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Skilled Alteration

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This company is a scamI filed a complaint previously with a government agency and through their investigation, this company is only a third party to handle the mortgage billing and collect payment from the borrowers They charge fees of $for everything, to make payment on their website, on phone if the payment make after the 5th of the month Late fee after the 15th of the month around $a monthThey put a penalty on me because I don't have sufficient funds in my checking account one time when they automatic withdraw for the mortgage payment Since then, they required me have to pay by money order, cashier check or transfer money via Western UnionDue to their penalty, I have to pay them by Cashier Check from my bankI sent the check by USPS Priority Mail with signature confirmation, they received it before the due date but they just hold it and later charge late fees The company Accounting Department and Cashier Department did not working together, one department

My home was flooded in August during Hurricane HarveyI did have flood insurance and our flood insurance sent the check to our mortgage company which is now in our escrow account We were told by SLS that once our home was 90% complete they would release the funds that are still in our escrow account They scheduled an inspector to come to our home on May 3, and the inspector sent in pictures of our home and said our home was 95% completeEvery time I call SLS I am given different informationI called last week and was told their supervisor signed off on the release of the funds and we should be receiving our check soon I called yesterday at 4:p.m and spoke to Julie Fox and was told by her that they show that our home is 83% complete and that we still need to have insulation finished, floors completed and base boards I explained to her that I have no idea what pictures they are looking at because all our floors are completed and insulation and walls are upI asked if

Specialized loan services took over my loan in October I was up to date until last month when I got a bill stating that I was a month behind I’ve tried to talk to them their customer service is horrible they cannot tell me why that I just need to pay yet and now I have a foreclosure letter that came in the mailspecialized loan services took over my loan in October I was up to date until last month when I got a bill stating that I was a month behind I’ve tried to talk to them their customer service is horrible they cannot tell me why that I just need to pay yet and now I have a foreclosure letter that came in the mail

Spent well over hours on the phone last monthTossed around from one department to anotherEach claiming I had to speak to a different departmentFinally got to the "correct" department to submit my request for them to send me paperwork/agreement to do a recast on my loanAlso was given a number that supposedly would take me directly to that department and no need to be shuffled around and time wasted as such that occurred that dayI was also told the paperwork should reach me within two weeksToday, one month later, I have currently wasted over 1/hours on the phone (still on hold for the second time) as I have yet to receive the paperworkI was told the "direct line" is not direct and that I would always have to go through the "representatives" to get the "Executive Services" department that supposedly are the only one(s) that can send this paperwork to meFirst portion of my call this evening lasted minutesMostly spent on holdOnce I received the representative that I was under the impression would be Executive Services, and stated the purpose of my call, was told she would have to transfer me to another departmentI was placed on hold for the transferOnce the phone picked up again, there was an automated reply that stated their office was close and to please call back between 6am and 9pm MTUmmm...last I checked 7pm ET was 5pm why is their office closed?! Second call to them and I was on hold for an additional mins before a representative picked upAgain transferred but I could no longer stay on the line and wait (I happen to be writing this review while I was on hold) so I have hung up and will try againI am sure I have another hours to waste tomorrowDon't most of us?! What is so...crappy about all of this is that my loan was sold to this servicerThrough the reviews and complaints I can see I am not the only one experiencing this run-around and overall lack of proper management and assistanceI can imagine what their job qualifications state on their employment postings..."must be able to not answer the phone, questions from customers, transfer calls or properly manage accountsPreferred: Masters in BS'ing"

Tried to get an accurate reinstatement amount for a mortgage I paid $30,as requested and after the fee reductions as promised there was supposed to be $ Instead, they charged another $in fees and applied the remainder to the principle instead of the next payment as requested and documented on their statement The account was brought current on 10/7/and on 10/17/16, they sent out another inspector (who we believe his company has actually broken into the house stole personal property during the month of September after the prior month's inspection) They charged $for that inspection and on 11/3/charged an unknown "foreclosure fee" of $35, even though the account was never in foreclosure status! on 10/10/I was offered an opportunity to participate in a special program that would reduce the principle and the interest rate from 6.5% to 3% I was told that since I made all my payments, I would qualify for the automatic reduction in January of the pri

My loan was transferred to Specialized Loan Servicing LLC in December I have been having issues with my Mortgage ever since then Let me say that I have lived in my home since and I HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE ON MY MORTGAGE! The first thing that happened is that I was not advised in a timely manner that my mortgage was transferred
I made my payment as usually and the amount was transferred back to my bank account without my knowledge I usually schedule my payments at the beginning of each month I made my payment the following month and without my knowledge a late fee was charged to my account and the amount that was put to my mortgage was short I continued to make my payments without knowledge of these fees and charges I was also charged for inspectors to come out to my home to see if I was still living there
I have called the company on several occasions but there was no resolution
I went to get mortgage refinance because I really do not want to do busine

Specialized Loan Services acquired my mortgage this year and failed to notify me of the change, then proceeded to purchase there own home owners insurance and increase deductions from my checking accountI had no gap in coverage and was never notified nor was this payment authorized by me at anytimeWhen I realized my payments were being deducted by a different payment company, I researched the name and made contactSpecialized admitted that I was not receiving notifications and did not have a welcome call to validate my information was accurate when I spoke with a customer service representative in JulySpecialized admitted my mailing address was wrong and stated they would correct my address to receive notifications and mailingsI provided proof of insurance coverage and expected approximately a $refund, they stated this was mailed on 7/and to date I have not received my refundI called customer service today, was blamed and told I am responsible for validating my addres

I received a noticed from SLS dated April 27, stating that we have a Escrow Shortage for $2, We have faithfully have made our payments and have never missed a payment We do not understand how they have come to this shortage The information received does not seem accurate They increased our mortgage payment from to because of this incorrect information

SLS has marked a default mortgage payment on my credit report which is unwarrantedMy efforts to get it removed have failedIn short, I have my monthly payments automatically deducted from my BofA account While I was away in the Middle East, the amount due was changedI did not know because I was 'off the grid'I had called before I left to make sure my account was in orderAs soon as I got back to the US, I called SLS and sent a check to make up for the small differenceThey lost that checkIt took many calls to finally sort out the problem I appealed the late fees (which they finally removed) but they would not remove the default from my credit report - which is very damaging to my rating They were beyond frustrating to work with I am almost years old and have never had a late mortgage payment, it is mortifying and damaging that it should be on my credit report

Horrible company to deal with Have been trying to close out a zero balance account for over a year! My aunt, prior to her death, twice requested her Line of Credit account be closed, as it had been paid off and had a zero balance She sent two letters, one in July and one in early November She passed away in late November Because she continued to receive statements (with balance due), I called in January to close the account and they requested that I mail a Death Certificate and proof that I was Executor of the Estate, which I did Continued to receive statements Called them again, and they said they need Certification from Probate Court, which I faxed to them when received in June Still receiving statements Just called them again, and they have NO INFORMATION on file that I am her legal representative, and asked that I fax everything again! I asked for a supervisor, who told me the same thing He would not give me the NAME of a person to fax to, or his own full name for me to follow up! Do NOT understand why it is THIS difficult to close an account, but am very suspect!!

Like other consumers that have been complaining about SLS business practices I'm also trying to get them to remove this forced place escrow on my loan Last representative told me I needed to write to their escrow department requesting the removal, that doesn't help

This company hardly ever has a live person available to talk to According to their FAQs, I should be able to setup an automatic payment on their website I have clicked through the website extensively and cannot find an option to do so When I try to call them to take care of this issue, I always get a message saying they're closed, even when I call during their open hours Today, a message said they were closed for a company meeting I believe a mortgage company should be available by phone at all times during their hours I also received a message saying they didn't have my phone number on file when I see it right on their website The worst part about my experience with this company is that I didn't even choose to be associated with them My mortgage was unfortunately sold to them by a much better company

This mortgage company makes it very difficult if not impossible to make a principle only payment, they have repeatedly on six different occasions taken my principle only payment and put it in as a mortgage payment even though my mortgage payment is set up as a direct draw from my checking account, and my principal only payment is sent in as a separate check to the PO Box indicated by the company, they will not Apply my extra payment to the principalThe last time I sent in a check, they told me that it was not going to be applied to principle and that I would have to send in another check

I have having problems trying to make my mortgage payments on time for a while now but I will trying to pay this company as I can but keep returning my paymentsThree times they have returned ($8,542.00) it it's like they want me to foreclosure my house of yearsI called after Hurricane Irma to get a break and they didn't help me either, try to do a modification to my mortgage and after telling me it will take weeks to make a decision, they just denied like in days
I have never seen a company that you are trying to make a payment within the best of your possibilities and they refuse to take itIs there another agency where I should also file a complain?
Thank you

I agreed to a Loan Modification program for October thru December Each payment was made on time by *** *** *** and I called SLS after each payment was made and gave payment tracking information
Payment 1/>> October
SLS received and verified
Amount : $
Tracking# " TBD"
Payment 2/>> November
SLS received and verified
Tracking# *** *** *** Ref# *** Amount : $
Payment 3/>> December
*** *** confirmed sent on 12/28/and SLS received same day
SLS is stating funds were not received
Tracking# *** *** *** Ref # *** Amount : $
January 25, payment
Amount $
*** *** Tracking I.D#***
I have contacted SLS Executive Services several times in January/February and was told that "missing payment investigation would be started by them
No response as of 2/13/
I received threaten

On Feb15, we did a re-finance out of a loan serviced by Specialized Loan Servicing We obtained the payoff figures from SLS prior to that date and closed, paying their figures in full and on time On Febwe received a notice from them that we needed to submit an additional $within two days (Feb28), or they would return our closing check, cancel the re-fi, and keep the loan open and active and accruing additional charges To temporarily resolve the problem, we paid the additional sum I feel this additional sum is inappropriate and should be refunded to me

I am filing this complaint against SLS due to handling of practicesI have tried and tried to work with SLS regarding my grandmothers propertyWithin the last months, My family have paid over $20,toward this property to get it up to dateEvery months, they threaten foreclosure and the balance due is the same balance given over years agoHow is this when this much or more has been paidMy question/complaint is where is the money going? Why has it not been applied to the loan? Why are they taking the payments and then harass us for more?We can't get anything resolved if they want talk to someone or direct us to better handle thisI have tried to purchase the property, they were very rude to my financial lendersI have never seen a company, not willing to give information so they can be paid off and this taken off the booksI need resolution as soon as possible

I have sent in 8,dollars and the final payment of received by October We spoke to supervisor Lortna I'd ***Since then we have not been able reach her She told us that she requested a payoff and as long as they received the October and she would close out account Allow days we have and called back and a agent elecia said she spoke to supervisor and she is working on closing this account out Again we keep getting the run around and other agents are rude and just say the account not closedWe wrote down everything lortna told us and she said she would have it taken careWe are frustrated and want this closed and tired of not getting phone calls back or updatesThey received all the money and the more they hold it.up they are going to try charge us pinterest when shouldnt have to pay interest when all money received the 1stDont try.charge us for month of October when its paid in full

Worst company ever! My mortgage was sold to SLS months agoFrom the moment they took over my loan they doubled the amount they are charging for my PMII received an escrow review stating I was over $2,short in my escrow account and that I could either pay it or my mortgage payment would increase from $to $None of their calculations add upThey refuse to provide a statementThey blamed the previous mortgage company for not making PMI payments to the FHA and claim that it's my responsibility to pay the double amount to catch up what they didn't pay**I have never missed a payment.** I shouldn't have to pay double because they "misplaced" my moneyThis is week from the time I originally contacted them and all they are giving me is the runaround so I contacted the FHA servicing department for a statement and they are opening an investigation on my account and this companyI have also hired an attorney

Specialized loan servicing is showing me months behind even though I am current and even though they are wrong they say only one payment is missingI have all the letters first they said I was missing April payment but I proved that and then it was july now June Then they made my escrow way behind they said my property taxes went up I said it can't be I don't pay property taxes because I am 100%disabled veteran and sent them proof then they said my homeowner's went up but I sent them proof it actually went down They just don't believe they are human and could make a mistakeThis has gone on since It's time for a lawyer I believe

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