed in July and they had not received a response to the statements they sent out - which I had never received. It turns out, they didn't enter our address correctly - no suite number was entered on their end; they also had other phone numbers for us entered incorrectly. I corrected the information with her and paid the outstanding amount.

In December, the credit card on file had expired, so a payment didn't go through. My husband called them, gave them a new credit card number and told them to process the outstanding charge and use this card for all future payments. They did not make note of this and did not keep it on file. So, we got a statement 3 days ago saying we needed to pay the outstanding amount. 2 days ago, my husband called them and gave them the credit card again to process the payment. They called me yesterday; so I told him to call them back. He called yesterday and gave them the credit card info again. This morning, they called me twice in less than a 2 hour period. I was incredibly annoyed and frustrated; I called them back. Neither of the people my husband dealt with had recorded the information; the person I talked to said the only credit card number they had on file had expired. I was angry at this incompetence and I had him transfer me to his supervisor, who tried to tell me that they would have called twice in one morning and that we must have called a different number or they would have the information. The number I called is the only number I have for them. Then, he says that he would take the information from me; when I told him it was my husband's card, he asked for his phone number. We'll see if he bothers to call. If we don't hear from them, I will be lodging a complaint. This is unacceptable and if I ever buy something that has a financing deal to it and it's connected to these people, I'll leave and go somewhere else.

Review: I went to a show for Royal Prestige back in June 2008 while I was on Block leave for one of my deployments to Iraq, while there I decided to purchase a small set in combination with a vacation trip. Upon my return to the states from my deployment I payed of the remaining balance which put me about a bit late for last payment, but with the traveling and not having a place till my PCS it was dificult to keep track. Either way, the customer service person was absolutely rude and said I had lost my trip and wouldn't get anything in return. I then PCSed to Germany and it was a bit more difficult to solve anything with them. I now have Lexington Law continuously sending them letter trying to have them remove me from bad credit report, since I had been deployed when they put me on it and they never sent me anything to my deployed unit and took my vacation trip that I had with them without notice.Desired Settlement: I can care less about the trip, but I want them to take me off of the bad credit report list. I payed for the product even while deployed and was a little late while in transition to the states while deployed. The product wasn't even as stated upon my arrival back to the states and they sure as hell didn't honor their part of the contract by cancelling my trip when I did state that I would be deployed and wouldn't be back in six months, they did state that I could take it after my return, instead I got rude treatment by customer service and put on bad credit report under them.



To better assist Ms. [redacted] with her complaint, we will need her to provide us with her complete account number as we are unable to locate an account with the information that has been provided.

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