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More than 1/months without a street light after initially reporting outage
A different type of light bulb was installed in the street light on our street in mid JuneAfter installation, it came on for one night onlyI have been calling Duke Energy since to alert them to the outageThe first work order number that I kept was on 07/03/and is #***XXXXI was informed that it would take working days to repairI called them back on 07/11/and told them the light still was not coming onThey said it is noted on their records that the work had been completedThe woman I spoke to acted like she did not believe me when I told her that it most definitely is not coming on at nightRound and round, she finally put in another request for it to be checked, again taking another working days to repairThis # is ***XXXXI was then told that it was not the bulb being faulty but that the underground wiring had to be replaced and would take working days for this repairIt h

Please see attached complaint

Duke Energy did not process a request to cancel automatic bank draft and charged a return check feeRefused to waive fee
I called Duke Energy on 12/20/and cancelled Automatic Bank draft by phone because they make it impossible to change your bank information onlineI paid my *** with my debit card that same day to ensure that it was paid on timeThe representative I spoke to over the phone did not make any notes on the account according to the reps I spoke to on 12/29/Keep in mind, it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel or update automatic bank draft on their websiteSo how did it get cancelled? By magic? They continued to try and draft money from my old bank accountDuke has now charged me a return check fee for THEIR mistakeI hope the incompetent people that work for Duke Energy in Florida lose their jobsI also spoke to a supervisor whose answer was "there are no notes on the account so there is nothing I can do"That is ***A customer who pays their *** on time g


Constant loss of power servicetimes last wknd, several times during the week, and now today
Since Duke has taken over from Progress Energy, their service has went from poor to terribleWe have hundreds of outages per yearWe had last weekend, several during the week, and we now are experiencing yet another outageThis is unacceptableThere is no excuse they can give which is valid at this pointIf it is because of limbs falling on lines, trim the limbs, faulty equipment? Repair itIf there were any other way to get power from another vendor, I would do so, even if the price were much higher....but the power companies have a monopoly on service in their areasThis should be illegal

Ongoing work order for over four months which has caused my bill to be "estimated" at three times the rateWork order not being completed
I own a small business in ***, FloridaI opened the business in July but began my energy services in JuneMy first two bills were within the range of what I had expected, however in September, my bill shot up to triple what was expectedMy first two bills were within the $range (I have an sq ft space with only two employees)September's bill shot up to the back end of $I noticed the bill said "Estimated" and they estimated that we were triple the kilowatts we had been using beforeWhen I called, they said our meter was broken and needed to be changed out and they were merely "estimating" our usage and would adjust it when it was fixedNow, obviously, there was a hurricane that month so I understand it not being done then - but they still have not fixed it yetI call almost every other day and keep getting the runar

someone opened up an electric account using my financial informationAccount opened on April and collection agency has been asking to collect
account number is XXXXXXXXXX, was living in Parrish, FL during The customer service associate said service was started at April at XXXX XX***

After my tenant moved in, I paid the bill online and called Duke to Close my accountAt that time, I asked the representative if everything is fine? He said everything is okThen, I get a bill said I need to pay them $Ok, I mailed them a check immediatelyA week ago, they mail me the check back and said they only accept money order, which is $Ok, My husband bought a money order and mailed to this company on the same dayyesterday, I got a collection letter from Datamax, which said I need to pay $what's hell happened to this company? For $38.12, sent my case to the collection company? And where is my $deposit? you never mail it back to me

A portion of our subdivision affecting households continuously looses power, at times even during sunny weather
A portion of our subdivision often (about once a month) looses power for several hoursThis sometimes occurs during storms, but many other times during sunny or very minor rainfallsThe row of homes east of me hardly ever looses power, while starting from my house moving west there are about homes that loose power continuouslyWe were told by Duke reps that we are on a different portion of the grid that is old and too expensive to improve, implying that there would not be any changesThe last event was today, where after one brief gust of wind of 16mph our neighborhood again lost power at 5pmThe automated service tells us it should be restored at 8:As usual the houses on my right have power, while myself and the neighbors on the left are in the darkThis is getting to be a bug, big nuisance

Power was cut off after delinquent billOnce bill was satisfied, power wasn't restored for + hoursThe customer is ** yr old woman
Product_Or_Service: electricity

In days I was build almost $weeks later it went up to almost a $I've got no logical explanation as to why
Week of August I switched my account in paid off another pass due accountweeks later I was billed $a week after that I was billed $a week and a 1/after that I was billed $almost weeks later I was build almost a $as with no explanation whyTo make matters worse Duke Energy continue to let the meter run without solving any problems about the bill from August until December made promises Them back and talk to me as if I didn't know what I was talking about I try to speak to supervisors and go And go over their heads but to no Avail please call my number is XXXXXXXXXX

I have NUMEROUS complaints, but the main one as of right now is charging me another deposit fee of $when I already have a $deposit on account
My account #*** already has a $deposit, which was placed on the account two years ago, and still there My recent bill placed another $deposit on my $bill, which is more than my bill itself When I called to ask why they are asking for another deposit, I was told the account required it????? I received no satisfactory answer, and this was only the icing on the cake to the complaints I have had in the three years I have had to be with this crappy Duke Energy! They claim to work with you, but when I first started using Duke Energy I was a single mom of three and had a month I was struggling to pay my bill I would have the money days from the due date, so I called to have them "work with me" as they claim to do I was told they can not do that and if I do not pay by the due date my electric would be shut o

Never had an account with this company, yet have collections on my credit report for this company
An account was opened fraudulently under my name, and I just now learned of it when I look at my credit report I see the original creditor was "DUKE ENERGY CAROLINAS PROGRESS" and that I owe $I would like to see any signed documents this company has of me opening an account with them, I have filed a complaint with the FTC and will be filing a FCRA 605B, I am going to contact the collections agency as wellI have nothing on my credit except this, I have placed a freeze on all credit reportsThis is fraud, and I am not getting any answers via the phone with this company

Account sent to Collection agencyFailure to obtain the customers current addressPoor customer service
Service Address: *** Island Walk Dr., Orlando Fl, XXXXX
Temporary Service Start Date: Aug2,
Service End Date: Aug22,
During the process of establishing temporary service at my rental property for Sale/inspection, I provided the necessary info needed to start serviceI also initially established a termination date which also shows that this was temporary useDuke energy failed to record my correct billing(current) address and the final bill was sent to the service addressI have not received any mail from that service address since During the same time of starting this temp service thru Duke, I also started temporary water service through the local Utility Company and received the final bill at my billing(current) address which I paid in a timely mannerI contacted Duke customer service times regarding this matter and they refu

Duke is the worst Our bill skyrocketed three times and Duke wasn't willing to do anything about it or work with us to lower it, despite there not being any reason for the bill to go up I am left with only one conclusion: Duke is in the business of ripping people off And their customer "lack of" service is laughable They followed up with me only to tell me things I already discussed with them, and transferred me to people who I had to discuss everything with new over and over again It's enough to make one move to another county to not have to deal with it

Another 1247$ big came in the mailAfter my wife was told one thing by corporate, they came and shut off our lights anyway!
MY WIFE SPOKE WITH SHEROLIN A REPRESENTATIVE OF DUKE ENERGY THAT WORKS AT THE CORPORATE OFFICE.WE WHERE INSTRUCTED HOW TO BE ABLE TO PAY OUR HIGH *** DOWN AFTER BEING STUCK WITH A HIGH *** WHEN WE MOVED INTO OUR NEW HOMESince then we have yet to see the services that where promised to us, and no one from this company had held its word on the agreement that was agreed uponOur light where disconnected to pay, and even though my wife was told exactly what to do from corporate they still cut our lights off and made us pay almost 600$ to have pur services restored, still adding a 40$ late feeThe customer service reps have been rude and unhelpful, and after paying 600$ at 2pm It is now 5:30pm and we are still baking in the Florida heat without any electricityThat's right even after paying an outrageous amount to have our services restoredThis is not the f

Duke Energy sent me to Interstate Credit Collect without providing me the opportunity to pay the billI was never notified by Duke Energy
I found out through credit karma that I had a debt from Duke EnergyDuke Energy never sent me a bill, even though I provided a forwarding address and phone number to Duke Energy when I canceled the service after three weeksI called Duke Energy to verify the debt and spoke with MelonyShe handled the debt and I payed her the $plus a fee they charge for handling the paymentI tried to file a complaint with Duke Energy and Melony stated that she would send it to whoever, but could not provide me anything in writingI feel that Duke Energy provided a disservice on how they handled this causing me to go to a credit collection company without notifying me at all

Duke Energy never noted the right mailing address and sent bills to the service addressNever contacted me about the bill and sent it to a collection agencyNow it is on my credit reportI have had zero late payments in the last years
Product_Or_Service: Electric

Duke energy sent me to collections for a "final bill" I do not oweThey claim I was on a balanced billing programI have requested proof
Duke energy sent me to collections for a "final bill" I do not oweThey claim I was on a balanced billing programI have requested proof that I asked for this, no responseI made all of my payments on time, including my final payment and feel that this was billed in errorI keep getting the run around between them and the collections agency they are working withThis is a very deceptive method of price gauging as I cannot see how this bill can be so highI do not recall asking for a payment program and even if they did put me on a balanced bill I was there for 12+ months they should have been periodically checking the meter and would have, in my assumption, adjusted the bill accordinglyI provided my new address when I moved out of the apartment and made the final payment based on the last bill sent to me

Not happy the way I was treated as a consumer refused to tell me who the president of duke energy and their corporate officerefused to pass manager
refused to help me with my bill real nasty

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