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Great service and in a very timely mannerGot 100% of my diminished value claim
*** *

It was a pleasure working with MonicaI got $over farmers offerMonica did everythingGreat value!!! Thank youMonica!!!

On June 27, I paid Autoloss $to help us with an auto insurance vehicle diminution of value report I did all the steps required by Autoloss to get the value raised and it was denied by USAA insurance and the insurance board According to my agreement with Autoloss -- if they were unable to get me any additional money I would get my $refunded to me This was their guarantee upon signing with them They told me the refund could take up to days to be mailed The day period expired on May 9, I have contacted Autoloss several times and I get the run around about where my check is They said they mailed it May 8, but they refuse to give me a check number to prove it was mailed The money was to be refunded after February 9, when I proved to them I was not getting any additional funds from the insurance company I did that via email February 6, and they said all was good and check would be mailed As of today, May 21, we still hav

We started working with Autoloss in April I spoke to Monica and explained to her that I had been back ended at a stoplightThat we wanted to try to get diminished valueI sent her all the paperwork she asked forShe said we had a good claim and should get back between $to $5000,if we didn't get back at least what we paid they would refundI also explained the girl was under insuredShe said they could still work with that and were waiting to help us as soon as I made paymentSo I paid her $on my card over phoneAfter that you could never get a hold of herI would call and they would say shes out of the officeI emailed and finally Eric answered oncebut wasn't any helphe would have Monica call well she did.t so I calledWhen I called she informed me we had to have under insured on our policyI told her I would checkAfter checking we did not have itI sent her several emails asking if we could still do itNo answerI called again and got Eric he said

I used AotuLoss to support my diminished value claim against an insurance coTheir appraisal played an important role in my lawsuit against the insurance companyI believe it helped me to reach a settlementMy local dealers would not give me a written appraisal because they were afraid of be subpoenaedWithout the AutoLoss appraisal I would have had nothing to prove the loss of value to my vehicle

Per the contract, if AUTOLOSS is unable to secure any money for my claim with *** *** then I am to receive my $refundI have provided them the denial letter, mailing address and was told I would receive my money, however no refund has been received to date

March 10,
Monica F*
Dear Sir or Madam:
On December 6, I was involved in a auto accident with my Ford EdgeWhen the incident accrued the individual that rear ended me took off but was eventually caughtShe was sited for not having a drivers license among other chargesI have enclosed a police report of the incident
Lucky for me there was an eye witness and eventually the lady that hit me was caughtLucky for me she had insurance(***)All of my medical expenses were paid for by *** including fixing of my vehicle and vehicle renting
The one problem I had with *** was I felt that my vehicle would have "Diminished Value" and I wanted to be compensated for thisOhio is a Diminished Value state*** refused unless I could show proof of Diminished ValueNot knowing what to do, I went on line to find someone that could help meAfter careful consideration, I found AutolossThe

My *** was struck in the rear by a illegal alienMonica completed a fair diminished value for my car, helped me understand the process and testified in court on my behalf Monica did not care about me paying the testimonial fee she just wanted me to get my settlementShe is an honest fair person that puts principles before any profit
I would recommend Autoloss to anyone else looking for a excellent honest diminished value estimate for their vehicle after an accident *** ***

I hired AutoLoss after a discussion with Monica where she stated that the AutoLoss company could provide me with a report to file with the insurance company of the gentlemen that hit my vehicleThis report is supposed to prove the value between what my vehicle was worth pre-accident and post-accidentAutoloss has satisfactorily proven the pre-loss value of the vehicle but is not able to prove the post-loss valueWhen I have asked for further details "proving" the post-loss value, I was confronted and berated in a personal telephone conversation with Monica, the owner of the companyThe insurance company has denied my claim and they have denied my appeal based on the "lack of proof by AutoLoss to substantiate the diminished value." It is important to note that these are the words of *** *** *** insurance company and not my ownMonica has taken particular offence to the word "proof" and accosted me personally for the verbiage

Monica & her team kept working on our case until we had a few thousand extra which our insurance company finally conceded that our loss was more than originally determinedTy Monica & Autoloss team


I have a Toyota Truck that was totaled in the Hurricane Progressive kept on only wanting to give me half the value of my truckThey kept on using CCC and what a scam that is After a few months Autoloss came back to me with an offer of the full amount in the report I was so happyI loss my home in the flood and was looking at having to move into an apt At least with the car money I can afford to rent a nicer homeGod Bless Autoloss and all they do*** ***

This company is a rip offThey will give you a report that is not accredited and if you request a refund they will deny it

Back in February I hired Autoloss to appraise my to submit it to the other party`s insurance companyAfter hiring them, I recieved the demand letter and submitted to the insurance company and they denied my request and I submitted the rejected letter to autoloss in may and they acknowledge they recieved it and after that I havent got any emails about the caseat this point I want a full refund of the amount I paid

I used Autoloss for a Diminished Value Claim The team there was responsive and professional I ended up getting far more than I expected to by hiring them to put together our Diminished Value Claim I read all the reviews on the website and was a little tentative at first, but Autoloss made me a believer Thanks to Monica, Amanda and Erik!

When I first called AutoLoss, Monica gave me a clear explanation of how the company work with customersWithout rushing me Monica said to feel free to think about it first, then call back
After doing some homework, checking with some other businesses I decided to put my trust on her
The result exceeded my expectationsGreat report, and guidance
Great workGreat outcome
I definetely recommend Monica and her team to other folks that need such services
Thank you so much

Back in February I hired Autoloss to appraise my to submit it to the other party`s insurance companyAfter hiring them, I recieved the demand letter and submitted to the insurance company and they denied my request and I submitted the rejected letter to autoloss in may and they acknowledge they recieved it and after that I havent got any emails about the caseat this point I want a full refund of the amount I paid

I contacted Monica at Autoloss to help me with a diminished value claim on my vehicle She guaranteed that I would receive at least dollars in diminished value claim or my money back I submitted the information they provided me to the insurance company who reviewed the case twice and turned down my claim She is not offering my refund back unless I keep pursuing the diminished value claim through the insurance company *** *** which has said they will not review another claim for the same incident again She also is requesting that I go to a dealership and have my vehicle appraised and not tell them that the vehicle has a wreck on it so I can get a value on it Which I am not comfortable being asked to deceive a business I followed all instructions from the company for applying for my diminished value claim and the company has not lived up to helping me receive any diminished value or living up to their refund claim All I want is my refund that they garuantee if I do

Total Scam And the Money back guarantee is a lieI never received what I paid for and was refused my money back guaranteeMonica F* Lied to me about getting a diminished value claim for my truck and then never followed through with the claimI feel as thought my money was stolenThey have left my complaint with the unanswered for over a month nowJust like they did with my diminished value claimLast response was on Nov

Refund approved, Not received
2/27/I Requested a Refund
2/28/Erik L** / Support Team Manager confirmed via email that he would pull my file for review and Submit to Owner, Monica F* for approval
4/20/I Requested an update via email
4/21/Monica replied directly that a refund would be issued within the day period / refund approved 4/
6/2/I sent a follto Monica confirming the date of refundShe replied it would be within the day period
7/27/I emailed Monica again to confirm the date the check was mailed as we are now outside of the day period (from Monica's approved refund date)
7/30/Monica replied asking for me to confirm my mailing address, they would mail a check ASAP
8/17/I emailed Monica to confirm the check was mailed
No Response To Date / No Refund To Date

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