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We had an issue with our air conditioning unit and called the Fidelity home warranty company to send somebody outThey sent out a person that didn't know what they were doing and gave us the wrong diagnosis after they charged us $**We called the warranty company to see if they could send somebody out for the second opinion and we kept getting the runaround againWe called out another  AC company to come out and do an inspection of the unitThe technician found mechanical and electrical issuesMy wife and I paid for somebody with experience to come out and diagnose the unitwe contacted the warranty company again and  we ended up going through issues again trying to get somebody to come out to the house for the second opinionWe finally set up an appointment with another contractor but he never showed up after waiting all day for himWe called the warranty company again to send out another technician, but we had to go through a lot of unecessary  hassle to do thi

*** *** *** *** * *** *** *** *** *** ** *** *** ** ** *** *** ** ** *** Fidelity National Home Warranty is a huge scamI seriously question their business practicesI had to pay $for some repair guy to come out, look at the problem and walk away without doing anything or talking to meI paid the full premium for one yearThat should be it, just like insuranceWhy am I paying an additional $every time someone comes out, whether they do anything or not? Realtors, do not recommend this scam to your home buyers if you value relationships and repeat business

Have a home warranty with FidelityTenant called on Saturday, air conditioning went outFidelity told me they would call tenant in the next couple of hours to schedule a ac repair business to come byNow Monday afternoon, still nobody called or came by to repair ACCalled Fidelity myself, they suggested that I call an AC repair service myself, then call back Fidelity to see if the AC service is on Fidelity's 'ok' list, before I send them to repair the ACIf they're not on Fidelity's list the repair will come out of my own pocketThis is not why I got a home warranty! It's ridiculous that I got the advice from Fidelity to look for a repair service myself, and on top of that I would then also have to check with Fidelity to see if they're ok with the service I found in order to get reimbursedFidelity, take care of this problem; it's not something minor, a lady sits in a house without air conditioning for days now, with degree temperaturesCovered Property: *** *** ***

One month ago, my family and I moved into a house which had a home warranty with FidelityThe previous owners had used the warranty before the closing to fix the air conditioning unit, which needed to be fixed according to our buyer/seller contractHowever, the unit was not fixed after closingWe called Fidelity who called R&B mechanical, who had come to fix the unit when the previous owners made the request.R &B mechanical came out to fix the Air conditioning unitThey said they should have caught all the issues/problems with the A C when the previous owners called the first timeR&B said they were sorry for my husband and I because we were supposed to have a working A C when we moved inThey waived the service fee and other fees for usThey said they told Fidelity the service fee was waivedHowever Fidelity send us a bill with the service fee for $On September 19, I called Fidelity and explained the whole situationThe lady sent me to another lady who said I

This is the worst companyAgents are rude, supervisors are robotic and unsympathetic and most importantly they are unable to deliverIt is coming up to a month and our dishwasher is still brokenThey send the worst technicians who are unable to fix anythingPlease never use this company

I filed a warranty claim on a power outage in my refridgerator door water and ice dispenserThe technician came to my house, looked at my fridge for minutes and then leftFidelity then called me and told me that my claim was deniedThey said that the technician told them the issue was due to a surge and that they consider "surges" as wear and tear and wear and tear is not coveredFirst of all, why on earth do I have a home warranty if they do not cover things that break because of wear and tear? second! I called the tech back and told him that they denied my claim due to his claim of the surgeHe laughed and said he NEVER said the malfunction was due to a surge and said he would call them back and get the issue settledAfter speaking to different managers, each of them giving me different reasons as to why my claim was denied, they chalked it up to being a "pre-existing issue" which is not the case AT ALLI went ahead and sent them copies of our inpspect

I submitted a service request to fix a dishwasher draining issue (appliance was working, but not draining fully.) After the first attempt to repair the dishwasher was completely unusableIt no longer drained at allThe issue was made worseAfter more service visits, the service company stated it can't be repaired & recommended it be replacedFNHW stated it not covered claiming rocks & dirt were put into the appliance & if I want it replace I need to sue the service companyI contacted he service company & they read the invoice submitted to FNHW verbatim & it stated "the tub drain its clogged with debris." FNHW stated So now after 3+ months I'm with out a working appliance

Unwilling to cover repair of heater after technician diagnosed malfunction
I opened a service request with FNHW in November before my contract expired for a malfunctioning LG indoor/outdoor heating unitAfter months, once my contract had expired, they finally identified a company and technician who can come look at the unitThe initial visit was $The technician agreed the unit was malfunctioningThe unit makes a strange noise for about minutes, followed by a huge burst of airDuring this time, no hot air is blowing, meaning the function is intermittentThe technician spoke with LG, but they told him this was behaviorAlthough the technician did not agree, this is what he told FNHWI did not hear from either the technician or FNHW until I called them on March 7, even though I made several attempts in February and left voicemailsFNHW closed the service request as resolved when the technician told them the heater was functioning normallyDespite my insist

This company was recommended by our realtor to cover any unexpected problems with our home purchaseTwo days after moving in our HVAC system stopped cooling during some of the hottest weeks of the year$fee paid, they dispatched a tech from a disreputable local company but the customer service rep said this company "was one of their better service companies..." days later a tech shows up and never looked at the thermostat, never checked the ducting, simply removed a cover and informed us the coils were 'dirty' and not covered and leftA total of minutesI cleaned the coils myself and called to get a tech out again to at very least check our chargeCustomer service says it would be a weekTotally unacceptable and after several minutes on the phone they were able to dispatch in daysSecond tech arrives and does actually attach gauges to the system and informs me it was lbs low of refrigerantOnce again no other inspections, no leak checks, no duct inspectionsThe sys

My Water Heater is covered by FidelityJanCalled Fidelity to fix the Water Heater, Thursthe 26th Fidelity sent out *** *** & rooter, who told us that a part needed to be replaced, Fidelity explained they called in the part but it would take 2-days....after several calls,several days Fidelity repfinally tells us it would be a few more days because they can't find the partdays without hot water and no call from fidelity Home Warranty, we called on Monthe 30th and had an appointment with *** *** to replace the Water HeaterOur Warranty covers the water Heater fully but we were told by the *** **.that was instructed by Fidelity that we had to pay a $** service fee plus $*** for Service fees or they wouldn't cover our Water Heater or install itThat isn't even the worst part...I had to go to *** *** where my Water Heater also was warrantied by instruction of I'm at the store and the plumbers have the Water heater and I got a

I was trying to dispute a service charge with this company for a recall visit A plumber had come to fix and leak and the next day there was more water under the pipe The plumber came back and said nothing was wrong so we were charged a second service fee After many months and over attempts and hours on hold with this company I finally was able to speak to a live human being to dispute this second service charge I was told that the technician found nothing wrong so I should have been charged a service fee even though I had photos and proof that there was still water leakingTERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

My dishwasher broke in May, I called Fidelity to use my home warranty I have with themThey sent a technician out twice over several weeks to try to fix but were unable to do soI was offered a replacement or cash, seeing as how the amount of cash they offered was barely enough to cover the cheapest dishwasher available, let alone the cost of removal of the old one and installation of new oneSo I opted for the replacementThe replacement they offered was stainless steel, all my other appliances are white, as was the dishwasher that brokeNot wanting a dishwasher that did not match I asked if there was another optionThey informed me they are not required to match the color of the applianceAs I looked further into information on this dishwasher I realized it was also too large for the space I haveI spent many hours on the phone with several different people who all gave me different excuses/storiesFinally, after two months without a dishwasher, Fidelity found one that would

We have been FHW customers since 2008, always having two homes at one time covered by them They were a good company until a couple years ago when they bought out the competitionThey now claim they are the largest home warranty coin CA and claim that means they have more vendors to serve the customer In years past, I would call them and be able to speak to a human being That is not the norm now It is very difficult to get a real person on the phone to get things movingI write this review on 9/11/and we have been without AC since 8/4/ We live in the valley and we have had weeks of record triple digit days! The only reason our will be installed this week is because I have been the go-between with the vendor and company and had to get ugly with both of them No one likes having to do that and that's not how they used to treat their customers Both sides dropped the ball more than once and no one kept me in the loop Yes, they will buy and install a new AC; however, we will need to pay over $in additional costs to convert to our HVAC, city permit, etcThey used to be good I am now shopping for a new home warranty company Very sadThey are simply not performing well after a big expansionI can no longer recommend themThey are failing in customer service I shared with a Supervisor that I am shopping for a new home warranty company because of this AC claim and he didn't even try to talk me into staying with them!

We called due to a water leak in our bedroomhours later still no sign of a plumberWe called *** again, and Oops, they put the claim on the wrong ticketsWe went from having the corner of the carpet wet, to having 3/of the carpet soaked (including the wooden furniture in the bedroom)We call Fidelity to see if they would wave the $fee or pay at least for a carpet cleaning due to their screw upTheir answer was "we apologize for the issue, but our policy state that we do not cover secondary damage"So it's ok for them to screw up for a water leak and now will cost me out of pocket moneyThanks Fidelity, but we are changing home warranty

Had hot water heater replaced appreciated quick response but charge for $to 'modify' piping is wrongcould not remove old heater without cutting piping and could not install to code without overflowthis is wrongi called twicewill follow up with and maybe small claims courti have paid Fidelity for four yearsthis is wrong and a scamNO SPECIAL PIPING ONLY REPLACEMENTContract sys on hot water heater replacement of standard itemsThe top of tank had standard overflownothing specialclaim modification NOT

I thought I was being smart by protecting my investment with purchasing a home warranty contract through Fidelity National I was naive thinking that this company would actually cover the cost if any issues occurred
I have a tenant, who is a good friend, that is renting my condo He had an issue with the kitchen water fixture To my dismay, Fidelity National would not cover the cost to repair the kitchen fixture citing that the tenant had cut the kitchen fixture with a saw I couldn't help but hysterically laugh when they told me that....and then I realized that they were dead serious So....of course I had to fork out another $to fix the kitchen fixture
In conclusion, if you have $to waste that will give you peace of mind until an issue occurs, then by all means waste your money on purchasing a home warranty through fidelity national

Worst possible serviceWould rate negative stars, if possibleHad a broken stovetop and requested serviceThe service person came out, said he fixed it, but it was still not workingRequested a recall and we were never able to reach the person againHe closed the claimPlaced a new one and the repair person came to the house, looked at the stove, and said "I can't fix that" and leftNow Fidelity will not waive service charge, AND want me to pay an additional $** just to cancel my account so that I can purchase a policy through another companyWARNING - DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY

*** *** *** *** per them changed their procedures April On May 13, we requested service They did not collect payment on the phone and the technician who fixed the appliance did not collect them payment We then needed another service this month and were told our account had been suspended due to non payment That is when I was informed of the change in procedure I asked for the supervisor who was messaged and given my husbands number to call since he would be available in the afternoon to answer the phone ***, I only assume is a supervisor, did not call my husband A message was left for me, I returned the call and have not received a call back in a week I got another message from a person named *** I returned his call and have received no call back for days I called today to follow up and the first representative hung up on me and the second representative told me he did not know *** or *** and would not transfer me to

This is the worst company I have ever dealt withFist of all they stole my money when I ordered their product and also stole my service fee when I place a service requestThey do not need to be dealing with people either since they have the worst customer service and customer service representativesThey sent someone unqualified to my house outside of a reasonable time frame who wanted to replace my entire AC unit just because of a leak

Disaster I have been a customer for over years, I have paid yearly fees and I have, and now that my heating furnace needs to be changed they will not pay for the full cost, I will need to pay for over $to get it replaced, (fidelity is only paying $1200-$1300)I tried negotiating and reasoning and they are not helpingThis besides for the fact that it took over a week and half to come to a conclusionTotally unacceptable
If I was able to I would not even leave one star

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